Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is Out Now on PS4

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is Out Now on PS4

Naughty Dog's newest adventure is finally here. Read on for a thank you note from the team.

Uncharted 4 was a big deal. It was the end for a hero we’d spent nearly a decade with and, 15 months ago, we got to finally share the conclusion of Nathan Drake’s story with the world. It was amazing to see the reception of Nate’s last adventure, and it made all the team’s effort worth it. Then (after a much needed break), we came back to the studio to think about the seemingly unthinkable: Could we make an Uncharted without Nathan Drake?

To us, Uncharted has always been about the ensemble. Over the years, we’ve spent time with many colorful allies and adversaries, each with their own quirks and personalities. We love that everyone at the studio has their own favorite Uncharted character, so we saw this new project as an opportunity to take characters we love and shine a spotlight on them, to really give them the full Uncharted treatment. At Naughty Dog, we don’t embark on a project unless we think we have a story worth telling and new challenges to tackle. With Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, we knew we had something special, and the team was on board to dip in for one more helping of adventure.

Today, just over a year later, you can get your hands on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy–the result of hundreds of the most incredibly talented and passionate individuals in the industry pouring just as much of their heart into Chloe’s journey as any of Nathan’s past. We knew this adventure through the Western Ghats of India was an ambitious one: chock full of touching moments, incredible vistas, daring escapes, and epic blockbuster sequences. Somehow, the team has pulled it off again and the result is truly stunning. It’s a humbling reminder that with the right team, even the unthinkable is possible.

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We at Naughty Dog thank your continued support that allows us to make the games we love, with the characters we adore. We couldn’t be more proud of this game, and we hope you have room in your heart for another Uncharted hero.

Have fun out there,
Kurt & Shaun

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  • This was delivered on Saturday and I couldn’t stop playing. Thanks for the continued adventures! Great job guys and gals.

  • This game is great! Played a couple chapters before work this morning. =)

  • I CANNOT wait to play this as soon as it arrives from Amazon today! Thank you Naughty Dog for being the greatest developer of video games in the industry!

  • Great game , when will the download of Jak & Dexter be available?

  • Only completed Uncharted Golden Abyss. Have not gotten enough into the main series to feel the magic. Hopefully I can play LL one day.

  • i prordered Uncharted : Lost Legacy and never received Jak & Daxter, and SONY support seems to be clueless on it when you call them. i am beginning to believe it was all a scam.

  • Hopefully the devs that made the mp for uc4 don’t come within miles of the last of us 2 mp because uc4 has the most glitchy and unbalanced gameplay in the series biggest dissapointment

  • MP included with The Lost Legacy isnt working. Just says error initializing session. I want to be able to play without putting in my U4 disk. Please fix

  • MP from The Lost Legacy just says error initializing session. I want to be able to play w/o inserting my U4 disk. Please fix

  • Truly awesome…I played up until chapter 4 and damn what an incredible job,I mean it’s expected from ND but damn the game’s amazing.So far it’s better than UC4…the beginning was amazing and everything looks good,even the huge scenarios are fitting well into the game while in UC4 they were vague.

    Also I always liked Chloe but never thought she would make such a good protagonist…it’s pretty obvious where UC is heading,will miss ma boy Drake but Chloe won’t disappoint in UC5.

  • I would be up for more Uncharted games featuring other characters from around the series. How about a game all about Sully!?

  • Picked up the game yesterday. I’ve bought/played every game in the series, including Golden Abyss on Vita. I personally love this series and Naughty Dog in general. With all the talk about 4K vs. checkerboard 4K, 1080p vs 900p, 60 fps vs 30 and on and on, one thing that you can’t teach or isn’t equivalent among all developers regardless of the tech available is ART DIRECTION. This is something the Uncharted series has had in spades from day 1 that has separated it from the pack. This game is gorgeous, even on a good old original PS4. I can only imagine how it looks on a PS4 Pro on a 4K TV.

    But beyond the visuals and Naughty Dog’s obsessive attention to even the most minute details, what truly makes the Uncharted (and Last of Us) series stand out is the best-in-class voice acting and comradery among the characters. You really feel like these are real people you’re controlling and very few games accomplish that. Loving the game so far, I’ve heard it’s short, but then again it’s only $50 (CAN) where most new releases are $80 up here so I’m not too bothered by it. I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts.

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