PS4’s System Software 5.00 Beta Rolls Out Today, Key Features Detailed

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PS4’s System Software 5.00 Beta Rolls Out Today, Key Features Detailed

An overhauled family management system, 1080p60 broadcasting with PS4 Pro, and various other enhancements headline the new update.

The beta for the PlayStation 4 system’s next major system software update 5.00 (codenamed NOBUNAGA) rolls out today for those of you that were selected for the beta program. If you signed up and were chosen, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download and get started.

Whether you’re in the beta program or not, we wanted to give a first look at the features included in this update. We’re introducing family on PSN, making it easier to manage your friends, and adding a variety of new features for Broadcast, Notifications, Messages, and much more.

Family on PSN

We’re overhauling the current master/sub-account system, and introducing the new “Family on PlayStation Network.” This new system will offer a more flexible experience for families on PS4 by making it easier to setup PSN accounts for children and customize parental control settings. Below are the new features that will be introduced with family on PSN:

Family Manager, Parent/Guardian

Family on PSN will allow multiple adults to be part of a single family. The Family Manager can promote another adult inside the family to a Parent/Guardian, who can then customize parental control levels of children’s accounts.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Individualized Parental Controls

Before this update, the same parental controls were applied to all users on the same console, including adults. But with 5.00, all controls (including game age ratings) can be individually attuned for each child.

Friend List Management

In place of the current ‘Favorite Groups’ tab, we’re adding a new ‘Custom Lists’ tab within Friends, which allows you to create and edit custom lists of your friends. This makes it easier for you to manage your friends and access specific groups. For example, you can create a custom list of your Destiny teammates and easily send them raid invites.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Broadcast feature updates


If you own a community, you can now bind your community to your broadcast. When a broadcast is linked to a community, the community button appears on the Live from PlayStation spectator screen. Once a spectator clicks on the community button, they’ll be able to jump directly to your community page to check out the details.

PlayStation VR

We’ve added a new setting in PlayStation VR: Display Message to Spectators and Spectators’ Comments. Once this is enabled, spectator comments sent during a broadcast is displayed not only in cinematic mode, but also in VR mode. This makes it much easier for VR broadcasters to keep up on comments and communicate with their viewers.

PlayStation 4 Pro

Good news Twitch users: with this update, PS4 Pro will support 1080p 60fps streaming on Twitch.

Messages Improvements

You’ve already been able to share your favorite music to Twitter and Facebook via PlayStation Music, but now you’ll also be able to share via messages using your PS4. If your friends are on PS4, they can listen to the track right inside the message by booting up Quick Menu, and if they’re on their mobile device, they can jump directly to the Spotify app from the PS Messages app to check out the song.

In addition, if you’re part of multiple message groups, you can now easily leave several groups at once. Just open up Options in the message list, select Leave, and choose the message groups you want to leave.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Notifications Updates

We’ve added a new setting that allows you to disable pop-up notifications while you’re watching a movie or TV show on your PS4. This setting is off by default, so go to Settings > Notifications to disable notifications and go uninterrupted during your videos.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Furthermore, you now have the option to turn off message previews on your pop-up notifications. If you turn this setting off, the pop-up notification will hide the message senders’ online ID and will display a generic user icon and message instead.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Lastly, you’ll have the option to change the color of your pop-up notifications to either white (default) or black.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Quick Menu Updates

If you want to keep an eye out on what’s happening under Notifications, like the progress of your game downloads/installations or new party invites, you can now access this directly from the Quick Menu so you don’t have to step away from your game every time you want to check your notifications.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Also, we’ve added a ‘Leave Party’ option in the Quick Menu, so you can easily exit a party and go right back to playing your game.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

In addition, now you’ll see the system clock in the upper-right corner of the screen when you pop open the Quick Menu.

Virtual Surround Sound on PS VR

PlayStation VR now supports 5.1ch and 7.1ch virtual surround sound on your headphones when watching Blu-rays and DVDs in Cinematic Mode, making for an even more immersive viewing experience

Improved Tournaments Bracket Viewer

We have a new bracket viewer that shows full tournament brackets for Single Elimination and Double Elimination tournaments on PS4. This makes it easier for you to see the current tournament standings.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

New System Language Additions

With this update, we’re adding the following system language options on PS4: Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai and Vietnamese.

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  • OH MY “!COOL

    • Everything seems great but one thing is missing, I still can’t change my ID!

