Tower Defense / Action Mashup Aegis Defenders Comes to PS4 This Winter

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Tower Defense / Action Mashup Aegis Defenders Comes to PS4 This Winter

This vibrant new action-platformer / tower defense mashup is coming to PlayStation 4 later this year.

Hey everyone!

My name is Bryce Kho, Game Director for Aegis Defenders, and today I’m excited to show off our new trailer and share some more info on what you can expect from its world and gameplay. Aegis Defenders is essentially a “genre-mashup” of our favorite action-platformers and tower defense games. Here’s a quick rundown:

Aegis Defenders for PS4



  • Our exploration is all about classic platforming and puzzles, but with a twist: Dynamic Character Switching! You’ll be able to switch between up to four unique characters at any time, and you’ll need them to work together if you want to make your way past the puzzles and enemies guarding precious resources and treasure.



  • Once you find the base at the end of each level, the Build Phase is your last chance to set up buildings and collect resources before enemies come pouring in! But building isn’t just about placing structures strategically, you’ll also need to switch between characters and have them fuse buildings together if you want to stand a chance.



  • And then… the enemies come! Let too many enemies through and it’s game over – so defend the base at all costs! If it gets too tough, you can always bring in a friend to help out with our drop-in / drop-out local co-op!

If you haven’t seen the trailer we posted at the top, take a look. If you’ve been following our game for awhile, you might notice something very familiar about it — that’s because it’s basically a shot-for-shot recreation of our original Kickstarter trailer, remade with new, updated art & gameplay. Here are a few side by side examples:

The game’s come a long way since we started the project back in 2014 and nowhere is that more apparent than with the art style. As the sole artist, looking back at some of our old assets can be pretty cringe inducing but for your enjoyment, I’ll show you guys a little bit of what I mean:

Aegis Defenders for PS4

See the difference? The images on the left lack a sense of depth and the muted color palettes feel flat. As development has progressed, the underlying goal has been to focus on using expressive shapes that give you a sense of depth and weight rather than adding detail, though we did a bit of that as well. The end result is a meatier, chunkier style. Just look at how sad and pathetic that roly poly on the left is! Now he’s MEAN AND BUFF.

Aegis Defenders for PS4

Aegis Defenders for PS4

Wish I could share more with you guys but that’s all the time I have for today! For more info about Aegis Defenders, please check out our website or follow us at on Twitter or Facebook. Also, we’re pleased to say that we’ve partnered with Humble Bundle as our publisher! Lastly, come find us at the Indie Megabooth at PAX West or Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom this year to say hi because we’ll have a demo for you to try out!

Thanks for checking out our game. Look forward to seeing Aegis Defenders on PS4 this winter!

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4 Author Replies

  • Glad to see this is finally coming out. Congrats guys. Looking forward to it. :D

  • This looks really good!! I am so glad it has local co-op!

  • .. I see some Lost Vikings inspiration there ..

    The art looks amazing and have some promising gameplay ideas there. REALLY looking foward to it

    • Thanks le_nardill! A lot people mention Lost Viking but strangely enough, we actually hadn’t heard of Lost Vikings until after we started demoing the game for people! Our idea for controlling multiple characters actually came from experimenting with the Tower Defense combat and feeling like it’d be cool to be able to defend a base from multiple directions. Still, Lost Vikings became a great reference for how to handle multiple characters(we added the option to stop time when switching to another character after checking out their game hehe).

    • .. Wow! Lost Vikings was the first thing that came to my mind.
      But that you are Building the idea from the dust after experiments in the Tower Defense genre, really surprise me. The mind is something amazing. I´am eager to try it out this game. Fresh ideas to redifine losts mechanics are always welcome.

      I believe that the co-op could be a BLAST. Imagine the possibilities. There is any idea to have ONLINE co-op? ..

    • Haha sorry no plans for online co-op at this time! We have an open mind to it though – just currently not on the table for now.

      But yes! As far as the game mechanics go, we were definitely doing our best to try to do something new! The game started out as a class project actually where our original goal was simply to experiment with combining genres that we liked. Tower defense and metroidvania were two that seemed semi-compatible at first but really took off after adding the character switching mechanic.

  • This looks really fun! I am huge fan of exploring, building and defending! I mean Fortnite is my most treasured game right now. Can’t wait until this comes out I will definitely be picking it up. Congrats and thanks for bringing Aegis Defenders to the PS4!

  • It’s great to see how far this has come. It already looked great when the Kickstarter launched, but this looks even better!

  • This looks and sounds beautiful, and I LOVE that it features full local co-op! Yay :-D

    • Thanks! One of the main reasons we made the game was to make something we’d want to play with our friends. It might sound funny now Gear of War 2’s Horde Mode was actually a big inspiration – that feeling when you really had to cover your friend’s back and work together… the game’s changed a lot since then haha!

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