An Exclusive Look at the Heavy Trooper from Star Wars Battlefront II

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An Exclusive Look at the Heavy Trooper from Star Wars Battlefront II

The many faces (and helmets) of the Heavy Trooper in the upcoming sequel to Star Wars Battlefront.

When you deploy into a match of Star Wars Battlefront II this November, you’ll need to make an important choice: which of the four trooper classes will you venture as? There’s the nimble Assault, the tricky Specialist, the commanding Officer, and – of course – the powerful Heavy trooper.

Today, we’re really thrilled to reveal some new information on the Heavy with PlayStation Nation, including an exclusive first look at different versions of the Heavy you’ll be able to play as, depending on your era and faction.

Star Wars Battlefront II: First Order HeavyStar Wars Battlefront II: B1 Heavy

It makes sense, right? While combat tactics between classes might not change a ton over the years, the troopers themselves will visually adapt to fit into their situation in Star Wars Battlefront II.

When it comes to gameplay, these different classes will follow the same rules of engagement no matter their era. When it comes to the Heavy, that means focused firepower with heavy weapons. Whether you need to lay down a rain of suppression fire, hold the line near a capture point, or brute-force your way through a narrow corridor, the Heavy is uniquely qualified to pull this off thanks to their two primary abilities:

  • Combat Shield: A small forward-facing shield that allows the user to fire the primary weapon while slowly advancing.
  • Sentry: Enter a powerful medium-range combat mode where you deploy a heavy repeating blaster with massive damage output, at the cost of severely limited movement.

You’ll be able to try your hand at the Heavy and all the other Trooper classes in the Star Wars Battlefront II open beta*, coming October 6 (or October 4 if you pre-order). After that, the worldwide release on November 17 is right around the corner. Stay tuned for more news leading up to the game’s release.

*Conditions and restrictions apply. Click here for details.

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