    • Ok i got invited to the beta but I have no clue how to download it. I redeemed the code and I see it under media in my account but there’s no option from there.

    • @JxOxhaxeSS You log into the ps4, go to settings and choose system software update.

    • It would be great if PlayStation would let us play online without Ps plus

      Please let us play online with no Ps plus

    • WOW. All these VR updates for the cinema mode but nothing about fixing the drift issue with EVERY VR Set so it can actually be used at all. All the rest is useless till then, how is it nobody commented on this? I got mine for cinematic mode and its useless for it. This doesn’t really surprise me anymore, after having to go through 4 faulty psvr bundle’s and still when I got my 4th one I still had to get a new camera because the one that came in the bundle was broken. Same way as the one in the first bundle + plus the sensor lens was scratched to ****., then faulty headphone jack with distortion issues, next a large inner scratch or some kind on the inside of the left lens and last another set with a broken camera like the first one. Which I just went and replaced since the rest was in perfect shape..finally. but still watching cinema has been impossible on all of them each on had the same drift issue one even switched to drifting to the right for awhile. FIX THIS SONY, THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF COMPLAINTS ON REDDIT AND WHO knows where else. Please fix the cinema/standard game mode so I can use it for all the NON- VR games I also bought it for.

  • PS classics and activity log please.

    • Yes, activity log. I like to see amount of hours spent in a game. Ala Steam.

    • +1 for Activity Log. Btw, this is one of the most voted feature right now →

      And for PS1 Classics too.

      But looking at changelog, I guess Toshimasa Aoki don’t care.

    • If all we got was a freakin activity log I would be happy. Although it’s about dang time they add backwards compat with AT LEAST PSONE and PSP. Come on Sony, all of these features are trash that no one at all was asking for (although if you happened to ask for them, shame on you, because again, they are utter trash).

    • Totally agree.

    • It would be awesome if we don’t have to buy them all over again.

    • PlayStation Classics Please , and please get rid of PlayStation Now

    • Activity log would be pretty sweet. Same goes for PS classics – currently enjoying most of those on my Vita. More PS2 classic is always welcomed though.

      I hope the PS5 will have the ability to play all PS1/4 games, even if you have to buy a separate adapter to have proper compatibility/be able to use your game disc/memory card.

    • That would be very cool^^ It would be really nice to play silent hill and soul reaver on ps4^^

    • @AlexCallender Please get banned. All you’re doing is showing that you have no friends or family to play with. Your comment was utter trash.

    • If they gave you an activity log you’d probably get upset that you had to leave the house in a hurry and didn’t put the console into standby mode, or that you left the game running, and therefor your numbers aren’t even accurate. Most games have “Hours played” and you have a general rough sense of how much you play a game unless I guess it’s a combined total you want for various things…

      The thing you guys aren’t thinking about though is that if you delete and download a game, or let’s say you give a friend Just Cause 3 because you got the freebie version, so you give them your physical, and back up your save file, delete the game, download the game, and then put your save file back on… when you start up the game it’ll say “So and so played Just Cause 3 for the first time” so we know that all the data on there is stored locally.

      Why do you guys get so excited about knowing how long you spend in a game? I have that feature on Final Fantasy XIV and let me tell you, it gives me no level of pride.

  • Nice additions to the PS4 system. I especially like the Friends list and notification settings.

    The Quick Menu is getting better. Glad you finally added a clock. I think you should clean up every page/screen in the Quick Menu.

    See my suggestions this:

  • That’s an extremely weak set of features for a .0 update.

    • Agreed.

    • It does feel pretty underwhelming feature-wise, but still some great additions. Hopefully the next update can make up for it.

    • Agreed. Do people even use communities and events?? I know I don’t and could care less. I don’t care about sharing music in messages because we all have phones and social media for that. As for parental controls I have never heard of anyone using that either. Most parents will buy the system for their kids and never even think about parental controls.

    • @bbaker187 Oh my goodness, please be kidding. I play games – my preference is narrative-driven single player games (LOVED Horizon: Zero Dawn), and I play as often as I get time. I also have children across a range of ages – 13, 10, 3… – who need different sets of controls. It’s always bugged me that you can put controls on the network, but they don’t apply individually to content on the device. This is a fantastic step forward for people like me who have been playing Playstation since their teens and are now sharing that enjoyment with their kidlets. “Most parents will buy the system for their kids…” – because one couldn’t possibly be a parent and also love playing games. That’d be crazy!

