.hack//G.U. Last Recode Logs Back into The World November 3

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.hack//G.U. Last Recode Logs Back into The World November 3

One of Bandai Namco’s most celebrated RPGs comes to PS4 this November. New content, features, and modes detailed.

Hello, .hack and PlayStation fans!

Randy here from Bandai Namco. We’ve been AFK for a while, but now we’d like to welcome you back to The World this Fall. .hack//G.U. Last Recode is coming to PS4 on November 3, 2017, and we couldn’t be more excited for you to finish out Haseo’s journey.

.hack//G.U. Last Recode

But before we move forward we must re-visit the past!

.hack//G.U. Last Recode

The .hack series holds a very special place among our titles, and this year we get to celebrate its 15th anniversary! Developed by CyberConnect2, .hack first introduced players to Kite’s journey in 2002 with .hack//Infection on PlayStation 2. Since then, the franchise not only featured the video game series, but also spanned across anime, novels, movies, music, magazines, and many other mediums. The .hack franchise has a very strong history with PlayStation, releasing over 7 games on the platform.


.hack//G.U. Last Recode

For those of you who are new to the series or need a quick refresher (it has been a while), the .hack//G.U. series takes place in 2017 (!?) where players follow Haseo’s journey as he hunts down Player Killers(PKs), players who kill other players, in a MMORPG called The World. Haseo logs into the game to pursue one PK in particular, Tri-Edge – the player who defeated his friend Shino in-game and put her nto a coma in the real world. From there on, Haseo trains to get stronger to find and defeat Tri-Edge and avenge Shino, all the while uncovering the mysteries of AIDA, a strange computer anomaly that infects players. The series takes place over three episodes; Vol.1//Rebirth, Vol.2//Reminisce, and Vol.3//Redemption.

The Terminal Disc

.hack//G.U. Last Recode

For those of you wondering if you’ll be able to jump right into the series without playing the previous games, the Terminal Disc footage (Included within the game) is here to help you along. There are a series of videos that provide details of what transpired in the first series and help provide context for your upcoming journey.

New Content in .hack//G.U. Vol.4//Reconnection

.hack//G.U. Last Recode

The MMORPG “The World” has announced that their service will be coming to an end on December 31st, 2018. Soon after that announcement, Haseo, who hasn’t logged into the World since the events of Vol.3//Redemption, receives a mysterious email. In this e-mail, Haseo finds a hint to where Ovan; an old friend, has been after they last saw each other. Haseo, once again logs into The World in order to save his comrade!

.hack//G.U. Last Recode

Along the way, a new character Kusabira, who’s mysterious intentions and past is unraveled throughout the new story, greets him.

Haseo’s 5th Form

.hack//G.U. Last Recode

Also new to Last Recode is Haseo’s 5th form that brings new power and skills for players to experience.

Cheat Mode

.hack//G.U. Last Recode

For those of you have played the series and would simply like to re-experience the story, we’d like to introduce “Cheat Mode,” a new mode that maxes out your stats to allow for speedier battles.

Gameplay Features and Improvements

Additional gameplay features and tweaks have also been added:

  • Increased Moving Speed – Characters will be able to move faster outside of battles for easier exploration
  • Power Up – Damage done to enemies have increased to improve the pace of battle
  • Reduction of Stun Time – Another improvement to the pace of battle, the amount of stun time has been reduced for quicker battle response and attacks
  • Increase in Exp. Points – Level up quicker with increased experience points after each battle
  • Retry Mode – In the original games, after players were defeated in battle, they would have to return to title screen to restart from the last checkpoint, players will now be allowed to try the same battle again without having to begin all over again
  • And much more…

Enhanced Visuals

.hack//G.U. Last Recode .hack//G.U. Last Recode

We’ve made some huge visual enhancements! Moving from PS2 to PS4 has brought many opportunities for the developers to improve the look and feel of the game. The game has been up-scaled and is now in 16:9 1080p and at 60fps, with a lot of the cut scenes re-mastered – Making sure it stands the test of time.

We’re excited for players to dive into .hack//G.U. Last Recode this fall, and look forward to everyone re-experiencing all of the excitement and emotion again. You can pre-order .hack//G.U. Last Recode at select retailers today.

