Everybody’s Golf Tees Off Tomorrow on PS4

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Everybody’s Golf Tees Off Tomorrow on PS4

Prepare to conquer the links with these handy tips.

Almost 20 years since its first release in North America, the beloved Hot Shots franchise returns tomorrow with the launch of Everybody’s Golf, boasting more challenges, character customization options, and game modes than ever before.

Clap Hanz and JAPAN Studio are super excited to launch Everybody’s Golf for the PS4 system, and we wanted to give you a few tips to get you ready to take on the friends you meet on the course!

Practice Range

Before you jump into an online Turf War battle* and play for bragging rights with your buddies, we recommend you hop into Solo Stroke mode. In Solo Stroke play, you’ll be able to play all of the courses without pestering friends trying to distract you from sinking your birdie putt!

Take your time, study the greens on each hole, perfect your backspin, approach shots and master the franchise’s three-click shot mechanic so when you hop into the game’s more challenging multiplayer modes, you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

And don’t forget: we’ve upped the ante this time around when it comes to putting. Previous games in the series only required you to click twice on the controller during putting, but Clap Hanz wanted to raise the stakes and intensity, so now you’ll need to click three times to putt. Make sure you get some practice so you don’t fold under the pressure!

Everybody's Golf

Character and Equipment Upgrades

Once you’re feeling more comfortable with your shot repertoire, we suggest you move on to Tournament mode* so you can upgrade your equipment and boost your character’s attributes. As you progress through Challenges in this game mode, you will face rival characters and earn handsome rewards like better clubs, upgraded balls, more outfits, cheery spectators… everything you need to improve your game.

And don’t miss out on Lucky Time! Lucky Time are side quests that occur randomly in Open Course mode and by completing these quests, you’ll be rewarded with even more goodies!

Everybody's Golf

Outside the Tee-Box Activities

With an open world that players are free to explore at their leisure, you’ll connect with up to 50 players when you play online*. And if you hadn’t already heard, Everybody’s Golf has plenty of fun activities that you can participate in when you need a break from the links.

You’ll unlock Fishing and Golf Carts as you improve your skill level and beat rival characters while progressing through the five available Open Courses. Once you’ve unlocked Fishing and Golf Carts, you can pick up your fishing gear at the counter by the pond and golf carts will magically appear by pressing the triangle button while walking the course. Treasure Hunting events, however, are randomly placed throughout Open Courses and all coins collected can be used at the shop!

Everybody's Golf

Fashion Envy?

While Everybody’s Golf characters are customizable from head to toe, we’ve created a tool so you can copy character designs from those avatars you meet on the course when you play online*. So, if you happen to meet some friends and you just have to have their look, try the Avatar Copy feature by selecting the options button on your DS4 to see a list of players in your course. Find a character you want to copy, and simply chose Copy Character. You can copy any character so long as the player has enabled the Copy Character option.

Everybody's GolfEverybody's Golf

We’re grateful to our beloved fans who’ve stuck with us for 20 years now and we invite a new audience of PS4 system owners to give Everybody’s Golf a shot!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the course!

*Some online modes require PS Plus membership.

Everybody's Golf

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  • I’m so ready to play this tonight. Hopefully they will add more courses and disc golf to the mix, that would be insane.

    • It would be awesome if they add disc golf!!!!! I’m more than likely gonna pick this one up. I loved Hot Shots.

  • What is the official word on shot types? Traditional only? Or can others be unlocked? If no, could they be DLC?

  • So excited. :D

  • How is this game compared to the golf club and the tiger woods golf game? Interested but never played this game before.

    • From what I have seen and past entries in the series, it will mechanically play closer to the older tiger woods games. Golf club is all about true golf simulation and has a steep learning curve, while everybody’s golf has more of an arcade sim feel with an easy to play difficult to master concept that it has always executed really well.

  • Hot Shots Golf World Invitational for vita was my first jump into this series, and I absolutely loved that game. I’m super excited to check out this title as well.

  • Not looking forward to that Condor trophy.

  • I hope this paves the way for a new tennis game. I just loved Get A Grip on PSP and have been clamouring for a sequel. The PS4 port of Hotshots Tennis from PS2 isn’t as good as the PSP game was.

  • Five courses are mentioned. Is the 6th course the pre order DLC or is that included in the 5 courses mentioned?

    Also hoping for a review before the pre order offer ends.

    Must admit the trailer looks great!

  • Hello fellow golfers,

    This is one of must own games this year! I’m super excited and looking forward to playing.

    It’s sad all have to step away every day and go to Destiny 2 starting next week (dang Bungie releasing their game when they know its “Golf Time”). I will have schedule specific times in the morning for my golf so that Destiny 2 and Sims 4 (November) won’t interfere with my “Tee Time”.


    Rob aka Graf

    P.S. I really hope they are already in pre production on a “Hotshots Tennis” for the PS4.

  • Mine is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Can’t wait. Love this game. Still play the Vita version sometimes. Wish we could get this for Vita too.

  • It’s finally here!! I have been waiting for this since my PS3 stopped working years ago. I still have that copy of HSG OOB.

    Anyway can’t wait to try it out tonight. It will be good to see old names from back in the day..

  • I’ve been waiting so long for this game.

    I really loved Hot Shots Golf on PS2/PS3 so I’m hoping the new game modes don’t water it down too much…

  • Is the game free?

  • Just sitting here waiting for the UPS driver…

  • A buddy and me pre-ordered it as we’ve been fans for years. Is there an option to have a private one v. one game online? Are there options to customize that one v. one experience?

  • Is this cross-buy with Vita? :D

  • Is a demo available?

  • Bring back the Advanced Swing type!!!!

    • I’m with Kenny42… bring back the Advanced Swings! This game doesn’t need to be unnecessarily shackled by a non-real-time, horizontal swing meter, 3-click interface from the Stone Age! Let’s get some real time swing interfacing going with the Advanced Swing options that worked so well in Hot Shots Golf: OOB and WI! I want to rely on my golfer’s animation for my click cues in real time, not the filling of a horizontal barometer *before* the actual shot is depicted!?

  • I’ve only played a few rounds, and the game seems fun so far…

    But holy crap… PS3-era graphics??? Seriously, if I only get 30 fps, then can’t a brother get some texture filtering, maybe some decent shadow maps or AA? What the heck?

    And I should be able to disable player names when I’m approaching the green please.

    Very unpolished game :(

  • They need to add in the Advanced Shot mechanic to the game! Such a bummer its absent, that was my favorite way to play!….

  • Hi, i bought this game and really enjoy it, just a couple of things i wish they would fix.

    If you get a perfect impact , why do my shots still go off centre ? I look down the bottom left and it looks like i miss hit it and goes about 5-10m away from where i aimed even though i did a perfect impact shot.

    Also Online tournament is broken for me and the screen just hangs and i cant enter it and I know a fair few others that it happens to also.

    Is there anyway to contact this developer and let them know ?

  • I was so excited for this game when I heard about it… and was completely let down by the removal of the advanced swing shot setting. It’s the only way I have ever played the Hot Shots franchise. The removal of it makes the game unappealing, and it’s just no fun to play it anymore. I just can’t do the bar thing, my brain doesn’t want to process the swing like that.

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