      Aside for Sony peeps: Can you insist that media apps respect the parental controls? It’s freaking annoying that every service wants to manage their own set of controls. AnimeLab is a good example – it’d be great if at the app level it filtered the content based on the PS4’s parental control levels. My 10 year old doesn’t need to watch Attack on Titan if I ever want to sleep again, but there’s plenty of other appropriate stuff there for him to watch.

    • I agree with Juzzie79. I have a couple you kids and my wife does not like be restricted the same as them. ;)

      However, we have 2 PS4s in the house so am really annoyed that they have not allowed us to include that. Now, if both my children want to play, I have to buy another Plus (which I would be OK with) but then have to buy all the games twice.

      Just absolutely ridiculous that Sony forces us to do that. They should have a Family Plus account if that is the case.

  • this update is nice

  • It’s already 2017, but still no gameplay time tracking and activity log.

    • And also trophy progression.

    • Agree,what a sad!

    • Why do you guys care about that so much? Most save files have hours played…I don’t think my life is enriched by knowing I’ve spent 61 hours on Plants Versus Zombies 1, or that I probably spent another 20-30 hours getting a platinum on Plants Versus Zombies 1 again on the PS Vita. I don’t need a constant reminder that I’ve spent over 200 days logged into Final Fantasy XIV, or 100-200 hours on Diablo 3 on top of the 100-200 hours I did on the first one to get the platinum on PS3.

  • I was expecting PS Classics…

  • Thanks for *finally* letting us go back to black notifications. I hope they aren’t visually different from the old ones.

    • Totally hope so as well, and finally glad I can go back to the black one. This and the quick menu/notification changes are probably my favorite things so far in this update.

  • No PS1 Classics support, no activity log. Why bother?

  • The “family” changes sound great, I had given up being able to set up my PS4 properly to allow my young kids to use it too.

    • Awesome, glad to hear!

    • With the Family update will it let my kids play games I purchase from the non primary PS4? I have two PS4’s in my household so obviously one isn’t primary.

    • Agreed. As a longtime gamer with a child of gaming age about to join the house, I’m very excited about this addition!

    • I too am really excited to see if the family updates solve some of my desires for my kiddos. Would love to see a feature where I could mark which games I want accessible for each of my kids. For the most part the ratings take care of it but there are times when the rating doesn’t match my desire for access OR restricting certain apps like Netflix or Youtube. Some granularity PER app/game would be awesome here! Excited to start with this update though.

    • The family amendment so welcome. I have 3 x PS4’s the kids use 2 and I have a pro. The ages vary from 5-17yrs and obviously have a different restrictive need.
      When is the ps4 going to be able to generate a secondary IP so that team players from the same internet connection but on two machines can headphone team chat? The current restrictions (singular IP related) are inhibiting family game play.

    • I have two, soon three PS4s in the houshold and what I wanna know is will this update let my kids play, using their own profile on the non-primary PS4? This needs to happen.

    • Familiy features, finally!
      But, please, summarising:
      – with more than a single PS4 at home all of my family members should be able to play a game with their own account, would they play on a primary, secondary or third ps4/pro.
      – a parent should be able to choose each game/app to open for kids (other than games rating)
      – a parent should be able to setup a maximum playing time per kid/day
      – headphone team chat within a single household/IP connection.


    • I just posted above but want to chime in here also. We also have 2 PS4s in the house and Sony’s limitation for sharing equally between them is a huge hassle. For a company that claims to be Family Orientated, they really aren’t.

  • STILL No changing psn ID in 2017 what a big letdown.. while JP account cant change but we don’t. I created my account about 8 years ago when i was a kid and i want to change it without losing my purchases and trophies.

    • Seconded! What the hell Sony?

    • Exactly I hate this

    • Agreed, I’d like to change the PSNID that I created back with PS2 without losing my history. Please add this.

    • Name changes or an ‘alias’ is the only feature I really want. Sony is seriously inept here.

    • From what I recall from the share blogsite, changing PSN username is the #1 requested feature and I’m quite surprised it’s not available yet. I also really want to change names without losing my purchases/trophies/etc., and so does my brother.

    • I’m in agreement with you there. I remember when the xbox 360 interface let you do it at least once or twice for free. It’s something that really doesn’t seem that difficult to implement.

