Nioh’s Final DLC, Bloodshed’s End, Launches September 26

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Nioh’s Final DLC, Bloodshed’s End, Launches September 26

Embark on one final quest in the bloody Sengoku period.

I hope you all had a chance this summer to experience the legendary battles of our latest Nioh DLC, Defiant Honor!

In order to keep the excitement alive, we’ve been hard at work on Nioh’s final DLC. It’s called Bloodshed’s End and it’s a perfect way to conclude the final chapter of the bloody Sengoku period.

Our latest adventure picks up where we left off in Defiant Honor. The Siege of Osaka’s winter campaign was put to an end by a peace negotiation between Toyotomi and Tokugawa.

However, conditions were harsh as Osaka Castle lost its secondary and tertiary enclosures, as well as its inner and outer moats, leaving just the main enclosure for the defeated.

Inevitably, this situation led to an uprising and another war broke out just months after the winter campaign. This is the final phase of the Sengoku-era, and the end of William’s journey.

Nioh: Bloodshed's End

Other than additional main missions, sub missions and Twilight missions, one of the most interesting features of Bloodshed’s End is a new mode called The Abyss. Here, the strongest warriors can test their skills in a perpetual battleground.

This new mode offers epic battles and unique challenges for the most skilled players. We’ll have more to reveal on this mode before launch.

As always, this DLC will provide you with the usual suspects to complete your Nioh experience — new Yokai, new characters, a new difficulty level and new Guardian Spirits.

You have fought well against insurmountable odds, slain countless deadly Yokai, defied death again and again… but there remains one more brutal trial. I hope you will celebrate the final chapter of the remarkable Sengoku era with Bloodshed’s End, launching September 26 for $9.99 (or for free if you own a Nioh season pass).

There’s something for every samurai here, and a few surprises along the way. So jump back into the action, prepare your weapons and keep your Ki levels in check! This will be one epic voyage into hell and back.

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  • I’m really looking forward to play all DLC campaings! I bought the game Day One, and really enjoyed it! But other games kept me from getting the Season Pass. Might be time to go back to Sengoku, with katana in hand!

  • I was waiting for this game so long but when I see it’s gameplays on youtube I was choked guys it is really suck

    • Learn to speak English, the game doesn’t suck at all + the game came out ages ago so why are you here on a DLC article for a game you don’t like ? grow up dude.

    • I hear you on that on that about NG. Would be nice. I still have both x box installments which are the best. Went to PlayStation and became very watered down, all of the gore went out of the window. Shout out to Konami for Super Metriod and SOTN, I’m my opinion , the origin of these types of games which are my favorite. Nioh brings me back to those two. I never tire of playing it.

  • I need some new female skins! Also, I wonder what weapon we’re gonna get. Tonfas were awesome. So awesome that I considered restarting and doing a tonfa-only run and then building a tonfa-focused set. I didn’t get around to it because I was already burned out by the game (200+ hours spent!). Even so, I’m looking forward to what the next DLC will bring.

  • I really love Nioh, playing all the souls games and bloodborne. Nioh is my favorite. Not just because the gameplay but also the attention to realistic detail in a video game. I actually study a samurai martial art so its cool to see a lot of the real stuff in the game.

  • Hmm no mention of a new weapon. That sucks a little bit, usually my favorite part of the dlc cause it changes the whole game.

  • One of the best new IPs ever. Congratulations. I’ve played this for over 1000 hours, about 90% of that helping others. I have the season pass so will be playing the last DLC as soon as it drops.

    Two suggestions:

    1) Instead of nerfing anything, please put your resources toward fixing online matchmaking for CO-OP. Many times I have to spam the button to help in a mission, and when I finally get through, the host has fallen asleep waiting for help. He’s been waiting a long time, so that’s a failure on matchmaking.

    2) Create an item for the visitor to leave a mission. You allow host to expel helpers, but Visitors should also have an item like that, rather than having to disconnect.

  • Wow i’m way behind on this game. Looks like ill have to do a new fresh run to get used to it again.

    • Add me, im basically starting again as well.

    • It’s criminal that you can’t have multiple saves :/

    • @FoxhoundVenom: you *can* have multiple saves. You have one save per character created. If you want to have multiple save of the same character, use the playstation save backup to USB and get yourself as many saves as you want (a bit cumbersome though). I wish the save were made differently though (especially for multiple characters and the fact that every character you create share the same clan but not the same storehouse, etc. which I really dislike).

    • 2) Create an item for the visitor to leave a mission. You allow host to expel helpers, but Visitors should also have an item like that, rather than having to disconnect.

      They have one. Its called jumping off a cliff! =)

  • I stopped playing as the nerfs got worst and the game got too hard for my taste. Until level 750 or higher comes back to us players, Nioh is stuck collecting dust on my shelf.

    • I just want Team Ninja to make to where you can add / takeaway from your stats without having to use a book of reincarnation and reset everything.

  • New weapon though?

  • Wouldn’t mind a new weapon type lol but it looks like they’re adding more yokai which is always welcome.

  • I never finished nioh because I was tired of fighting only a handful of enemy types. I started playing again and I’m looking at getting the season pass. Is there a lot of new yokai types? I hope they added a few new weapon types too. I really wish they would go back into the main campaign and add some new enemies or reskin some of them. I like the human enemies but the yokai get too repetitive. Imo.

  • great concept, great game, One problem though to much moves and magic that prove itself totally useless, wasting time and precious Amrita. Really guys fix some of those moves, like per say TIGER SPRINT. It looks awesome when enemies do it with high priority and some invulnerability added to it but yours is useless and snuffed by everything. Yeah and why counters only work on humans. Still love game though it reminds me of Onimusha more than a souls game.

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