PlayStation.Blog 10th Anniversary Sale: Save on Editor’s Picks

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PlayStation.Blog 10th Anniversary Sale: Save on Editor’s Picks

Save 33% on some of the Blog team's favorite games in our first-ever PS Store sale!

Just before E3, PlayStation.Blog turned the big 1-0! To celebrate, the Blog team got together and decided to throw our first-ever PlayStation Store sale!

Members of the PlayStation.Blog team hand-picked each and every one of the games below; they represent some of our all-time favorites. If you’re a longtime listener to PlayStation Blogcast, you shouldn’t see many surprises. ^_^

Better yet, we arranged for a healthy 33% discount on every title listed here, for the next two weeks. Special thanks to all the publishers and developers, and, of course, our friends at PlayStation.Store, for making this possible!

Important! To save on the titles below, add selections to your PS Store cart and enter this 10-digit discount code at checkout: ELR6CKF4P9

Thanks for reading PlayStation.Blog – hope you enjoy our picks!

PlayStation.Blog 10th Anniversary Sale

Axiom Verge
Darkest Dungeon
N Plus Plus (N++)
Ratchet & Clank
Risk of Rain
Rogue Legacy
The Last Of Us Remastered
The Unfinished Swan


Redeem code for 33% off one total cart purchase of selected items. Code must be redeemed and purchase completed before September 5, 11:59PM PT. While supplies last. Full terms and conditions here:


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7 Author Replies

  • LMAO at these “sales”

    See your in 10th years I guess

    • Axiom Verge for those who like Metroidvania games. 84 Metacritic
      Battlezone a game I think can now be played without VR since a recent patch albeit full price is too much lead to mixed reviews.
      Darkest Dungeon had the blogcast and especially Sid addicted for weeks, I got addicted as well. 84%
      Firewatch a narrative based experience 81%
      Flower a palette cleanser experience 91%
      Hohokum a game/experience that holds an odd niche. 75%
      Journey a game that put President Shuhei Yoshida in tears 92%
      N++ A game with thousands of levels/challenges 82%
      Ratchet and Clank needs no introduction. 85%
      Risk of Rain the more you play the harder and crazier it gets, tons of crazy. 81%
      Rogue Legacy a challenging time and time again until you get the hang of risk/reward/mastery 85%
      Soma. SOOOOMAAAA Sci-fi horror game and favorite syllables for the Podcast. 84%
      Last of Us from the genius of Naughty Dog. 95%
      Unfinished Swan an interesting emotional story/puzzle experience about loss and grief. 83%
      Transistor another genius games from the people who made Bastion, Pyre, and well the middle child Transistor. 83%

      None of these games are bad. Some more niche’ than others. Maybe grab something new. I have all but 2.

    • @MakaiOokami

      I don’t think that’s correct. I’m pretty sure Battlezone VR still requires VR for the entire game. There is no NON-VR mode.

    • I guess you’re right drd7of14.

      I guess it was Eve Valkyrie Warzone that’s getting patched to no longer require VR. You can see how the mistake was made. Warzone Battlezone. I’ve got VR so it wasn’t something I was really paying attention to. Thanks for the correction. I thought a non VR patch was why someone decided to make it their pick for the discount.

  • Happy Birthday blog buddies.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the dealz

  • Happy 10th Anniversary!

  • Can I get a bonus game? I might have all 15 of these already.

    And yes, I am not kidding, I have every single one.

  • Hola

  • Wow, yet more evidence of how horrible the blog staff are, just look at their taste in games.

    • Good luck with that whole being a big jerk thing you’re doing here.

    • You’ve got Journey, Rogue Legacy, Ratchet and Clank, the Last of Us, and Transistor.

      You’ve got 1/3 of the games up there…

      Gotta ask why Darkest Dungeon and Risk of Rain aren’t on your collection. If you liked Tharsis you’ll probably like Darkest Dungeon IMO.

  • 6 games are PS Plus Free games, and just 33% off on old games.
    But anyway, congrats for these 10 years.