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6 Author Replies

  • I remember when Matsuyama said he wanted to port them to Vita.

    Then he never did.

    I cry every time.

  • Can’t wait! But any word on the Limited Edition making its way over?

  • I am -absolutely- here for it.

  • more .hack and gu of all things i can’t wait

  • I knew this game was coming sometime in the near future, but November is much earlier than I expected. Can’t wait to pre-order!!!

  • U have no Idea how long I was waiting for this!!!

  • I’ve been unbelievably happy that this is actually happening, ever since the announcement in June. I honestly almost can’t believe it.
    If you would’ve told me last year that one of my favorite series would be coming back, I would’ve replied with a less-than-hopeful response of “yeah, maybe on PS2 for PS4”, but here we are, ten years later with not only a remaster (with a physical copy coming out, no less!), but a whole new entry into the trilogy, now making it a tetralogy. And then there’s the whole matter of the release date being so close to the Japanese release as well! Congratulations and thanks to CC2 for working this hard, and a big thank you to Bandai Namco for helping to make it possible. And if Piroshi happens to see this: I want to personally thank you for continuing to care about this series, even after all this time.

    • Believe it! A big thank you to you, my friend. We really appreciate the .hack love and we’re super excited for fans to re-experience Haseo’s epic journey.

  • I love this trilogy, it has a very special place in my heart as it helped me get through some tough times. will each game have a platinum or will they all share a single list ?

    After this please consider bringing Xenosaga to the PS4.

  • Improvements and additions and 60fps and new content sounds fantastic cannot wait for this!

  • I hope the gameplay changes don’t make the game easier! I still want a challenge, no fun if it’s a breeze :)

    • We made improvements to help with the pacing of the gameplay, but the challenges will still be there. You’ll have the option to start each game in Cheat Mode to help really speed things up, but that’ll ultimately be up to you ;)

    • Awesome sound good thanks! I’m staying far away from anything like cheat (easy difficulty) mode lol good for few people I guess, i always play in the way with the most challenge more fun and rewarding :)

  • .hack//G.U. was my favorite B or C-list RPG series for PS2, which I could never recommend to anyone in good conscience because it was just such a huge financial ask ($150 at launch, pushing $250 in the aftermarket because it was rare). The story is my favorite kind of anime cyberpunk nonsense which did SAO before SAO, and way better to boot. And the combat was fairly underrated at the time as well. I would also be remiss not to mention the soundtrack, which is j-techno-pop delirium.

    At $50 for all three games in one, AND the Terminal Disk, AND a bonus episode, you owe it to yourself to check this hidden gem out. You can’t expect greatness, but you can expect hilarious awesomeness.

  • “here are a series of videos that provide details of what transpired in the first series and help provide context for your upcoming journey.”

    This was a smart move and if this release does well maybe we can get a collection of the first series.

  • also will the new content also be dubbed?

  • Congrats on getting this far, guys! I can’t wait to log into .hack for the first time (I’ve heard so much about it!)

  • This is a Day 1 buy. But PLEASE we need a remaster of the first 4 .hack games. I need Kite back on PS4.

  • The .hack series has always been my favorite childhood game. I remember I was still around 11 when I first played the original .hack games and followed through all the way to GU trilogy. I watched every anime, movies that was related to the franchise and got so drawn into it that in reality, I couldn’t log my mind out of the .hack series. Thank you for bringing this back to our current console to re experience Haseo’s journey in HD but also adding a whole new Volume!! WOW!!!! BIG THANK YOU and <3!! Hopefully, after this success of the Last Recode, you guys will be able to help us remaster the first 4 .hack games or even release a whole new .hack series. Are there news of a collector's edition for the NA and SEA release?

  • I wasn’t too involved with .hack in the PS2 days, although I played the first one and watched a few of the anime series, but the news of the series coming back has me really looking forward to it. Almost like greeting an old friend you haven’t seen in 10 years.

  • If this release does well enough, could we see the original 4 .hack// games get a remaster and rerelease as well? I’m thrilled to see this, since these are easily the hardest of the series to find, but the first 4 games aren’t exactly easy to find all of either!

    Thanks for doing this!

