Kaiju Driving Range Coming to PS VR as a Free Add-on for 100ft Robot Golf

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Kaiju Driving Range Coming to PS VR as a Free Add-on for 100ft Robot Golf

Coming to PlayStation VR as a free add-on for 100ft Robot Golf, Kaiju Driving Range pits monster vs. machine in 1v1 golf battles.

Hey, Dan here from No Goblin! We’ve spent the last few months making a neat add-on mode for 100ft Robot Golf that I think you’ll like. It’s called Kaiju Driving Range, and we’re giving it to all PlayStation 4 100ft Robot Golf owners next month for free!

Here’s the deal: it’s a 1 vs 1 game mode where one player plays a robot golfer on your TV, and the other straps into a PS VR headset and becomes a sick-ass crab kaiju – complete with Move controller support for the kaiju’s pincer arms!

The robot’s goal is to do killer golf shots.

The kaiju’s goal is to be a huge jerk and stop killer golf shots from happening.

We think it’s a pretty neat mode, and I especially love it because it takes advantage of one of the best unique features of PlayStation VR: the social screen! Being in VR and competing against another human player that’s in the same room as you is a super fun experience, especially when that VR person is a two hundred foot crab that can rip tall buildings out of the ground.

100ft Robot Golf: Kaiju Driving Range

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting our dumb game endeavours. Kaiju Driving Range comes out September 12, and is a free exclusive add-on for all PlayStation 4 owners of 100ft Robot Golf.

We hope you enjoy this neat bonus!

<3, Dan and Panzer

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