Monster Hunter: World Welcomes You With Open Arms

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Monster Hunter: World Welcomes You With Open Arms

Our first hands-on impressions of Capcom’s newest entry in the legendary action RPG series.

With Monster Hunter: World, one of Capcom’s most beloved series returns to console, launching on PS4 in early 2018. Taking on the role of a Guide Researcher, your hunter explores a newly discovered continent, filled with creatures big and small that you can track, discover, study…and of course, hunt. For science! While longtime fans of the series will likely be invested from the get-go, expanding the world beyond handheld platforms opens its doors to a world of new possibilities… possibilities that I got to experience as a first-time hunter at Capcom’s offices.

Monster Hunter: WorldMonster Hunter: World

If you’ve never played a Monster Hunter title before, don’t be alarmed. Dropping into World’s lush, responsive world feels immediately welcoming, as the game opens with a narrated tutorial — which I appreciated, given the 14 different weapon options and numerous armor choices you’ll have going into each hunt. On my single-player run I chose my go-to weapon in most games — dual blades — but there’s a weapon here for every kind of player, from traditional greatswords and bows to elemental guns and a massive club that doubles as a spell-casting horn (that one will help during multiplayer hunts).

In true Monster Hunter fashion, all of these weapons can be upgraded by hunting bigger and more challenging monsters as you progress through the world. The real joy of Monster Hunter: World comes from its larger-than-life battle sequences and finding ways to use the environment to your advantage. I was doing my best stab-a-lot-and-roll strategy before remembering that I could lead the Great Jagras I was fighting into a tree, which would eventually fall over and reveal ensnaring vines to tangle it up. Used strategically, these elements make the battles feel very fluid, and as monsters try to run away, or eat smaller creatures to gain back health, you truly get a sense for how open and alive the map is.

Monster Hunter: World

This feels most rewarding during multiplayer hunts, which you can organize before embarking, or by firing a signal flare during single-player mode. This feature is new to the world of Monster Hunter, and allows for a seamless connection throughout the entire game rather than separating out quests based on a single-player or co-op storyline. Multiplayer makes the hunt a group effort, with every player actively searching for clues to find your prey. Some of my most exciting moments were watching a teammate leap onto the back of a Anjanath while I snuck underneath for a shot, or working together to cause a rock ceiling to cave in and crush our target.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World launches on PS4 in early 2018. Is this your first Monster Hunter game, or are you an experienced hunter? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll answer any questions I can!

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  • Ever since I got in with MHFU, I have always wanted a console version that brought the same feeling. I have kept up with handheld releases, but they never pulled me in as much as FU did. I think it is still the one game with the most recorded time of over 400 hours (and I still never completed it!).

    God Eater and Toukiden were interesting, but again couldn’t hold my attention past twenty hours.

    I have so much hope for this title, and so far everything looks great.

    • Dang, 400 hours! That’s dedication. One of the things that’s got me so excited about MHW is how passionate the MH fanbase is, I’m excited to dive into multiplayer and join these folks.

  • i own the first on playstation, freedom unite on psp, tri on wii, tri ultimate on wii u, my son has i think its 4 on his 3ds. we are def not beginner hunters and we cant wait for this game. i had over 999 hours in on tri and never had everything.

    • Experienced hunters here! I can see why this series is a favorite, multiplayer especially was a joy to jump into.

  • I will be there on D1!!! So excited for this and Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen PS4 Pro. Make Dragon’s Dogma 2 Capcom! There is a gigantic audience for the sequel.

  • I used to think that this series was a Pokemon wanna-be. I ignored it for many years until I seen the trailer for this game. Now I’m sorry I passed on the series early on. I’m looking forward to this one.

    • A buddy and I were trying to come up with different ways to catch the MH feel for different genres, and a version with Monsterous Pokemon that you would hunt and carve to make adorable gear was on the list. My favorite idea was a Tower Defense where the Felynes built towers while you would run around the map and fight/carve the chaff to get items to upgrade the towers. Each weapon was a different tower, and carves could affect elemental damage, etc.

  • I loved the original MH on the PS2. Played some of the other games but have been waiting for it to come back to a PS home console. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this.

  • PS2, PSP, Wii, 3DS veteran here, just wanted to say this game will destroy my social life, lol.

    Can’t wait for it, been wishing for a MH on current HD consoles since beginning of PS4 gen.

  • Can’t wait for this game! Love the monster hunter series!!

  • Hopefully it runs at 60 FPS but I have low hopes for that.

  • My only experience with MH is the MH3U (68 Hours) and MH4U (4 hours).