    • Yeah I’ve been waiting for this feature too. Not as long as everyone else i switched from Xbox because all my friends on p4. They barely play so I might as well just go back to Xbox I like the ui way better, I don’t play exclusives, and you shouldn’t be stuck with the gamertag you first created. But I’m sure EVENTUALLY it’ll come.

    • We were only looking forward to changing the psn id guess it’s time to buy an Xbox!

    • So you guys are upset that you can’t change your ID, and you don’t want to create a new account to play on because you don’t want to lose all your trophies…. So your solution is to spend hundreds of dollars, re-buy all your games, and start over on achievements, so that if 5 years from now you realize that you just are terrible at creating usernames you can live with, you can change it again, or if you are a huge troll you wont’ get called out for being a huge troll because you can just name change…

      Great logic there. Enjoy the Xbox. See you guys again on the PS5.

      From what it sounds like some developers have all your data associated with the username on the PSN so some games could lose all your data if you changed your username. They also don’t want people to go and harass people in a game, feed the enemy, and then change their username when everyone starts talking about what a piece of junk troll they are.

      I also hate it on Steam when something makes the news and like 20 people on a friends list are now named “Boycott ______” and now I can’t talk to them because I won’t be able to tell “BoycottCOD” from “B0ycottC0D.”

    • There was a time when COD wasn’t doing Dedicated Servers for COD on PC and people were outraged, and my friends invited me to a boycott COD group and I didn’t play COD games so who cared sure why not, and then a bunch of people on my friends list changed to the BoycottCOD tag, and then like 12 hours after the game launched 1/3 if not more of the several hundred people in the Boycott COD group were playing COD, and it’s like “WTF why did I even think these people were anything but whiny babies and trolls” and so I left and then I had my friends ask me why I left, and I’m like “Did you see what people in there are playing?” and I didn’t know who I was talking to half the time cause I had to remember which new alias was tied to which old alias, which requires right clicking, and of course if it was a group chat that would have been even worse…

      There are people who play FFXIV, then have a different skype name, and of course their real name on Facebook, and of course their Discord name is different, and if I want to buy a 4 pack of Left 4 Dead and all of us play their Steam name is probably different and it gets to the point to where I just talk to them on PSN where they are 1 thing and 1 thing only.

  • Pretty cool that PSVR will support 5.1 and 7.1 audio. Too bad that watching Blu-rays on PSVR is unusable because of the constant drifting. Please fix that.

    • I have a potential fix for your drift issue. Try to make sure there’s no other light sources except your headset in the camera’s frame of view. you can have dim lighting just as long as the camera itself cannot see the source of the light (lamp, wall light, ceiling fan, ect). You should also be about 5 – 6ft away from the camera minimal, and the camera should be eye level and you should be centered with the right lens. Hope this helps :)

    • jgrizzle358 I wish that was a fix for the drift but it isn’t. The reason I say that is because to play non VR games or watch movies in cinema mode you do not even have to have a camera connected. Even without the camera the drift is still there and you have to push and hold the options button to recenter. I used to think the camera is what aided in recentering but clearly that isn’t the case.


  • Cool story bruh !!

  • I like the update, some cool features. Although I had expected a bit more for a .0 update. Hopefully we can get game time tracking one day, which every other console has.

  • We have to see this mess from notifications also on quick menu now? What a waste… GET IT FIXED AS IT WAS BEFORE!!!!

  • I’m sure this firmware will have a ton of vulnerabilities for hackers to breach in as always. Does Sony even double check their security before releasing? We’ll see in this firmware :P

    webkit webkit webkit webkit

  • But what about the Ukrainian system language?

  • I’m hardly blown away by the new features as I probably won’t use any of them. I am sure some people will enjoy this though. Maybe this is a first step towards functionality that people have been requesting?

  • Utter and complete garbage. Proof that $ony does not case about the wishes of its consumers (I use the word consumer deliberately, because though we are obviously fans, we are PAYING for this). The least you could do is activity logs, back compat up to PS2 (chill with the remasters and just give us real back compat) and allow me to get rid of all the ADVERTISEMENTS on my home screen for content I have already either purchased (I mean what the heck?) or let me move it entirely. Don’t become XBOX. I want to access my netflix and other streaming services, not that other ADVERTISEMENT JUNK. Also folders. Basically what I’m saying is bring back the XMB. You had it PERFECT and you managed to completely and utterly destroy it. I could not be more disappointed with this update, if you can even call it that. Good day.

    • Are asking for folders? Because that got added a while back.

