Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas Join the PS Now Library

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Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas Join the PS Now Library

Bethesda's untouchable post-apocalyptic adventures join the PlayStation Now streaming library beginning September 5.

Get ready to explore post-apocalyptic wastelands as Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas arrive on PS Now next week on September 5. These are some of our favorite PS3 games ever, and this is a perfect opportunity to dive in if you missed them the first time around – or just want to revisit.

Don’t forget: our summer price promotions are still available. Get your first month for $9.99 (new subscribers only, available in US only) or upgrade your subscription to 12 months for just $99.99 (both offers available until September 22, 2017).

New This Month

Exit Vault 101 and survive the dangerous post-apocalyptic world of Capital Wasteland in the open-world first-person RPG Fallout 3. Released on the PS3 to universal critical acclaim, Fallout 3 is widely considered one of the best games of all time. Also available starting in September is Fallout: New Vegas, where players are thrust into the middle of a power struggle between warring factions in the former city of Las Vegas and the Mojave Wasteland, and based on the ground-breaking Fallout 3 game engine.

Rage, from Bethesda and developers id Software, combines intense FPS action, driving gameplay, and story missions and quests in a brutal post-apocalyptic world. Battle dangerous bandits and horrific mutants with an arsenal of unique personal and vehicular weaponry. Also in September from Bethesda is Hunted: The Demon’s forge, a third-person fantasy action game with hack-and-slash combat, cover-based shooting, and RPG elements.

For a different style of post-apocalyptic action, enjoy Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut for the PS4. From the Producer of the original Fallout, Wasteland 2 lets you lead a squad of Desert Rangers to face cultists, criminals, and cannibals in this open-world tactical turn-based RPG. Dive head-first into the world of Blue Estate, a darkly funny rail shooter based on the comic books of the same name. With a crazy story with crazy characters, and even local co-op play, Blue Estate’s high-octane action will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This month we’ve also got a new RTS game, pool and poker, and more. Here are all the new games available to stream on PS4 and Windows PC starting September 5.

New PS3 games:

  • Fallout 3
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Rage
  • Hunted: The Demon’s Forge

New PS4 games:

  • Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut
  • Blue Estate
  • Grand Ages: Medieval
  • Pure Pool
  • Pure Hold’em World Poker Championship
  • Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments
  • Air Conflict: Pacific Carriers
  • Titan Attacks!
  • Tour De France 2016

Finally, these were the most popular games on the service in August:

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • WWE 2K16
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Mafia II
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham
  • The Last of Us
  • Payday 2
  • NBA 2K14
  • God of War 3 Remastered

If you haven’t given PS Now a try yet, the seven-day free trial for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC is the perfect way to experience the streaming service for yourself. PS Now provides unlimited on-demand access to a growing library of over 500 PS4 and PS3 games, with new games added every month, and no game downloads required. PS4 save data in PS Now is even compatible with PS Plus cloud saves, so you can upload/download save files to/from your own console.

The introductory offer of $9.99 for the first month (new subscribers only, available in US only) and the 12 month subscription for just $99.99 are both available until September 22, 2017, so act fast. Note that in order to take advantage of the $9.99 intro offer, you will need to purchase that directly, as the 7-day trial will transition into the standard monthly subscription.

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6 Author Replies

  • “Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas…”

    Holy crap, they’re getting a current-gen upgrade?

    “…Join the PS Now Library”


    • As a Ps Now member, this is actually awesome news. Wasteland 2 is something i’ve been wanting as well.

    • It’s not a next gen upgrade it’s still PS3 but with PS now you can play old games through streaming. Wish they would remaster the elder scrolls Oblivion and fallout games. They don’t even sell them on the PS store for PS3 you have to buy physical disks from GameStop and my PS3 won’t read disks right now till I fix it. I have a pro and vr with around 70 or so games but I like going back to the last gen and play a little too. I have like 30 games for PS3 maybe a little less. Don’t have but like 7 or so for Vita.

    • As I understand it the PSNow versions don’t even have the DLC. I would actually pay for a proper Remaster of Fallout 3 and NV and I know I’m not alone. It must be in a horrible quagmire of licensing that it hasn’t been done already..

      I know I’d pay 60$ in a heartbeat for both of them in a collected edition for Current Gen consoles, They both ran so poorly on PS3 it was nuts.

    • There’s no horrible Quagmire of licensing. Bethesda owns the license to Fallout 3 and New Vega. They just haven’t yet done it, if they plan to at all that is. That’s all.

    • Not sure where to post this but imma do it here l. I have 2 complaints one when I go to load up New Vegas on PlayStation Now it’s telling me that I don’t have enough room on my hard drive when I clearly have enough made sure and everything and two Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3 don’t come with the DLCs which I think was kind of disappointing. If anybody can point me in the right direction for a solution for my first problem that be greatly appreciated.

    • You have to have more than what the games are and it sux but if you have a flash drive or portable hard drive you can just use those now. All you have to do is plug them in and go to settings scroll down to devices and you’ll see USB storage devices and just turn it on. I have a PS4 pro it has 1 TB and I have a 2 TB portable hard drive or external you Wana call it. It’s called a portable hard drive on the box but I know there are alot of politically correct people in the world so there’s both word uses lol.

