Monster Hunter: World – Welcome to Astera

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Monster Hunter: World – Welcome to Astera

New trailer debuted at TGS gives us our closest look yet at the game's story, as well as our new base of operations.

Monster Hunter: World brings you into a rich and intricate set of living, breathing ecosystems, and to prepare you for the wildest dangers of this new world, we introduce a robust home base of operations to supply your every need. Enter: Astera.

Astera, the beating heart of the Research Commission, has everything a hunter needs:

Guild representatives: these are your points of contact for every quest in the game. They’ll give you all the details on every quest, including any special instructions and potential hazards.

Blacksmiths: as you take down foe after foe, you can bring raw materials, such as scales, claws, bones and minerals, to the blacksmiths and they’ll forge new weapons and armor to prepare you for the next hunt.

Shopkeepers: in addition to picking the right weapon and armor set for the job, you’ll also need healing potions, traps and ammo. Talk to these folks on your way out to the field to replenish your toolset.

Cantina: this is arguably the most important spot in Astera. As every good hunter knows, you should never hunt on an empty stomach, so head on over to the cantina and get a delicious meal before every quest to boost your stats!

Research team: we wouldn’t be a “Research Commission” without one, and these fellows play a key role in Monster Hunter: World. As you saw in our latest trailer above, you have a pretty important job ahead of you, and you’ll be working alongside Astera researchers to get it done.

What big operation is this? What monster are we ultimately tracking? We can’t wait to show you more and start unravelling these mysteries, so make sure you follow Monster Hunter on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss any news.

In the meantime, you can pre-order your copy of the game starting today and secure your very own “Origin Set” Armor and Fair Wind Charm, which will not only give you bonus attack, defense and gathering skills, but will also make you look like the very first wave of hunters, harking all the way back to the original PS2 Hunter armor design.

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  • I really need that Monster Hunter PS4 Pro they showed off at the event. This latest trailer was pretty cool too.

  • Where is the PS4 Pro Limited Edition Japan got though? I want it!

  • Will we have a collectors edition like the Japanese one?

  • Never played a Monster Hunter game maybe I might see what all the hype is about.

  • Can’t waaaaaaaaait. I will definitely be picking this up day one, but I’m dying a little bit on the inside because I’m thinking I may do a media blackout for this game………

  • Hey PlayStation of America, did you see those special edition PS4 Pros that we’re showed off today, Especially the Monster Hunter one? That’s how you do a special edition of a console. That puke camo one is terrible looking.

  • what are you on about sport?

  • This game is going to be a total disaster. And anyone thinking otherwise is delusional.

    Nintendo has monster hunter and that’s what I want to play. What we have here will end up a pathetic joke.

    Mark my words folks. This game will review terribly and bomb.

    • So by having less then half of the games on there systems Nintendo own Monster hunter? I think you might be a delusional one or just sore that MHXX isn’t coming to America. Most people who like the games got nentendo systems just because of it. I know it was a deciding factor for me when I got a wii. The fact that monster hunter world will be reaching out to all kinds of gamers and doing more than any game fefore it will make it a success. Thanks to games like dark souls and blood born people, Particularly on PC and PS4, have developed a love for high skill action RPGs. It might not have the same darkness as those games but the challenge is the same.

    • I see tons of people hyped, including some folks who didn’t bother with the series while it was on nintendo systems. Even in Japan where portables are preferred, the Collector’s edition and the special PS4Pro sold out. Sorry, but this is going to sell well, especially in the west.
      I say this as someone who has played 4U, Generations, got a Switch + XX and now is considering getting a new system for World.

    • Actually Nintendo holds no rights to it at all and if you want to be real technical this series was originally a Playstation title to begin with. I still own all the ps2 titles and the ones on psp.

    • It started on PlayStation and didn’t change in core gameplay or fun, why would it change going back to PlayStation?


    We need that PS4 Pro bundle! I have been holding out on PS4 Pro in hopes that this might be a thing, and IT CAME TRUE. So I will be eagerly waiting to buy the MH World PS4 Pro bundle + collector edition when it releases!


  • So we get the soundtrack (Great for RPG night background music), An art book (wish more games had theses), Monster statue (Because everyone need some decorative art) And some nice starting armor (Will be good the have the old duds again) As a first gen hunter who spent years with a tag asking for monster hunter 2 and G I feel like my prayers have been answered. I doubt my old clan will see this but if any of you remember Cold Iron from back in the day as a bowgun specialist it will be great hunt with you again.

    As A side note our felynes can ride lizards into battle how epic is that! Its always cool to see what kind of support our furry friends can give.

  • Cat riding a dinosaur. SOLD.

  • I’m beyond disappointed that the Monster Hunter World “Liolaeus Edition” PS4 Pro is exclusive to Japan. What are you guys thinking?? This game is going to be a hit here in the states as well, guaranteed! That is one if the best PS4 special editions I’ve seen, and a perfect reason to upgrade to the Pro.

    If Sony is smart, they will reconsider the Japan exclusivity and bring that console to the west as well. I’d pre-order it in a heartbeat!

  • Capcom lost me as a customer when they took Monster Hunter to Nintendo so many years ago.

    Not coming back now!

  • I am going to buy monster hunter world :)

  • Monster Hunter World coming Early 2018, Jan.26. Awesome that way it misses all the big Spring titles and can get its own sales but I fear for the missed potential during Christmas…people might just spend all their money. Which is why they are probably betting on pre-orders…smart. Regardless super happy that they meant Early 2018 and I’m pre-ordering my 2nd copy tomorrow. Looking so forward to this game, waited so long for a Monster Hunter on Home Consoles since Tri Ultimate.

  • i got a question why the release date of Monster hunter world on playstation store did not get change to the 28/01/2018 because it’s still marked release on 31/03/2018?

  • I was pretty hyped for this game after seeing the E3 intro. The monster quality reminded me of Deep Down. I hope get to see that game some day. Aside from that have you you watched the 20+ min of gameplay they have released so far? The players chased down a monster that seemed like an oblivous bullet sponge. I was hoping the monster AI would react to the enemy attacks but it ran about mindless. The other thing that bothered me was the players pausing taking a big swing. It made the weapons charge up attack look ill timed. I liked how players can climb the monster though like Dark Arisen Dogma yada but the group player attacks against the monsters looked disconnected. The Monster seemed unaffected and disinterested for the most part. And after finally killing it there were so many of the same type still out there. What are your thoughts on the footage?

  • Monster Hunter with proper dual sticks and built in party system from PlayStation? Yes please.

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