Dreadnought’s Open Beta Hits PS4 Today, New Trailer

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Dreadnought’s Open Beta Hits PS4 Today, New Trailer

Overwhelm imposing capital ships across eight new battlegrounds.

Open beta is off the ground, which means the battlefields of the Solar System are now accessible to all captains! We’re adding new maps, launching a PS4-exclusive premium ship and continuing to improve core elements of the game.

There’s never been a better time to be an outlaw captain. Ready to blow up some giant, thundering capital ships? I know I am.

If you haven’t yet taken to the skies of Dreadnought, check out this overview of the game and this post on our latest, PS4-exclusive game mode, Havoc. Once you get your bearings, read on to find out everything you need to know about the open beta.


Wage War on 8 New Battlegrounds

The biggest change open beta brings to the table is maps: eight of them, to be exact. These include variants of all four battlegrounds that have been available throughout the closed beta, plus two brand-new maps (which have one variant each). Check out the map of Ryugu Haven—a gritty outlaw mining base hidden deep within the asteroids of the Scum Belt—and the ominous, eerily lit variants of Kappa Base and Rings of Saturn below!


Own the Hactar—for free

As a thanks for playing Dreadnought, we’re giving all PS4 players the Hactar Hero Ship—for free! Keep in mind, this is no rookie vessel. It’s a menacing, Tier-IV Tactical Cruiser with a screaming head at its bow. Take this beast onto the battlefield and channel the fighting spirit of the Dead Horde, the ruthless faction it once led into the asteroid belt during the Great Solar War. Just make sure you’re ready to unleash some serious destruction.


New Features for Friends List and Squads

Decimating enemy fleets is definitely more fun with friends. We’ve added an in-game friends list that enables you to see all your PSN friends who play Dreadnought and easily add them to it. You can also add friends to a squad, which allows you to fight alongside two of your most trusted allies. More social features are coming soon, so stay tuned!

More Open Beta Updates

Besides releasing tons of new, sprawling space battlegrounds, we’ve also added new content to the market:

  • The Trident Hero Ship: One of the most famous vessels from the Great Solar War. Check it out!
  • The Knight bundle: Now you can pick up this shining, bravery-inspired emblem and striking, green and yellow coating.
  • GP packs: Purchase GP packs to buy Hero Ships, ship vanity items, captain accessories and more.

Open beta also brings several additional changes:

  • SHAREfactory theme: Easily share footage of your favorite battles with video clips and images taken from across the Solar System. Download it for free!
  • 2 Dynamic themes: Customize your home screen with a view of Sinley Bay or one of its massive, cavernous ship hangars—for free.
  • PS4 Pro optimizations: Get even better graphical fidelity on your PS4 Pro.
  • Currency conversion: Spend GP to convert Ship XP into Free XP, or turn GP directly into Credits.
  • New languages: Command the skies in French, German or Spanish.

Brand-new battlegrounds. Epic new ships. Droves of freshly-minted captains flooding colonies and bases across the Solar System. Take the helm and explore all that’s new in the open beta—and let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • What time is the open beta starting? I can only find info on closed beta registration.

    • Hey yea I can’t find the beta to download on PS Store. So I don’t if anyone’s following the whole Fortnite thing, but I downloaded the “free” beta for the game last week and found out I couldn’t play it without purchasing a founder’s pack. I hope this isn’t a the same thing. Playstation and other devs, can you PLEASE get better about telling us when games/betas are actually out and if they are actually free? Is that really too much to ask? I wasted a lot of bandwidth downloading Fortnite last week.

      Dreadnaught looks awesome. I’d like to play it. Please let me play it. Please. Thanks Playstation luv ya bye.

    • @gcw1manclan Dreadnought on PS4 is in open beta and does not require a Founder’s Pack to download/play, you should see it on the PSN now. Let us know what you think!

  • good luck if you can get it to work been trying for about 2 hours to login in keeps saying network error and when I do get in the lag just to setup the account is so horrible I can’t even tell if I setup it up the right way

  • Any news on the single player campaign?

  • Downloading now! HYPE

  • Going to give it another go .. the closed Beta was good but buggy (not unexpected for a Beta). Hopefully there will be more players and smoother gameplay!

  • I am very excited to download this…

    When I was a kid, I used to play a game from Activision, called “The Dreadnaught Factor”, on the intellivision game console.

    Was that title the inspiration for this game?

    If so, it looks like the developers nailed it. Good Job!


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