Hyper Futuristic Sci-Fi Racer Lightfield Comes to PS4 September 26

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Hyper Futuristic Sci-Fi Racer Lightfield Comes to PS4 September 26

Eyes on the road! Er, wall. Uh, I mean ceiling.

Hi, this is Simon from Lost in the Garden, a small indie team from Vienna, Austria. Today we’re very excited to finally share the news that our game Lightfield will land on PS4 September 26th. It’s a sci-fi racing game with local and online multiplayer, and we can’t wait to see and hear your reactions once it goes live!

We have put our hearts and souls into our first project, which we describe as a hyper futuristic racing game with a parkour twist. The key feature in Lightfield is that you can drive on any surface, including walls and ceilings. This makes gameplay very different to any other racing game out there.

Lightfield on PS4

Lightfield on PS4Lightfield on PS4

The ability to fly/drive on any surface means that there isn’t just one single fastest route through each track. Instead there is a plethora of different paths that allow you to express your own unique playing style. If you take a look at the screenshots here, each one of the fine white lines is a previous player’s path!

This feature also means that designing the tracks and the environments is critical. In Lightfield, we don’t constrain the players to only standard races on each track. Instead, you can wander off to simply explore the environments and use them as your hyperfuturistic playground.

When designing the levels and environments, we worked in tandem on the look and functional aspects. Julia, our technical artist and level designer, began to ‘grey box’ the levels at an early stage. This means that the tracks are first built out of simple grey boxes – hence the name! The goal is to achieve something playable extremely quickly, that can then be playtested and refined to ensure the layout is spot on. At the same time, Raimund, our art director, worked on the concept art that gives our worlds a natural and cohesive feel. This follows a holistic approach, where it is important to capture the look and feel of the tracks in order to shape the final visual experience.

The tracks and environments are the main characters in our game – besides the player of course! – and we’d like to introduce two of them today, one of which we haven’t shown publicly so far.

The first track I’d like to showcase is in the debris zone. It features a mix of fractured mechanical structures and also organic matter including rocks and asteroids. You’ll see a cave with glowing red bubbles and blue-green crystals – definitely an eyecatcher! – and green, twisted plant-like spirals bring a whole new gameplay element to the otherwise harshly broken and hard surfaces.

Lightfield - Lost Structure

Lightfield - Lost StructureLightfield - Lost Structure

Lightfield - Lost Structure

The second environment I’d like to highlight here is our water planet. Its surface is dominated by a vast ocean and there are large space station like structures that drill into the planet in large tunnels to harvest its resources. The super-structure that we are playing on is above one of those huge tunnels, and the track takes the player not only through the structure but also shoots them into one of the tunnels and back again.

Lightfield - Water Planet

Lightfield - Water PlanetLightfield - Water Planet

Even though there is a small amount of text or description in the game, we hope that the tracks and environments each tell their own story, and that they create a hyperfuturistic and abstract atmosphere for the players.

It has been a very exciting endeavour for us four so far, and we are eagerly anticipating your feedback when you see the environments and then of course on September 26 when the game is finally released!

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  • This looks so much fun!! I love racing games that have a twist!

  • This looks awesome! Between this and Ruiner the 26th is shaping up to be a great release week.

  • This looks great! Is the local-multiplayer always versus, or might there be some team-based options as well?

    • The whole game is a bit more free-form and you can go smoothly from one game mode to another. Some are a bit more structured (races for example) but some are a bit less structured (exploration mode) or you just fly around together and explore the tracks on your own. To some extent, it is really just a playground for you to toy around in.

  • Very interesting idea! You could say you’re making anything “with a parkour twist” and I’d be excited lol. Also, what kind of multiplayer does this support? Online? Splitscreen? One of the images above looks like it may have 4-player splitscreen, but I wanna make sure.

    • “It’s a sci-fi racing game with local and online multiplayer, and we can’t wait to see and hear your reactions once it goes live!”

      -Obviously the text doesn’t confirm 4 player splitscreen, but it is at least local.

      The little gif video shown below that text does show 4 player splitscreen…

      -Look at the player names, what place each of them is in, and where in reference they are too each other. Either that’s a brilliant mockup, where there is also a loss in resolution quality in each player, or that is the 4 player local splitscreen they alluded to.

    • @drd7of14

      Ah, thanks. I could have sworn I saw it somewhere and reread the post but somehow missed it second time around.

    • Let me confirm it then: It is up to 4 players local splitscreen, and up to 6 players online multiplayer (It is either local or online multiplayer though).

  • Finally! A 4 player local splitscreen multiplayer Racing game on the PS4!

    Quickly, try to find another 4 player local splitscreen multiplayer Racing game on the PS4…You may find that difficult. Hell, it’s hard to find splitscreen games at all anymore on PS4.

    This game looks pretty neat, and I will certainly be checking it out! Glad it’s coming so soon. Nice work folks!

    • Yes, we always loved to play local multiplayer games and thus we just had to have in our own game. It is also very easy to join/leave a game. Pretty much just press a button on any controller and you join the current session. You can even join mid race…

  • Also I just realized this releases on my birthday. Birthday present to myself lol? ; )

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