Buckle Up! NASCAR Heat 2 Launches September 12 on PS4

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Buckle Up! NASCAR Heat 2 Launches September 12 on PS4

A deeper career mode featuring 3 national series, 40-car online multiplayer, local split-screen, and more combine for a real NASCAR racing experience.

Race day has arrived! NASCAR Heat 2 launches tomorrow on PS4, and I’m here to bring you up to speed on all the reasons we here at 704Games and Monster Games are excited for you to get behind the wheel.

Since the release of last year’s NASCAR Heat Evolution, we’ve been listening to feedback from diehard fans like you with one goal in mind: making a bigger, better game that captures all the action, drama and glory of real NASCAR racing for you to experience firsthand.


The biggest new feature for NASCAR Heat 2 is the inclusion of two additional NASCAR national series. So not only will you be able to race in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, you’ll also feel the thrill of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and the NASCAR XFINITY Series. If you’re not familiar, these two new series are kind of like the minor leagues for NASCAR. But don’t let that fool you – they offer totally unique challenges to face as you build up your racing career.

These new series also expand the game’s track and vehicle choices. We’ve added dozens of new vehicles to NASCAR Heat 2, as well as 6 additional tracks (3 road courses, 2 ovals, and 1 dirt track). That dirt track is Eldora Speedway, and while it’ll take some skill to master, it’s a lot of fun.

Career mode has been completely rebuilt for NASCAR Heat 2. You’ll start without a ride, taking on Hot Seat offers in the truck series to earn your first contract. Hot Seat races are where teams let you fill in for a race to see if you’ve got what it takes to compete with the pros. From there, you’ll have to keep proving yourself as you work up the ladder into the other NASCAR series.


Your actions on the track have consequences. With our new Rivalry system, racing too aggressively will earn you a little heat and maybe even some payback from rival drivers! You can also earn a Momentum boost for skilled driving that can help propel your team to even greater victories.

And that’s just scratching the surface of all the exciting content waiting for you in NASCAR Heat 2. 40-car online multiplayer is back, as well as offline split-screen play with a friend, new challenges, car/truck-customization tools, new drafting physics, and so much more.

NASCAR Heat 2 speeds onto PS4 tomorrow, September 12. See you at the finish line!


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  • either your first or your last

  • Still no caution flags though. I got my copy early and have played it for 2 days now. I have purposely spun someone out and they have taken out other cars. No yellow flag. What do we have to do to get a more realistic game?

  • I used to play all the old EA Sports NASCAR games and loved them. The next thing that came close to those was, oddly enough, NASCAR racing online in Gran Turismo 5 (even that had a proper caution system). I was pretty hyped when first hearing of part 1 of this franchise but quickly wrote it off after hearing there were no yellow flags.

    Now doing the same with this one after hearing there are STILL no proper cautions. What a shame. :(

  • Loved playing the old EA nascar games where you could upgrade your car and research new parts… it was a blast to play an actual career.

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