League of War: VR Arena Explodes onto PS VR This Fall

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League of War: VR Arena Explodes onto PS VR This Fall

It's like holographic chess, but with more explosions.

Do you like war games, but get confused by all that chaotic running around? Do you like tabletop gaming, but get tired of staring at little bits of pewter that don’t actually do anything?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

The talented folks behind the popular League of War franchise have been working nonstop to bring their tanks, flamethrowers, helicopters, and commanders into the wonderful world of VR. After many long nights, and more than a few burned-out motherboards, we’ve emerged with League of War: VR Arena.

Remember those forty year-old sci-fi movies with those cool holographic chess boards? VR Arena is a lot like that. Only with tanks. And you’re standing in the middle of the chess board. And things are exploding.

It’s a deceptively simple game. You and your opponent have armies of twelve military units, which randomly become deployable in groups of four. Each unit takes a certain amount of energy to deploy, depending on how powerful it is. When a unit is ready to deploy, simply pick it up, put it down on the battlefield, and watch it go zipping off to destroy the enemy’s base. Simple, right?

League of War: VR Arena

Only it’s not that simple, because your opponent is doing the same thing. As the seconds tick by, and the enemy’s troops get ever closer, you begin to wonder whether it’s worth it to wait for that big, powerful tank to charge up, or if you should send out an inexpensive recon to distract the enemy. Should you deploy that anti-infantry helicopter, or wait until you can pair it with some artillery? Simple to play, difficult to master – it’s practically our company credo.

You can play League of War: VR Arena in both a single player Campaign Mode (and hear our commanders’ voices for the first time!), or in an Arcade Mode. We like Arcade Mode a lot because you can play head-to-head on the Social Screen, and build your own custom armies.

We hope you have a lot of fun playing VR Arena. We here at MunkyFun have enjoyed the challenge of creating our first VR game, and our first game for PSVR in particular. Sony has been a wonderful partner in getting VR Arena out the door, and their support and vision has been invaluable.

League of War VR Arena will be available this fall for PlayStation VR.

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