We Detail Every PlayLink Game Revealed So Far

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We Detail Every PlayLink Game Revealed So Far

"It's PlayStation... with phones!"

That’s what I tell anyone who asks me what PlayLink is. Alternatively, it’s a variety of PS4 games designed to be played with your friends using your mobile device as the controller. Download the respective apps, and voila! Everyone has a controller and we can all have fun on PS4.

Whether you’re a fan of gritty crime thrillers or rapid-fire quiz games, there’s a game here for everyone. We love our friends, we love our phones, and we certainly love PS4… PlayLink games bring all that goodness together.

But don’t take my word for it, try it out yourself. We believe in PlayLink so much we are letting all our PlayStation Plus members try That’s You! for free.

That’s You!

Have a party with your friends taking selfies, answering funny questions about each other, and play a variety of challenges involving drawing, writing, and photos. It’s a hilarious quiz game developed by Wish Studios with more than1000 varied questions. Answer “critical” questions like “Who’d enjoy the feeling of being handcuffed?” or “Who’d use a two-for-one coupon on a romantic date?”The more consensus there is among the group, the more points will be awarded.

That’s not all, though — the Joker element may throw a wrench in someone’s way by unexpectedly awarding players who were confident enough in their answers with double the points. You’ll find out just how much you know about your friends and how they play!

But that’s just one of the many PlayLink games that are coming your way. Check out the list below and start planning your PlayLink holiday party now!

Hidden Agenda (Oct 24)

In this gritty crime thriller that won Game Critics Awards’ Best Family/Social game at E3, and Best Casual Game at Gamescom, Hidden Agenda invites players to join homicide detective Becky Marney and district attorney Felicity Graves as they investigate the case of a serial killer known as “The Trapper.”

Inspired by videos of gamers playing Until Dawn with their friends and family all shouting out choices, the talented team at Supermassive Games crafted Hidden Agenda with a focus on playing as a group. You and your friends will use your phones to vote on the tough decisions, determining the course of the investigation in this gripping narrative branching story. Remember, characters may live or die based on what your group decides.

Trust plays a big role in Hidden Agenda’s story not just between the characters, but also between members of your group. Someone may receive a “Hidden Agenda” card on their phone (see what they did there?) which awards points for steering the story in a particular direction.

Watch out if your friends are acting particularly sneaky or manipulative. Imagine it as a movie night but you all will be in control of how the story unfolds!

Knowledge is Power (Oct 24)

You like Trivia? We call this a “combative” trivia game, wrapped in a sparkling, shiny package.

From Wish Studios (the same developers of That’s You!), we invite you to test your brainpower inside the Pyramid with more than 5000 questions as well as targeting on your rivals with “Power Plays.” Using your phone or tablet, freeze your opponents’ touch screen so they have to smash through the ice to get to the answer or slime their screens with green gloop so they have to wipe it clean to see the answers. It’s not how smart you are; it’s how dirty you play!

SingStar Celebration (Oct 24)

There’s a SingStar party over here… and everyone’s invited. The latest from our friends at London Studios, SingStar Celebration features 30 hit tracks from current to classic. Grab your smartphone, join your friends, and belt out the biggest hits and pumping party classics.

Share your epic singing moments by uploading videos and photos to the SingStar community and social media. Check out the SingStore for hundreds of extra songs to purchase and add to your collection. If it’s your birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or even just a Saturday night — SingStar Celebration is the perfect playlist to any party.

Frantics (March 13)

Developed by NapNok Games, this is manic mini-game madness! Up to four players can join in on each challenge — bumping, bluffing, and backstabbing in quick succession. Explore a full range using your phone/tablet as an intuitive controller — shake, tilt, swipe, use the camera, and don’t be too surprised if the host — the wise-cracking Fox — calls you to offer bonus secret missions. Take your animal and go head-to-head with your friends for complete barnyard domination!

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  • So excited for hidden agenda considering that is how I love playing Until Dawn.

