Call of Duty WWII Beta Weekend 2 Preview Livestream This Wednesday

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Call of Duty WWII Beta Weekend 2 Preview Livestream This Wednesday

This Wednesday, PlayStation and Sledgehammer will give a first look at what’s coming for the second multiplayer beta weekend. Now taking questions!

Good news! This Wednesday at 10:00am Pacific Time, I’ll be sitting down with the team at Sledgehammer Games to get an exclusive preview of the second weekend of the Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Beta. We’ll be streaming live on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

We’ll start by reviewing the takeaways from the beta’s first weekend, which kicked off this Thursday on PS4 and will wrap up on Monday. In our Wednesday livestream, Sledgehammer will discuss community feedback and key learnings that will roll into the final multiplayer experience, due out on November 3.

Then we’ll look ahead to learn what’s in store for the second phase of the beta, opening this coming weekend, including a preview of new content and other updates. And we’ll address some community topics as well — be sure to leave your questions in the comments below!

See you Wednesday!

Call of Duty WWII Beta Weekend 2 Preview Livestream This Wednesday

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  • For Sledgehammer Games: Will there be maps in COD WWII that are set in the Pacific and North African campaigns?

  • I haven’t pre-ordered COD WW2 yet will the beta ever be available for everyone who hasn’t pre-ordered

    • @thenewguy2014uk Not sure if there will be a public beta, but you can just preorder the physical copy on Amazon and you get emailed a code. Amazon does not charge until the item ships so if you change your mind and don’t want the game (or just prefer digital) you can cancel before Nov 3rd (plenty of time). I actually did this for Black Ops 3 because I wanted the Juggernog edition, so I preordered the base game, got the code, then cancelled the preorder. Just be sure you preorder physical as I think you do pay immediately for digital, or at least cancelling is more of a pain. Anyway the WW2 Beta is pretty good. I am enjoying it and I say that as someone who prefers the future games. It’s a very nice change of pace and War Mode is cool because it switches up objectives and moves you through a map. Def worth going through the hassle of a fake preorder to check out.

  • How will you be addressing the TTK in the game? I feel like it’s slightly too long and gives too many hitmarkers before getting the kill. Also, please add Search & Destroy ❤️ keep up the great work!

  • When are u guys adding zombies

    • It’s a multiplayer beta, so unfortunately no Zombies. This was the same with Black Ops 3 beta. Would be hard to do Zombies in a beta because there is only one Zombies map at launch, at least as far as we know. I do think it would be cool if they just let you load into the first room or two of the map with no Zombies, and you just explore and find Easter eggs haha. That’s the only way I could see Zombies getting included in beta without spoiling it too much before launch. I’m really excited to see how well they pull off the horror Zombies. Love what I’m hearing about it, horror and actual perk unlocks. As long as gameplay is solid it should be great. I didn’t really like the feel of Exo Zombies but that was made by Raven, not Sledgehammer. I loved Advanced Warfare multiplayer and I’m loving WW2 multiplayer, so my expectation is Zombies will feel just as good.

  • Loving the game so far, feels very solid. Wondering how supply drops will/won’t be implemented this year? Would be really great if they only contained cosmetic items as the game feels really balanced in the beta.

    • I think they should only do cosmetics only for the first few months so people can play the game in its pure form, but then when you have had time to finish your weapons and the game is getting repetitive, add some weapons, but of course they have to be balanced or else it ruins it. Adding weapons later gives them time to balance them too. Maybe add them around DLC 2.

  • Is Hardcore going to be added to the beta or even the game? Not everyone play’s core

  • Will we get to play SnD in the second week?

  • Am I going to play the second weekend? I couldn’t the first weekend.

  • Will the default sprint out time be improved for all classes or will it only be available part of the Airborne Division? Gameplay is a little bit slower than other BOTG games since no improved stamina perks (other than airborne Division).

    • Nevermind just found out the new perk unlocked in the beta is “Energetic” lets you sprint again sooner.

  • Will the grenades get tuned down? They’re a little too string right now, especially since you can’t get away as fast.

  • call of duty ww2 beta hasnt downloaded automatically i preordered and nothing

    • you have to go to their site and enter your code that you got from retailer. Then they will email you a code to use for the playstation store. Go to redeem my codes and enter it there. Then you can download the beta for the second week.


  • I have enjoyed the beta thus far.
    Only thing that might improve the beta, is the possibility of the lean mechanic. And to mess around with the thompson. Otherwise keep up the good work and thank you.

  • Why the beta never come with hardcore mode?
    Isn’t that unfare for the harcore players?

  • The game is a great step back to boots on the ground. Sniping is way better, wish maps were bigger to have a more complete experience. Snipers nest would be awesome. I think the springfield should be in the game. Will they be advancing more areas that can be navigated? Climbing objects in a game can really change how it can be experienced. War is the greatest mode ive played needs more maps though. All around great game so far cant wait until the next beta.

  • Will there be any graphic improvement in the next beta or when the game releases on November 3rd?

    Thank you for the great game Sledgehammer.

  • I aint gonna lie, I dont like sledgehammer games. I like treyarch better. During the first days of grinding through all the guns to get a feel of what works and user mover I was almost disappointed. After finding the gun that works for my gameplay and division that lets me move how I want there was a saving grace. It took a huge adjustment from flying off the walls, wall running, double jumping etc, but this game brought back the basics of the game. The fundamentals. I thought at was a cheap game and a ripoff from what has already been done. I explored all the game modes after finding my zone and feel in love with “WAR” I love the way everything works like zombies where you had to build walls, defenses, etc. Overall I give the game a 7 out of 10. Its laid out simply to balance all the players from becoming super slayers eating tons of clips before dying and stopping everyone from having 10 thousand perks. Its back to boots on the ground and they did it well. At least for the beta hope they dont mess this up. Good work Sledgehammer! You’ve earned my business.

  • Will it ever be open to everybody?…there is a thing about betas devs should learn,either make it open or don’t even make at all.

    • They should only give the beta to people who BUY the game, and by that i mean online in the console store’s. Why should they make it an open beta? Sure, it’s a little bit frustrating you have to pay for the game 2 months early but for real. The only good feedback is from people who actually want to play this game and and not by people who just want to try it and then **** talk about a game they will probably never play.

  • Really enjoyed the early beta and no doubt WARZONE was my favorite game mode!!!! SEE YOU FRIDAY

  • Will there be larger maps in the final version? And are the gun sounds final or will you be tweaking some to add some more character to specific guns?

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