  • Wow 10 years, It was just yesterday someone wanted a Disgaea sale every week, anyways THANK YOU sid and team for providing info that I have check here for I guess that long… Wow 10 years…

    • Pretty sure you are just admitting to having terrible opinions and being a jerk towards others. Most of these games are incredible.

      If you dislike the blog so much, why even comment?

    • Whoops, apologies jb. This was meant for boomstickbhg and their disrespectful comment.

    • Thank you! Glad you have stayed with us for so long :)

  • RIP Jeff Whobastein

  • Axiom Verge – Own it, very good metroidvania heavily inspired by metro game. It’s getting a limited physical release. Recommend it!
    Darkest Dungeon – Currently one of my favorite indie games atm. This game is a fun dungeon-esque crawler with heavy emphasis on sanity. It’s new DLC Crimson Court just released today too so worth the pick up.
    Firewatch – Audio in this game is amazing, relaxing sounds of the forests draw you in. The communication between the two main characters is astounding.
    Flower – Everyone knows what this one is, just a simple game for relaxation and calming.
    Hohokum – Weird game, played it a few times and never went back.
    Journey – Well known, no need to say anything about it.
    Ratchet & Clank – Awesome remake
    The Last Of Us Remastered – Need I say anything about this masterpiece
    Transistor – GET THIS TITLE NOW!

    • Justin Massongill

      Good rundowns of each game! I loved Hohokum, if you’re into super-chill experiences you should give it another shot. :)

  • side topic please respond, marvels guardians of the galaxy episode 3 came out today, I have the season pass but its telling me to download I need to pay 4.99 for the episode please fix problem.

  • Happy 10th Year Anniversary! Thanks for Uncharted Lost Legacy! It’s fantastic!

  • Prices of these games still seem high to me. 67 percent off or more would of did the trick for me to pick some of these up. Been wanting soma and firewatch for some time now.

  • No, thanks but congrats!

    P.s. will there be a flash sale this weekend?

  • Pretty terrible sale considering its only 33% on only 15 games. Some good games here dont get me wrong but they have been at better prices before or free on PS+. Suspect decision making whoever decided to ok this.

    • I agree that it’s pretty terrible. Why make a discount code that’s only good for 15 games? Why did they not publish the games WITH THE 33% DISCOUNT ALREADY ON? I mean, buyers could have very well purchased the games already and not get a discount if they’re not aware of the code…

  • It seems I already have most of these. I’ll take that to mean I have good taste?

  • Congrats on 10 years and a thank you to the entire blog team for always keeping me and others on here updated. Few great games in there, though I have the ones I would want already. Still a extra sale is great for everyone on the blog though some don’t deserve it.

  • what happens when you input the code and have a title that’s not in that list in your cart?

  • Happy one decade.

  • Can anyone confirm if the code works for DD: Crimson Edition? I might jump on that to finally play it on my PS Vita.

  • 10 years wow. Was only like 24 when I started checking this blog everyday. Nearly 30 now till I’m 150+ ! Congrats

  • Congratulations and happy birthday! It’s about 10 years since I made a PSN account to comment here too! :D
    Now bring Demon’s Souls to the PS4? <3

  • Happy 10 years, guys! Thanks for the stories, the news, the deals, and here’s to 10 more! :-D

  • Happy 10th guys! love listening to you guys while I am working. Special shout to Sid for all them thar sarce recipes.

  • However I am surprised that FFXIV isn’t on the list

  • We need more PS2 Classics in PS4, what about PERSONA 3 FES and PERSONA 4 with 1080p and trophies? T_T

  • Would be nice if PSN was actually working (at least in Chrome, it’s completely broken at the time of this post, with lots of “unable to find this page” from links found within PSN)

  • Maybe firewatch… but the rest of this is bad. I have Ratchet(fun!). I wish I didn’t have journey. Blah. But anyways between everybody’s golf(cannot wait for it!) D2 and Madden I have no time for indie shovelware atm

  • Happy 10 guys, hope to keep hearing from you . Picked up Risk of Rain so I could play with my Bud on Vita. hoping for more good stuff

  • is this a “sale”? what a joke…

  • Definitely rather weak since many titles have either been free with Plus or have had far better discounts. I suspect that they will have better discounts again in the future too.