    • All the games I’ve played on PS now had the dlc. Play Borderlands. When I played it on there I checked the dlc through the menus and seen all dlc that released for it so it wasn’t just the base game. Idk about the other versions of it but I know it has dlc installed and psnow has some games called game of the year edition or whatever and if that name is on them well you can’t deny it has dlc. Also star wars the force unleashed 1 or 2 maybe both has a different addition it says on the title so it has to have the dlc and of course red dead redemption has the undead nightmare and while playing the base game you have dlc and cheats to turn on so dlc is on psnow I guess Bethesda is soooo stingy with they’re games and if it don’t make them money then they ain’t gonna give up extra for a psnow fan base but I bet it would be allowed on Xbox. What happened to the customer being the ones who are right and the things being made for us instead these creators Wana make things but don’t care what we would like and would throw more money at just to get but all of these idiots say they want to do this or that when you see alot don’t make it. If they would make it with things the fans wanted they might make greater games.

    • Just got ps now to play these and opened up fallout new Vegas and played a little… it looks like ****… so disappointed it’s like they got the original with no updates and there’s no dlc

  • It’s absolutely ridiculous that PlayStation All-Stars isn’t on PS4, let alone the PS Now lineup. I’ll subscribe once you add the game.

  • If you haven’t played Rage yet, it is very fun… and the in-game card game is worthy of a stand alone game.

    Grand ages- medieval is one i’ve been wanting to try. Looking like that $100 was well spent.

  • Please give us ps now on south america

  • Very awesome. Thanks for the continued support with titles.

  • Currently, PS Now games don’t support DLC, but DLC was very important to Fallout 3 and New Vegas… Especially the Broken Steel expansion for Fallout 3 that let you continue playing after the ending. Will these games break that trend and have the DLC integrated?

  • Kinda pointless without the DLC. The way games have been with nothing but DLC added this service would only be worth it if they included the season passes

  • I’m curious to see if Fallout 3 runs better on Now than on the PS3. I was never able to finish Broken Steel because the game would slow down to a crawl towards the end of the game.

    • I remember that with the DLC Vegas was even worse, by the time Gun Runners Arsenal rolled out the game was virtually unplayable over 100 hours or so.

      Still not gonna pay a separate fee for limited backward compatibility tho, something that was built in to all previous generations.. I have no doubt that PSNow is gonna get integrated into PSPlus eventually and the fee will be raised again..

    • No I think it looks way worse than on ps3

  • I literally do not understand how can a PS3 game be on PS Now but NOT on the PS3 Store. GoW3, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Blazblue Calamity Trigger are all on PS Now but not available for purchase on the PS3 Store.

  • I just do not see the point of this service. As in, why can’t you just add 400 new games to it at a time. Why does it take a month to add about 10 or 15 games?? I mean, they aren’t even being remade from the ground up for PS4.

    One of the biggest Positives I would have said about PS Now back during the PS4 reveal was that at least the service would have all PS3 games on it the day it launches and THAT justifies the whole point of streaming the games then. But that’s not what this is, is it?
    And whatever happened to “one day we hope to have every game from the PlayStation library on it” when you won’t even release PS1 or PS2 games on it?

  • I was wondering, with Yakuza Kiwami out now, do you think we’ll see all the Yakuza ps3 games on PSNOW sometime soon? I think now would be a great idea to release them, and would get alot of people to subscribe to PSNOW.

  • No dlc for Fallout 3 or New Vegas? C’mon, man. :(

  • It’s the 5th where is it when will it update!!

  • Add the dragon age games and elder scroll morrowind and oblivion and I’d sign up in a heart beat so sick of having to change consoles all the time

  • Fall out New vegas isnt working at all for me it tells me im out of memory so i booted up fallout 3 it worked so i went into the memory cuz it said i didnt have 1444 mb free to play so i erased all of my old game saves off the psn cloud and still nothing now I’m left with a broken game and no saved games…

  • I am curious as to why we cant see the games in the UK? When i ask, PS twitter seem to dodge the question like a bullet in the matrix. I literally signed up to play these games, and now it seems like that might not even happen. “we have no information im afraid” is not a good enough answer. Just tell me what the deal is…

    • Hi Snicka69,

      Even though we try to be consistent when possible, the content and release cadence differs by territory, for a variety of reasons. You’ll want to check with the EU blog and website for content updates and listings, or see whatever is in your PS Now app.

    • At no point does the article state it is for US only. I literally signed up for these games. Where was the warning “for US customers only?” You mention a special deal is for US only, but zero mention of the games being region locked. This might be a US blog, but you are an international company. You know you should make this stuff clearer. Think i’ll jump to PC now. i;ve had enough of this sort of rubbish from sony. Expensive games, no mods, and no refunds for false advertising. See ya

    • What!? Not in europe???? When will Fallout 3 & new vegas be released on psnow in europe? Simple yes or no question!?

  • Having the same problem here. It says to free up 1561mb on my hdd. I deleted some games and restarted the system. Still having the same error. Ill update if i can get a fix or bypass it.

    • Hey pollo_asada4u,

      We fixed the issue a few days ago. You should be able to play Fallout New Vegas with no problems now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Does anyone know if we are getting these games added to the UK line-up. They haven’t appeared yet??

  • The only game i want on this service is the prince of Persia hd collection

  • US only? What a joke! British news websites like the daily star covered this, so I go check it out and nothing? What a joke. Xbox is backwards compatible and has the best mods, Sony hasn’t got nothing! Ps now in itself is laughable but now this? Update your crap to say US ONLY! FFS

  • Would give anything to just be able to buy the fallout games remastered or not.

  • Please make this available in MExico bro wtf man we are neighbors bro come on.

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