First Details on Star Wars Battlefront II’s Epic Starfighter Assault Mode Revealed

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First Details on Star Wars Battlefront II’s Epic Starfighter Assault Mode Revealed

Watch 10 minutes of epic space battle gameplay.

Star Wars Battlefront II looks set to deliver on the big setpiece-heavy space battles fans have been crying out for in Starfighter Assault mode. Covering multiple conflicts spanning all three eras of the Star Wars mythos, the mode – created by acclaimed UK developer Criterion – sees two factions clash amongst the stars for victory across three multi-objective phases.

Star Wars Battlefront II

After an eye-melting trailer debuting the mode and teasing its maps and ships on Saturday, check out the mode in action right now in our exclusive 10 minute video, as Rebels combat the Empire at an Imperial shipyard. This massive match showcases the phases, the starfighter classes, the Hero ships and much, much more.

Star Wars Battlefront IIStar Wars Battlefront II

In the pilot’s seat is Criterion producer Rob Wyle, while co-pilot and fellow designer John Stanley provides detailed commentary. Lock S-foils in attack position and prepare to witness some of the best piloting in the galaxy…

We’ll have much more on Star Wars Battlefront II in the months to come as we countdown to the worldwide release date, 17th November, so keep checking in with PlayStation Blog for all the biggest news from a galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars Battlefront II

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  • quick guys, someone tell me what to think.

  • I think this would be awesome if they revamp the controls for flight. Or at least add an option for “Advanced Controls”. I want to be able to use the left stick for up/down and YAW left/right. The right stick will do roll left/right. Similar to the Ace Combat controls. This would make the flight much more enjoyable for me, as the way they are now is almost a deal breaker.

  • Sure the Empire is evil, but nobody is talking about the extremely violent Rebel Alliance.

  • Saw the trailer yesterday on the Store and was blown away…I mean I play Battlefront and the graphics are already insane but damn that trailer was truly insane.Wasn’t excited about Battlefront 2 cuz its too soon for another one but damn that trailer got me pumped…won’t buy the game so soon but gotta say this looks like a good improvement on Fighter Assault.

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