Pinball FX3 & Universal Classics Pinball Roll to PS4 on September 26

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Pinball FX3 & Universal Classics Pinball Roll to PS4 on September 26

Pinball is going out of this world with E.T. and Jaws-themed tables, plus non-stop tournaments

We are thrilled to announce that Pinball FX3 and the brand new Universal Classics Pinball collection featuring brand new tables based on E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial™,
Jaws and Back to the Future will release for PS4 on September 26.

Videogame pinball has long been a solo experience. Not any more! Pinball FX3 is bringing non-stop tournaments, multiplayer matchups and league play! Check out the new trailer focused on showing what the Pinball FX3 multiplayer experience looks like!

Zen was 100% determined to make the jump from Zen Pinball 2 to Pinball FX3 as smooth and rewarding as possible. The entire pinball team has worked tirelessly to make sure you can import your previous Zen Pinball purchases to Pinball FX3 FREE OF CHARGE (click here for a detailed list of tables coming to Pinball FX3) into the new game and enjoy the new game modes and graphical updates including updated textures, real-time lighting and dynamic shadows!

Pinball FX3Pinball FX3

Pinball FX3Pinball FX3

Importing your tables is very easy. The first time you enter Pinball FX3, you will select “Import” when prompted by the new Pinball FX3 guide. Don’t worry, you can import your tables at any other time by pressing the “Import Tables” button in the main menu. As PlayStation Store locates your previous purchases it will list each with a “Free” price tab. Select the “Order & Pay” button. The selected item will be added to your Download queue, at which point you can wait for its download to complete, select “Return to Application” and continue playing Pinball FX3, or “View Download List” to see your pending downloads. Your tables will become available in-game once their download finishes.

Pinball FX3 is packed to the brim with new features and a brand-new progression system. Tournaments have been completely revamped and we are giving you the tools to create your own Tournaments! There will also be ‘official’ Zen Tournaments hosted by our table designers with prizes, and who knows, maybe the occasional famous face who also loves pinball.

The Pinball FX3 single player experience has also been totally reinvented. Three new Challenge Modes that offer a fresh take on pinball, each offering a unique twist and an opportunity to develop your skills. Earn the highest score with only one ball in the One Ball Challenge. Give everything you have and activate the biggest scoring modes in the 5 Minute Challenge where you’ll have unlimited balls to get to the top in the given time. For the real thrill seekers we have the Survival Challenge, where you have to get ever increasing scores in a very limited time. It’s intense! Classic single player modes are also still included.

Pinball FX3

Pinball FX3Pinball FX3

As you can probably tell, we are so pumped for the release of Pinball FX3. We invite you to play and compete like never before. Your tables will feel brand new, and there are so many new and exciting ways to enjoy your collection. Join us on September 26 as Pinball FX3 takes the game of pinball to the next level.

As always, thank you all for your wonderful support over the years, we love doing what we do because of you.

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  • I hope all of the old tables will have a sale on the release week of Pinball fx 3 otherwise i am gonna be upset. Looking forward to this game im sure it will great like the first two.

    • Thanks saab01! We have sales regularly, but you will be able to import your old tables to Pinball FX3 from Zen Pinball free of charge, if you were concerned about rebuying the Pinball FX3 versions for a regular price.

  • I’m very excited for this. I own every table available for Playstation consoles and I can’t wait to experience most of them again in Pinball FX3.

    I was really concerned about which tables would not be available for Pinball FX3, but it’s not so bad. The only tables I might really miss are the South Park tables.

    Are there any plans to get the missing tables available again in Pinball FX3, even if it means purchasing them again?

    The artwork of that woman in the screenshot telling us about the importing process has spurred an idea:

    TRON tables. Maybe a Classic 1980’s themed TRON table, and another based on the newer TRON: Legacy. I’m sure you get tons of requests for tables, and you probably have a ridiculous amount of ideas on your plate already, but throwing that out there. You never know.

    • Hey DeckardB,

      we’re excited too!

      There are sadly no plans at this time to get those tables not making the transfer back at some point, but if anything changes we’ll tell everyone asap.

      The 80’s Tron table is a great idea, just think of the neon trail the ball could leave when it rolls around the table!

  • Pinball FX2 VR is one of my favorite titles for the PSVR. Is there any chance that FX3 will be a VR title too?

    • Hi jmike-abides,

      at this point Pinball FX3 is not a VR title.

      If we have any news on the VR front, we’ll make sure to announce it!

  • Hey guys exciting news:) i was reading the previous comments and noticed there are no plans to add PSVR support at the moment:( just being honest as a consumer, I don’t have any interest in purchasing non VR pinball games after playing your First release of PSVR tables. It’s just not as fun for me. After playing it in VR the 2d versions seem dull to me:/ Hopefully it’ll get psvr support so everyone’s happy:) no hard feelings just wanted to be honest. Still love y’all!

    • Honesty is always welcome bigmansavagedan!

      We are glad you liked the VR tables, and hope that we can bring some good news in the future.

  • As a question, are the upgrades restricted to each platform? I have a decent collection on the other platform, and some on the PS4, with the Windows 10/Steam support, would I be able to merge it all into one sort of account via PC?

    • Hey there,

      the upgrade will only be valid for the same networks, for example: you can bring what tables you had on your PSN account in Zen Pinball into Pinball FX3 on the PS4.

  • I do love the 3D features in Zen 2 – if we have a 3D TV, will Pinball FX3 support 3D output?

  • Love your movie themed tables. Will you be making a Ghostbusters themed table?

  • I want to play this on the go. Wish it was coming to Vita. Is it coming to Switch?

  • Very disappointed that no sale will be available when this releases. Not a good choice in my eyes would of been a smart idea to do it to get more people to buy the older tables including the new.

  • I just wanted to add one more voice to the requests for PSVR support. After playing FX 2 VR, I just have no interest in playing on traditional displays anymore, but my wallet is on fire for the idea of more VR pinball tables.

    Please bring this to PSVR, and you will have a day one buyer with 100% attatch ratio on any future VR DLC.

    Thank You

  • the classic Terminator 2 table could be a great addition :)

  • Not really sure I like the idea of going backwards with FX3. No 3D support… No PSVR support… Multiplayer is the sole purpose of this release? You should just create a platform that combines all the good parts of Zen / Pinball / FX. Support 3D, PSVR & Multiplayer. Otherwise what’s the point of all these separate releases? Personally I have zero interest in Multiplayer so the removal of 3D is the only thing I see with Pinball FX3 which is a downgrade, not an upgrade.

  • It’s unfortunate that FX3 won’t have a VR component to it; hopefully in the not too distant future.

    What about Vita, will FX3 be coming to Vita, if so, have you corrected the issue where purchasing tables on PS4 first was necessary to enjoy them on Vita?

  • How about 4K support for PS4 Pro? Trying to decide which platform PS4 or Xbox One. Purchase more tables on Xbox but got a fair amount of free one on PS3.

  • I can’t believe you abandoned 3D and PSVR support, that was the best part of Pinball FX! I was a huge fan up until now…. the new version is for sure a down grade and I will stick with the older versions as well as the PSVR!

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