  • I love local co-op / multiplayer, but you can’t always find 4 people willing to pick up a controller. So making it something most people have experience with (touchscreen and texting via phone) can bring in a lot more people into the group. I’ve had a blast with similar Jackbox games, and these seem to be taking that idea and really running with it :-)

  • Sony, you don’t need a phone, you have already the device for make the job done: PS VITA.

    Ps Vita you know, the best handheld ever made…

    • So you’re recommending all of your friends buy a $200 handheld on the off chance they want to play a quick trivia game with you?

    • I wouldn’t mind if the vita was another choice for it. But the phones are a good option.

    • Yea, they should allow the Vita to be used also!

      Glassmusic – people spend stupid money on cell phones all the time so a mere $200 shoudl be nothing, just keep that cell phone for an extra 3 months or so (unless you get an iphone then you need only need 2 days to make up the $200 LOL)

  • PlayLink has opened up gaming for my non-gaming friends. Whenever I’d recommend we all play a game together most wouldn’t want to. Modern controllers scare the heck out of many people if they haven’t grown up with them. Phones are safe!

    Now whenever my friends come over they all request we play That’s You! I can’t wait for more titles to come out that take advantage of this tech. Other than the singing one, I’ll grab em all.

  • Regarding the Singstar Celebration. Singstar the past several years has been poorly managed and given very little in communication regarding not only the state of the game but concerning updates, loss of previously owned songs, and they don’t engage or communicate anything with the Community. This game has been announced for sometime and yet nothing on their Twitter page whatsoever to their shrinking community which is only a result of their lack of communication. How do they expect to retain those previous fans of the prior game series when they didn’t give it any support since it has been on the PS4 they didn’t give any really good song updates once it moved to PS4.

  • Will they continue to support the game moving forward? Will they have more engaging community managers across different media platforms? Will they continue to get regular song updates and if so how often and roughly how many can the community expect because in the last year they no only didn’t give any new songs they took older ones away which understandable due to licensing but you would think that would have been addressed before even moving it to the PS4. Please advise how these will be handled on the game going forward. Would like a response here because we definitely won’t get one from their community manager or Twitter page.

    Singstar fan who has 160 songs and would have more if you would put them on the store

  • Will they do updated Mics for the Singstar Celebration? Some of us don’t like using our phones as mics it is not as good and in the US they don’t have any updated wireless mics available.

    • I totally agree about singstar. Talk about missed the boat and had no clue who they were marketing too. I think the whole licensing deal is a cop out for bad negotiations. There isn’t a music label around that will turn down additional revenue. You can YouTube any song now and see the lyrics which the labels are making any money off of. Sony needs to bring that division to the states and let somebody run it who has been to an actual karaoke bar so they know which songs to bring out and who to market too. Sad to see such a promising fun game die at the hands of people who don’t know what they were doing.

  • Labels Are not making money off of. Forgot to read what I wrote.

  • Never mind, I just heard about that Doom and Wolfenstein 2 will come to Nintendo Switch, so Vita and Sony are definitely dead for me.. RIP.

  • Wow?! glad Bethesda is giving the switch support with current AAA titles. Nintendo needs some more mature titles to get players like me on board. I have no kids and tend to play alone, unless it’s a shorter title or Horror then i can convince my friends to join. Hidden Agenda fits the bill amazingly. Loved Until Dawn. Marathoned it 3 times now with friends.

    • Yup, the switch is great !
      But most important is the fact that Nintendo know how to treat their fans…

      And This is only the first year of Nintendo Switch..

      Bethesda: Skyrim, Doom, Wolfestein..

      Rockstar: L.A Noir

      2k: NBA 2k18 (A dream come true, the first basketball game in a handheld with next gen graphics)

      And more, more to come….

  • Can we finally get SingStar going again? Releasing a physical edition of Celebration with a mic or two would be a great start. Using the phone is just not a good option, and it would be great to get back to where SingStar was before. Such a fun game series during the PS2/PS3 era. I have no idea why they stopped supporting it when the PS4 came around.

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