    After getting the Vita, it’s superior graphics made me avoid the 3DS.

    Instead beat up on God Eater Res, Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice+ Delta, and Ragnarok Oddysey Ace.

    Excited to possibly complete a MH game for the first time, thanks to it’s PS4 release.

    Hoping, It the best MH game to date. The Monster seems like genuine intelligent animals like in the past series.

  • The only Monster Hunter I have ever played was on the PS2. Ever since then I was unable to play the series due to not owning a handheld or the later installments not being available here in the U.S. I’m so excited and happy to see Monster Hunter coming back and although much has probably changed I am looking forward to dive in! Thank you tons for the update!

  • I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game in my life, and frankly, prior to this one coming, I never had any desire to play them. I did play Horizon Zero Dawn, and loved the combat in that game. I have since heard that the combat in Horizon (especially against the bigger robots) is similar to the combat in Monster Hunter. If that is true, then this is now a game I will have to keep an eye out for. I still need to learn more about the game before I decide for sure, so thanks for this update.

    • I think there are definitely similarities there. The machines in Horizon Zero Dawn all had personality, and required unique strategies when fighting them. The monsters I encountered during my play through felt distinct and I had to change my strategy based on both what I was fighting, and whether I was fighting alone or in multiplayer. Either way, if you enjoyed Horizon, I think you’ll enjoy this too!

    • as a monster hunter fan since ps2. the main difference between HZD and MH is probably it’s difficulty. since in HZD you can see the monsters weakness/health etc. (only played like 30 hrs on HZD, so idk bout higher tier monsters) but in MH you have to figure them out on your own. i don’t wanna make MH too intimidating to new players, the good thing bout MH is it is always beginner friendly. almost all starting quest is for everyone to learn the game before goin out and hunt the big guys.

      anyways. MHW is a must in ps4 for new and veteran players. see you in game. cheers

  • Iv been playing mh sense the first one, logged 879 hrs on the first one alone. Me and my wife would play it together online before we where married as dates. I hope there’s a dual stick combat system still.

  • I’ve been playing Monster Hunter since MH Freedom 2 on PSP and am pretty sure I’ve put in 600+ hours across it and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I enjoyed MH4 Ultimate and played a little bit of Monster Hunter Generations on the 3ds, but deep down I’ve been wishing it would come back to playstation consoles.

    Ever since the PS Vita was announced, I held out hope that maybe Capcom would make a Monster Hunter title for it (there’s just something special to me about playing it on a handheld), but this definitely seems like the next best thing!

    P.S. Welcome to the PS Blog team Kristen! (if you are new, I apologize lol)

  • Experience hunter over here! Really looking forward to this one. I was pretty excited when they announced this game considering that I played it on my 3DS all the time and then they announced a console one a couple months after I purchased my PS4!

  • i played all of them, the first one on ps it broke my heart when i read the message that the servers where going down for good ;( headlocking with the lance i will never forget, this game whas actually hard then and loot rare 1 rath plate could take u 100 kills and u needed to do tail farming and leaving xD only that game easly had 1000+ hours then there are they others :p

  • I’ve had the original game, Freedom Unite, Tri, 3 Ultimate and 4 Ultimate. I’m looking forward to World and hoping that they bring XX stateside as well.

  • I’ve play the 1st monster hunter and every one up until the first Wii game. I waited and hope they would bring it back to Ps4. Thank Capcom your the bomb

  • Already see the gameplay on youtube, man I can’t wait for 2018 :)

  • About time

  • I would love if you guys put this game up in the pre-order section already :-)

  • as for hunters that are in here. we should make a hunters guild if it’s possible in mhw. (if it was even possible, hahaha). PSNblog something-something. lmao

  • Experienced hunter here* I have the original Monster Hunter on PlayStation and MH Freedom and Unite on my Vita. I haven’t played since in a while but I’m so glad to be back in it. I use generally everything with a shield but I will definitely try all the new weapons. I’m curious about the switch axe and the insect glaive.

    Will there be a collector’s Edition being announced?

  • I have been playing this game from the beginning as it was first on PS2, then on PSP, and also played all the generations of MH on varies consoles. I’m still playing some on portable consoles, as someone said on the top, I have also spent over 1000 hours on these games(On MHXX and MHGen) but still haven’t completed. I never feel bored to play this game, it’s more interesting to hunt down monsters mostly with friends, and finally I’m glad players can’t hack PS4, cuz I just don’t like people who use cheats on games because they either they lack of skills or patience. I hope we will get a demo pretty soon, it is really making me nervous seeing many gameplays online but I can’t play or try it at all.

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