StarBlood Arena Demo Hits PS VR Tomorrow, Tips to Top the Leaderboard

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StarBlood Arena Demo Hits PS VR Tomorrow, Tips to Top the Leaderboard

It's time to try this white-knuckle arena shooter for yourself.

Greetings pilots, aces and rocket loving space weirdos!

This is Matt, proud member of WhiteMoon Dreams and StarBlood Arena’s community manager (you may have even kicked my butt on occasion during our community events). It’s a big day for our studio and our amazing partners Sony’s San Diego Studio. The StarBlood Arena demo launches tomorrow, for free at PlayStation Store!

I thought I’d use this post to shed some light on the demo’s offerings, fun things to look out for and also throw in some pro tips for the arena. Drumroll please…

The tutorial will help get you off the ground, but I’ve also got some major keys to drop that will have you owning the arena in no time:

Use your head! One of the unique elements of gaming in VR is the ability to not only use your controller, but your PS VR headset as well to aim. StarBlood Arena makes use of this head tracking technology, so wherever you choose to look – you can shoot!

Lock on: The pilots of StarBlood Arena come equipped with many lock-on weapons that will seek out enemies and destroy them. Just make sure your reticle stays focused on your enemy long enough for a lock-on ring to appear around them, then fire away for devastating results!

ABDM – Always Be Dropping Mines: Don’t forget to make use of your mines. The more you drop, the more havoc you will wreak! Mines stay active until they’re blown up – so drop them often for maximum carnage. Warning: this will make the arena extremely dangerous.

Use your boost: Use your boosters to quickly get in and out of confrontations. Boost time is limited, but it recharges automatically – so time your escapes and attacks with that in mind.

In the secondary we trust: Your secondary weapon is your friend! In the case of your demo pilot, Alice, you’ll pull out a vicious grenade launcher. Pound your enemies with a grenade barrage then finish them off your primary and missiles for maximum results.

Now that you know how to handle yourself in combat, don’t forget to stop and smell the gun powder! Take your time and have a look around the arena. A couple fun things to pay attention to are:

The pilots of SBA – Although Alice is the only playable pilot in the demo, you can still browse through all 9 pilots and check out their stats and animations.

Watch TikTakToh fail at building a human pyramid:

Or Dregg throw some of his world famous “Whatever” attitude at you:

Keep in mind that StarBlood Arena is an inter-galactic bloodsport, being broadcast live for your entertainment! Take a moment to enjoy the digital billboards, powered by the money grubbing sponsors of SBA:

This is just a small taste of what the StarBlood Arena experience has to offer, but don’t take our word for it, go play the demo!

Before you turbo boost out of this post, I’d like to offer one more big thanks to our partners at Sony for helping carry the vision of StarBlood Arena into reality. PS VR is a very exciting platform to develop for and we’re honored to be a part of this emerging community.

Love and Rockets,

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4 Author Replies

  • Shoutout to Matt! Hope you are doing well.

    Anyone remember Descent fondly? If so, buy this game now!
    If you aren’t familiar with it, then download the demo and see for yourself.
    6 degrees of freedom!
    Easy to pick up and play but it is hard to master.

    • I’m doing great! Especially with the demo about to drop :D Thanks for the kind words!

    • I miss Descent! Does this game have a single player mode as well, or just multiplayer?

    • @drd7of14 It does have single player modes! Burn Circuit and Ultimate Burn Circuit is our flagship single player experience, but you can also setup private matches and skirmishes as well :)

  • Awesome, looking forward to trying out the demo. I was concerned about motion sickness, so this is a great way to try it out and see if I can handle the full game. Thank you!

    • Seconded. Jonesing for another good VR game, but at first glance this looks a little too move-ie for me… Glad there is a demo to let us try it out! Cheers for being kind about that sort of thing!

    • Player comfort was our number one priority – so we sure do hope you have fun :) Let us know how your experience goes once you get your hands on the demo!

  • Have held off on this since unsure it’s my cup of tea. Will gladly try a demo to see if I enjoy

    • We totally get that. We’re so excited for gamers to get a chance to try it for themselves. It’s more important for VR titles than any other in my opinion. Trailers don’t do PS VR games justice. Let us know how you like it when the demo drops :)

  • Sweet. I’m excited to give this a try. I’ve been looking at it in the store for a while and been curious.

  • I was wondering why this game was appearing in the free section on the PS Store…But when you clicked the link, it didn’t load anything, but an error.

    Must have been some prepping for the Demo. Look forward to trying it out. It does look pretty interesting.

  • This game rocks. I absolutely love it. I suffer from motion sickness, and this game (mostly, unless I get too crazy) is comfortable to play. The characters and music are a blast, and the cosmetic rewards are a hoot. I can’t recommend it enough. The dev comminity is super involved. The demo is a great idea. More people = more friends online to play with.

  • Where are the PS Vita news?

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