    • Totally agree with this. I remember playing the first 3 ( I think it was the first 3 anyway) back in college and would love to revisit/conclude that arc)

  • I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!! You have no idea! Please please please bring a remastered collection of the first four .Hack games into existence! And an English port of //Link would be AMAZING. But I’ll settle for the prior ;).

    We want more .Hack!!! :D

  • Day 1 buy! I can not wait to play this. I just wish the first 4 were being remastered too. I have 3 of the 4 but Quarantine is so expensive to buy now…….. I just want to finish that series :(

  • Remake of the original 4 next? Pleasssse? ;-;

  • I completely agree with others. We need a remaster of the original 4. I fell in love with the Anime when it debuted on Toonami as a kid. I spent endless hours as Kite trying my best to 100% all character development. It was so innovative for it’s time. Endless combinations of play fields, in depth, captaviting, as well as thrilling storyline. I would love to enjoy those classics again!

  • Dot Hack GU was one of my favorite games ever–right up there with FFX and Star Ocean TTEoT.

    So of course I’m thrilled to see it brought back to life and will definitely be picking it up on PS4 or Steam–if not both.

    However.. I’m a little confused as to what all volume 4 brings to the table. Is it simply an animated episode that serves as a short sequel to wrap up the unanswered questions we had? Or is there gameplay? I imagine it won’t be a full-scale game like the previous three volumes, if there’s any gameplay at all. But pretty much everything that looked to be from volume 4 was “cutscenes” if it is in fact a “game.” They could’ve animated in 2D rather than 3D if it were only meant to be a movie, though, so I’m hopeful for gameplay.

    Finally, I hope The World ending in Haseo’s universe doesn’t mean an end to the Dot Hack franchise, with this remaster being the last hurrah. I enjoyed the first batch with Kite, and the second series with Haseo even moreso, and I’d love to dive into another story set in The World again on new consoles. I have hopes that this remaster is a precursor to a new installment in our favorite fictional MMO.

  • Now if only they’d re-release or remaster the original 4 games, too. ;)

  • I’ve never played any of the .hack// games but I’ve always been interested in the series. I’ll be picking this up!!

    Also, does Cheat Mode disable trophies?

    • Awesome! You’re in for a real treat! Cheat mode doesn’t disable all trophies, but there will be a few you won’t be able to unlock using the mode.

  • Can we expect the first series to also be remastered and I’m so glad that I’ll finally be able to play this trilogy. I was never able to get it during the PS2 days and now I’ll finally play it(and completely remastered to boot).

  • Will .Hack GU Last Recode get a premium edition like http://www.play-asia.com/hackgu-last-recode-premium-edition/13/70be7d in the West? I’m waiting to pre-order, but if i can get a premium edition i’ll wait for that.

  • So excited for this. I really wish you had decided to do a limited edition, or even a special steelbook case. I would have gladly paid for that, Bamco.

  • I have waited years for this, all through the PS3 years and then with PS2 on PS4. This is more than I’d ever hoped for. So beautiful TuT

  • I don’t see a canadian pre order yet?
    Are canadian retailers just being slow on the uptake?
    Been waiting years for this so hopefully canada gets it the same day as the states!
    Also will we be getting the collector’s edition at all in NA?

  • I’m excited for this. I’ve been a long time .hack fan since IMOQ days and G.U. is one of my favorite RPG’s of all time. I just hope that the upgraded damage and higher EXP gain don’t make the game too easy. I felt on the PS2, as long as you explored the dungeons you got from the message boards then you were fine. The game still felt a little easy, but I’m hoping I’m wrong as I really love these games!

  • I’d love to see the original .hack// Tetralogy (infection, mutation, outbreak, quarantine) ported to the PS4 or VITA

  • Thanks for the hack g.u series, any chances of the first part o the xenosaga trilogy remaster?

  • When will the pre-order on ps store will be available (if it will)?

  • 2 questions: Question 1: Is share menu enabled in this game? There’s a lot of bandai namco games that blocked scene over the entire game and I’m worried that will be the case here too.

    Question 2: Is this all 4 games, or just the 1st game, or just the 4th game, or…? The wording in the article is fairly confusing.

  • .Hack G.U. is the best game i have ever played and still remains my #1 to this day. Thank you so much for bringing back this wonderful series.

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