    • You can’t remove all the ads in the TV & Video section, and you can’t even move or re-order your apps of interest to the top of the list. Every time I want to launch an app I’m actually interested in, I have to scroll through a dozen ads for things. Making folders and allowing people to arrange their stuff is all well and good, but somehow it doesn’t apply to the TV & Video section. I’m sure the product manager responsible for this is getting a hefty bonus, at the cost of making every customer who has to put up with this just a little bit irritated every single time they use it. At least I can opt out of marketing e-mails, not so the ad for the latest 2nd-rate shows on whatever 2nd-rate network they want me to pay for. This is kind of stuff makes me a Sony user as opposed to a Sony fan, and tolerate the UI rather than enjoy it.

    • yeah we got folders a while back… and if you organize your apps into said folders you can go there and not see any of these adds you speak of.

    • Zugzug, you’re not listening to what he’s saying. The folder option does not work for TV/Video apps. You can not take Netflix or WWE Network etc. and put them in their own folder. It applies to games, it does not apply to that section (for some reason /eyeroll) . It’s extremely annoying, especially when lately when you go that menu, everything loads kinda laggy.

    • They’ve added so many features, some people weren’t even asking for but ended up being incredibly helpful, others that people VOTED for and they added, yet they miss a couple features that you personally wanted and you throw a hissy fit? Take your crying to the WAAAMBULANCE. Nobody cares if you can’t adjust the TV folder. Honestly if that’s a big deal to you,you need to get a life.

  • So… No PS One Classics Cross Buy then… :'(

  • Absolute trash

  • Family on PSN how does it work with say two adults with two systems? Currently my wife’s PS4 is my primary and we share my digital content. But when the network goes down my PS4, the secondary system, loses access until network connection resumes.

    Does this change any of that? Can I place both of or accounts in a family as adults?


  • If Message Thread owners can invite new friends to join a thread, why can’t we have the ability to remove who we want from the same message chat?

  • Anyone get their Beta email yet?

  • Add ukrainian language please


    • Ugh god this right here. I’m sick and tired old messages and unwanted group invites piling up in the notifications tab.

      We could delete that junk years ago…why not now? Would it really be difficult to code it in?

    • I want a delete all notifications feature. At least give us that sine they combined all the notifications into one list… horrible design.

    • Definitely agree with johnnyjh and others. Not being able to delete PSN message permanently is aggravating, especially when you get some random message you really don’t want to see. This should have been implemented a long time ago.

      Being able to track time in games would be awesome.

      For the first part, I see a bunch of updates that no one really cares about and I doubt many use. Is Sony trying to copy some of Xbox One’s newest UI features. I hope not since I’ve always thought that my PSs had way way better UIs than my Xboxes.

  • Boring. I feel like Sony is being run by Vince McMahon with this update. People want ID name changes and PS Classics on their PS4s, but instead they’re giving us Roman Reigns. Whatever, not surprised.

  • Thank you very much Sony for reenabling black notifications. Thank you for listening to us users.

  • One of these days, you’re going to need to add TRIM support for SSDs. Load times are getting to where traditional hard drives just aren’t cutting it anymore.

  • I also want an update that will put the Time on the Quick Menu

  • Oh wow a few things us beta testers been saying since day 1 of the beta tests.

    Clock in the quick menu
    Grouping your friends by how we met them
    Leaving a chat party from quick menu

  • Wait……. That’s it? We waited 6 months for the big 5.0 update and we get a bunch of nothing?

    Come on Sony you are way behind the competition in terms of software features and updates

  • Bonjours ce serais bien de faire un système de favoris ou les sélection de jeux du PlayStation Store apparaisse en forme d’étiquette sur l’écran principal, biensur avec l’option ou on peut masquer ou pas car souvent sur le store je fais une sélection de jeux mais c’est après que je me rencontre que j en est plusieurs dans le panier et qu il y a certain que j’aimerais payer en priorité

  • TROPHY PROGRESSION AND ACTIVITY LOG on how much time i spent in my games ADD THEM all these features Sony listed up there are trash

  • ADD CD PLAYBACK , PS1,ps2,ps3 backwards compatibility

    • Did you just type CD playback, that would be a step back in the wrong direction. Who even buys cd’s anymore

    • Yeah mate, it would be a waste of time to implement CD playback

    • Wow. Both of you guys are idiots. CD’s cost the same yet are far more valuable, versatile, and sound much higher quality. Have fun with the compressed trash you pay for from Itunes LOL

      Put PS4 can’t do CD support because it doesn’t have the right laser inside. I know, it sucks, and Sony’s a bunch of cheapskates for not including it. It’s such old tech it would’ve cost $2 for them to put it in, tops. Oh well.

