Introducing Arcade Mode in the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta

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Introducing Arcade Mode in the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta

Pre-order before October 1 to start playing the Beta on October 4.

By now you’ve probably seen quite a bit of Star Wars Battlefront II’s exciting class-based multiplayer and heard about the recently-revealed Starfighter Assault mode. Both of those will be available in the upcoming Beta, but that’s not all that’ll be included. Beta will also be your first chance to experience the fast, adaptable new mode, Arcade.

Arcade is a new mode allowing you to take on AI enemies and hone your skills across a variety of scenarios. In the Beta, you’ll have two options: a 10-on-10 team battle with AI allies and enemies, and a Hero vs. many scenario where you’ll take control of Darth Maul and fight against legions of foes on Naboo.

The Beta will provide a small taste of Arcade on the Theed map, but the full version will have you test your wits and reflexes in all three eras of Star Wars. Teamed up with AI-controlled allies, you’ll arm yourself with your favorite assortment of weapons and abilities, carefully tailoring your loadout for the battle ahead. In the full release, you’ll be able to bring the Star Cards, weapons, and unlocked abilities from multiplayer with you into Arcade. Apply your favorite fine-tuned hero and class builds against AI opponents and test out new strategies before trying them online. On consoles, you’ll also be able to team up with a friend or battle against one another in split screen versus.

When the game launches you’ll reap valuable rewards for your progress in Arcade. Success will earn in-game credits you can use to unlock Crates and, in turn, gain new Star Cards to further customize your heroes, vehicles, and troopers for both Arcade mode and online multiplayer. And thanks to a series of Challenges, you’ll always have a new goal to strive for and new bonuses to earn.

Arcade battles can be set up and tweaked in a variety of custom configurations so you can change the difficulty, trooper classes used by AI, and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to play a number of Battle Scenarios – specially orchestrated Arcade matches that you’ll be able to face either alone or, in the console version of the game, with a friend.

Ready to try it for yourself? Fans who pre-order Star Wars Battlefront II before October 1 will be able to play the beta early, starting October 4*. The beta opens to the public two days later on October 6 and runs through October 9. In addition to early beta access, you’ll get bonus content including Yoda’s Epic Lightsaber Mastery Star Card, which is only available while supplies last until October 9, 2017*.

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*Conditions and restrictions apply. See for details.

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  • How is that a new mode??? It looks like the same old Missions that everyone hated in the original.

    • Finally! A reason to play the new game, since it’s brought back the same style of classic Missions that everyone loved from the original Pandemic Star Wars Battlefront Games.

      Only thing we need now is to have actual vehicles, instead of power-ups that you pick up off the ground. Who thought this was cool?

    • Clarification:

      Spawning into vehicles directly is just as dumb. We want to take off from and land on capital ships, not just dogfight. It’d be nice to “take off” and land from ships on the ground level too, and not just spawn in the air. The system is quite boring and dull. Not sure who asked for that…

    • They have a lot more customization options so it is much better

    • Everyone?…don’t put me in that wretched list.I and ma brother…we loved the missions,not only because it gave the game some offline content but because it allowed for some split-screen fun.Was grateful enough that they didn’t made the game fully online-only which would suck,quit being ungrateful.

  • I pre ordered battlefront 2 at the same time i pre ordered destiny 2 :) Yayy!!!

  • Game is looking good except for the lootbox shenanigans. Really hope we also get to play starfighters offline in the arcade mode.

  • Jared Petty! Did not know you went to EA! Congratulations on the new position and great to read your writing again

  • YES! Was hoping for this news… As someone who doesn’t have a ton of time to game, I quickly got behind the curve on the multiplayer of the first game. Having more single player options and couch co-op means this game actually has a longer tail for me… can’t wait!

  • Would love a Galactic Conquest DLC, like what the original SWBF 2 had…

    Or even a “Classic MAP” add-on with some of the older maps/game modes from the original SWBF games by Pandemic.

    But yeah, Galactic Conquest was a great long term battle mode that was like a long term multiplayer campaign. Something like this would be awesome for the new BF. The engine is there, but it just feels like a different game from what the Classic Star Wars: Battlefront.

  • arcade gameplay should unlock progression perks same as regular multiplayer

  • Hi Jared! Lovely seeing you here :-)

  • Looks like Yoda and Maul are the only prequel heroes at launch. That’s pretty sad.

  • Does the game support a capture the flag (CTF) mode?

  • Really glad to see there will be some offline content on 2(huge thanks for split-screen).Battlefront has an acceptable amount of offline content,I just ask and hope that you guys make Skirmish right this time around…put all modes available to play and not just the 2 coolest,also make all the DLC available to play offline with A.I.This way when the servers go down which eventually will even if it takes years…well we’ll still be able to enjoy all the content of the game offline.

    Such a shame that we can’t even try one of the most played modes of Battlefront and of all online games ever on Skirmish…Blast which is Battlefront’s deathmatch.Also the amazing DLC maps.

    PS:Y’all better add Windu and Grievous to the Heroes.

  • So just watched the trailer…1st:What an insane trailer,hard to believe but graphics look even better than Battlefront 1.

    2nd:I cannot believe that there won’t be Walker Assault on it,one of the best online modes ever made plus the most played mode on Battlefront 1 without doubt.At least I hope it comes with the DLCs.

  • Does anyone have a file size for the beta download? I pre-ordered but I still have limited bandwidth so file sizes are very important, especially at the beginning of the month.

    Where is unlimited 5g internet *sigh*

  • So… basically, missions again.

  • First, people, you do realize that betas are an excuse to get a preorder and therefore lock you in as a sale regardless of how the game turns out. Don’t fall for the lame sales pitch and especially for the meaningless cereal-box DLC equivalents.

    Second, I agree with what others have pointed out. Arcade mode sounds like a rename for missions.

    Third, what has me antsy about this game is the extremely quick-turn around. Sure it’s been almost two years since the last, but that’s really short in game development time. Add to the fact that it is a movie-tie of sorts (meaning that they would rather ship it buggy than delay to 2k18) and you have a recipe for a mediocre game at best. Now I’m looking forward to the addition of a single-player campaign, but I foresee the campaign as being very short. Honestly I hope I am wrong, but I will definitely wait for reviews before plunking down the cash.

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