    Still I gotta admit that Rachet and Clank is so much fun and looks even better on PS4 Pro. I think regular digital is only $20, so get it!

  • People are being such babies about the choice of games on sale.
    Utterly missing the point.

    Congrats on 10 years guys!

  • already have 10/15 of these games. the ones I dont have i dont want them. kind of meh sale.
    happy birthday PSBLOG!

  • Congrats on 10 years, guys. I check the blog every day!

  • Wow 10 years all ready?I can’t believe it. So much great content and information from the great team at US PlayStation blog.Every great game review, special events, upcoming titles,new hardware, PlayStation store sales.upcoming sales, PlayStation plus monthly free games, PlayStation plus store discounts,dev interviews movie reviews, And it’s all free from US PlayStation blog. Unbelievable that this is all free to everyone. Great job everyone with US PlayStation blog. Happy Birthday from your customer Ambassador to the PSNEI Sincerely Gregory S. Napier PSN ID: bombbreath any questions or concerns contact me on PSN Love you all Greatness awaits. PlayStation.

  • All these have been available cheaper before not really a good sale

  • This “sale” is a bigger fail than Obama’s presidency.

    • Better than the current presidency. I’ll be just happy if the current president doesn’t cause Japan or Korea to get nuked off the face of the Earth…

      Now THOSE are low expectations. Let’s not get all the great games we want from TGS to be wiped out by 2 madmen who need a diaper change and the t.v. constantly on telling them that they aren’t sad, losers, with no good qualities and money gotten by stealing from all those they look down on thanks to their father being powerful and dying leaving undeserved power vacuum that they then got sucked into.

  • Nice…Happy 10th Anniversary Blog,this quite a milestone.If the price is good on Firewatch I might finally buy it…been wanting it for a long time.

    Keep the good work guys.

    • Let’s keep your alt left comments to Twitter this is about PlayStation not your alt left rants everyone is tired of you and fake media and your continuous blubbering. You lost move on. Game on we win you loose. PlayStation Greatness awaits. Gaming is what we do not politics. Thank you from your customer Ambassador to the PSNEI. Any question or comments contact me on the PSN. PSN ID: bombbreath

  • hey so is this sale only in the US or can the UK get in on it as well

    • My last comment was directed to MakaiOokami not Welmoska. Welmoska is a excellent and postive member of the PlayStation family. Keep up the constant goodness. Greatness awaits. PlayStation. From your customer Ambassador to the PSNEI

  • hey so is this sale only in the US or can the UK get in on it as well. Happy 10 year Anniversary and many many more

  • Happy 10 year downward spiral!
    I don’t know about the vast majority, but I would gladly give up these “sales”, and have much more excitement and enthusiasm if the old PlayStation Store update format came back. Alas, we know that’s not happening, so cheers!

  • the problem with PS Store is that sales are based on inflated base prices. Older games need a permanent price drop like you see in retail, then we can talk about sales. When the sales at best only bring prices down to what you see everyday in retail, then they arent really sales at all.

  • Happy 10th Anniversary Psblog, this blog is one of my daily source of ps news :)

    The sale can be better though.

  • I didn’t even know there was a blogcast, shame on me. Welp, this is a good time as any other to pick up Firewatch, thx.

  • Too bad the code does not work in the EU store. Happy 10th Year Anniversary too.

  • Hopefully we get a good flash sale :D

  • FWIW Transistor is the highlight of my PS+ subscription, in that it was both not on my radar at all and turned out to be one of my favorite games on the system. I’ll probably be nabbing Firewatch and cleaning up my wishlist a bit.

  • Congratulations PlayStation Blog crew!!!

  • How hard did Clements push for a Folklore honorable mention?

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