      Now we’re stuck listening to music the peasant way like these 2 fools, unless you put FLAC or WAV files on your USB flash drive, then it’s the same quality.

    • HugoStiglitz_420 Calling others idiots and yet thought you can’t even spell right lmfao

      Put PS4 can’t do CD support because it doesn’t have the right laser inside

  • this is a beta only so i am guessing as the beta updates they will add extra features like they have done before, or just leave things out like they did with PS4 remoteplay etc. hopefully we see PSOne Classics, ID Name changes, activity log (shows time played in game), Black or custom icon/text colours for custom and default themes so we can use flat text (no shadows) on different colour wallpapers like White or brightly coloured (neons and light blues etc.). that will make this 5.00 update worth while and shouldnt take long to implement the colours, the PSone classics and ID’s will take longer.

    • don’t get too excited they might add some more minor things but I wouldn’t hold my breath for major features to surface right after they already revealed the list

  • Hello, it would be nice to make a system of favorites or the selection of games of the PlayStation Store appears in the form of a label on the main screen, of course with the option or you can hide or not because often on the store I make a selection Of games but it is after I meet that I am several in the basket and that there is certain that I would like to pay in priority

  • Please just add in psn ID changing and ps one classics

    • Even if for some crazy reason they added name changing you would end up having a name with like 15 numbers. Try creating a new account and see the name possibilities. Or just create a new sub account. It still gets all the benefits of your main account. Asking for name changing is a bad idea.


  • What is an “udpate”? ;)

    (First line below the title.)

  • please fix the mess that you made out of the notifications menu. thank you. there was nothing wrong with the way it was.

  • FINALLY!!!! Finally, we can block pop-ups during videos. Nothing is more annoying that watching Netflix or Hulu and having friend notifications continually pop-up.

  • Still waiting for an update to the tv/video folder so I can delete useless apps and icons

    • I think you mean hide advertised apps, those are not physically installed just paid advertisements to suggest you download

      IF Sony gave you the go ahead to hide advertisements, those companies would not pay Sony for the ad space and Sony would want that money another way

    • I agree, the old video was much better.

  • Nothing even of remote interest or use to me here.

    When can I play my PS1 games?

  • Looks good, But any news for stable release date?

  • Come on man, when are we gonna be able to alphabetize our games in our trophy collection again?

  • Im not surprised with this lacking update. they know what we want. didnt they do a survey last year asking what we want and it was clear what we wanted. sony need to start listening.

    • It’s like since Sony is the current market leader, they grown more arrogant and incompetent more and more which is a shame….

    • That survey your asking about was when 2.50 was the firmware, we got more than half of the things on it so far

    • They did a survey years ago and they’ve added every feature aside from name changes.

  • Must admit….. Not a single thing on that list is of any interest to me……I think my 35 year run of gaming my be coming to an end…

    • Don’t listen to that guy, going to PC means having to buy or build a computer starting around $1500 just to be able to do what you can already do on your PS4. But hey if you got money to throw around go for it.

    • Don’t listen to this Namrockjr kid. A PC doesn’t cost ANYWHERE near the price he is stating. You can build a PC that matches the PS4 in power for about $400, less if you can find good sales….

    • HAHAHAHA so you’re gonna stop gaming because of a firmware update? Wow. Why’d you start in the first place? Don’t you remember that gaming didn’t have firmware updates or even 1/100th the features we have now?

    • Namrockjr is right. You do have to spend a ton of money on a PC to get it running things as well as PS4, let alone PS4 Pro which only costs $400 but even if PC’s cost $100 and came with the best components, they still wouldn’t be better.

      You think this firmware update is bad? Try the firmware updates on PC which constantly cause problems with certain games, leading you to have to search google or the steam forums for a solution to your problems. Not to mention downloading any slightly older games, and the host of compatibility issues they’ll have. Even just games from 4-5 years ago which aren’t even that old.

      PC gaming is one little stupid issue after another and if you don’t have the patience for Sony’s firmware updates, you definitely won’t have the patience for PC gaming. I barely do myself and I’ve been PC gaming since the 90’s

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