Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Launches November 7

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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Launches November 7

Venture north and take on deadly new machines in Horizon Zero Dawn's upcoming expansion.

Back in June, we announced an expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn called The Frozen Wilds. Set in icy territories to the north, this new chapter of Aloy’s journey adds a new area to explore, new mysteries to uncover and new, highly lethal machines to take on.

Today, we’re happy to share that the release date for Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds is November 7th, 2017.

We look forward to sharing more information about The Frozen Wilds as we get closer to the release date. In the meantime, there’s an exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn avatar available for those of you who pre-order the expansion from the PlayStation Store.

To stay up to date on all the latest news for Horizon Zero Dawn and The Frozen Wilds, keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog and on Guerrilla’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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  • About damn time, already preordered

  • Can’t wait to play. Game of the year.

  • Can’t wait! , New adventure for the GOTY
    Thanks Guerrilla.

  • A must get if you have a soul.

  • Have it pre ordered already. Horizon is my current frontrunner for GOTY this year so I’m really looking forward to this.

  • November 7th, sweet. I just started the game last month and have been slowly progressing through it. Before November I’ll probably have enough time to finish amd mess around with a new game + a bit.

  • Still need to finish HZD on my main account. I was like 10 minutes into and i just quit. Zelda: Breath The Of wild GOTY

  • YES! A thousand times yes!

  • Finally a date! So excited!

  • Pre-Ordered This was the surprise hit for me. I got it at release on a whim and ended up loving it.

  • I’m so ready! I got like 40K+ Metal Shards after beating NG+

  • Nice!
    Has Guerilla officially announced whether the expansion will be compatible with NG+ off the bat?

    I completed the game to 100% on normal. I started anew on Very Hard but abandoned that playthrough as soon as NG+ Ultra Hard was announced. I’d love to know how they’re accommodating NG+ (or not, for that matter).

    • We can officially state that the Frozen Wilds will work with New Game +.
      You will be able to access the new area while playing New Game +, assuming you have progressed far enough to reach it.

  • i am so excited for it!!!

  • Excited for this. I preordered the LE on launch, stopped playing for a bit and avoided spoilers, went back after beating Persona 5, and bothered to get platinum.

    I’ll be preordering this DLC too (once I get PS+).

    Also, hey, it comes out on my birthday!

  • Can’t wait! Will we be able to preload? Probably not since it’s DLC, but doesn’t hurt to ask.

  • WAHOO! It finally has a date! Horizon Zero Dawn is my GOTY right now, so I know The Frozen Wilds will be incredible! Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is coming in 15 days and it will be a contender for my GOTY as well. I’m pretty sure HZD will win the title, but who knows? November 7th cannot come quick enough!

  • I will buy this and I love it. Horizon GOTY.

  • I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have to confess I’m a bit disappointed that it’s a story DLC, since the game have a lot of content in that vein.

    I was really hopping for a co-op expansion, taking down massive robot dino with friends would be awesome.
    The game has already weapons, loot, skins, just needed the co-op element like Monster Hunter, Soul Sacrifice…
    That could be really special…

    • enough co op and MP in every game its a waste , so you like it but stats show its never used in 98% of games and worse your crying about co op in a game that is all about sp story driven so you can play with friends how boring go play cod or that joke GTA just look at what co op and MP did to GTA sp game. its sad the game is looked at as a joke now days for fake gamers and stupid gamers buying shark cards and worse not one sp story dlc because why would they when dumb people will waste money on co op and MP items lol and watch red dead will be a joke also or do think they will walk away from the millions of sales on cardsharks nope it will be in that game also.

    • What a dumb comment.Shows how the gaming community is spoiled…really?…you want a SP experience as rich as Horizon to add online crap to it.You’re not happy about a story DLC?…shows how the world is backwards.

    • How would that even fit in the world she is in?

      Outcast suddenly has friends!

  • THE HYPE IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are there going to be a new theme from this I would really like one

  • all this hype and i hope its not some super lame short 2 hour waste of time because i got the platinum on the 3rd after release i loved the game so much i pulled a 3day binge to plat it and now its been dead since 3rd day after release for me and now i want more but only witcher DLC ever was truly great and long so i hope this is not just a waste because anything under 5 hours is not worth my time in this game to re download it just for that when i have to many other games on my switch,ps4,x1,and steam to waste for short dlc

  • Yeees baby…have it pre-ordered since it popped on the Store.I did true 100% on Horizon yup got all datapoints including the world ones and played for 200h.Believe it’s the 3rd best game ever made and among all Sony games it only stays behind TLoU.

    Can’t wait for Frozen Wilds.

    PS:There’s no competition to GOTY this year,Horizon is light years ahead of any game…feel sorry for the other games.But seeing how media hates Sony and quality games Horizon might not win.

  • Have played the game 3 times. Finished it twice, now on NG+ and loving it. Seems no matter how often I return to the game, I’m still in awe of it’s beauty and surprised it can still challenge me though I’ve played it numerous times to it’s conclusion. Looking forward to the Frozen Wilds!

  • Am I the only one that already sold my game before this DLC announcement? :-(

  • I was hoping SO MUCH that Guerrilla Games would not only bring us PS4 Pro support, (as seen in the amazing new settings in Tomb Raider for locked 60fps in 1080p, OR unlocked 30-60FPS in 1080p with HDR support, OR locked 30fps with HDR support in 4K), to their Killzone: Shadow Fall game (which I’m still waiting for before I play the game), but also give us an update to Shadow Fall for speech-to-mouth sync support, AND most of all for Stereoscopic 3D support which made their Killzone 3 look like the most amazing masterpiece among all of their games, even better than the new Zero Dawn game due to Killzone 3 not looking flat as paper all the way though.

    Continued Below….

  • Continued from above:

    Please Guerrilla, bring us these updates so we can really enjoy your games like we did with Killzone 3, (and Eidos’s Tomb Raider to some degree), and PLEASE give us a TRUE KILLZONE Trilogy Box Set Remaster Experience like the company “GAME” got in the UK, only adding a Steelbox, a beautiful color Manual to each game, AND give all three games 3D, 4K, 30-60FPS, and HDR support so we can enjoy these games on the PS4 Pro, along with giving us a TRUE sequel to Killzone 3 where it left off, AND a patch with the aforementioned support above! Also, PLEASE give the first KILLZONE an actual game soundtrack like Killzone 2 and 3 have, (esp. like Killzone 3’s). This is what many of us are all waiting for, despite what some might think. Thank you, and we hope to see you bring us these things in the near future.

  • Just love this game. Love from #Pakistan

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