Sundered Launches Today, Tips and Tricks for Elite Players

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Sundered Launches Today, Tips and Tricks for Elite Players

Bend the rules until they break in your fight for survival and sanity.

Hey everyone. My name is Med, and I’m Thunder Lotus’s QA tester and resident speedrunner. As you can imagine, I’ve played Sundered quite a bit. In total, I think I’ve logged more than 1,000 hours in the game! Today, I’d like to go over some advanced techniques that you should definitely learn if you want to master Sundered.

In case this is the first time you’re hearing about the game, Sundered is a horrifying fight for survival and sanity. You play Eshe, a wanderer in a ruined world, trapped in ever-changing caverns filled with hordes of terrifying enemies. We’re the same studio that made Jotun, a hand-drawn epic set in Norse mythology.

Sundered launches today on PS4, so let’s get started!

Elite Techniques

I’ve always loved the idea of “elite techniques” in games. Hidden moves that occasionally slip through as bugs, but end up as core features of the game. Great examples include “wavedashing” in Smash Bros. or “skiing” in Tribes. One of my greatest pleasures in Sundered’s development has been discovering these strange interactions and convincing the team to leave them in the game. A bug is not a bug if it’s a feature.

For reference, dodging and using the Cannon effectively are critical to your enjoyment of the game, but the following techniques are meant for advanced players!


1.) The Cannon

The Cannon’s knockback might seem like a downside, but it is actually one of its best assets when used properly. You can use the knockback’s momentum to your advantage by firing, immediately dodging, then jumping to keep your speed going. The momentum will be kept regardless of the dodgeroll’s direction.


Using this technique, you can zoom through the levels with record pace as well as entering Ability-gated areas you aren’t suppose to be in.


2.) Air Attacks

The mid-air up-attack has more than an offensive purpose. You get an extra sliver of vertical lift every use, so it comes in quite handy for platforming.


It resets every jump, and your double jump is reset when an enemy is hit. Use it wisely. You can scale high walls by wall-jumping/up-attacking/side-attacking back towards the wall.


The mid-air up-attack can also be reset with good enough timing, enabling Eshe to essentially fly away by spamming the up-attack, but it is really hard to maintain a good streak.


3.) Momentum

Never stop moving. Movement is important as it is what makes you progress through the levels and keeps you alive. A way to create speed is through using the Strength Amplifier, an Ability that grants you chargeable heavy attacks. Charge them towards flat or upward terrain, immediately roll mid-smash, then jump.


This creates a massive swing that launches Eshe forward if used with proper timing. Using this technique, you can skip entire sections, fly into areas you should not be able to reach, and utterly break the intended progression of the game with record time.


The gun can also be used for this purpose, but requires ammunition and an extra Energy charge.


That’s it for now. We can’t wait to watch people play and completely break the game! I’m sure there are many more undiscovered interactions hidden deep within Sundered’s code. We’ll find out soon enough, since Sundered launches today on PS4!

Make sure to tell us what your favorite “bugs that became features” are in the comments!

Resist or embrace.

Med and the Thunder Lotus Team

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  • Looks like it is a very enriched game. I love some of those techniques as well. Looking forward to playing it.

  • Going to pick this up today. Game looks amazing. Looking forward to what in store.

    Thanks for the PS4 Support.

  • Really looking forward to giving this a play! Not so much about the whole butt kicking, but practice practice practice.

  • Are the constant hitches a “bug that became a feature”? Like, “We pause the game, so you don’t have to!” And the crashes are there to encourage us to take breaks? Because I could do without those bugs, to tell you the truth.

    Also, who thought it was a good idea to combine randomly generated levels, mobs of enemies teleporting in around you, and a map that does not pause the game? There’s nothing fun or very challenging about that. Instead, it’s like the game’s kicking you in the shin when you pull up the map.

    Honestly, I wish I’d waited for the reviews on this one.

    • According to their Twitter, they plan to patch the game this week to fix the stuttering and the crashes. A later patch will fix the long load times.

      As for your complaint about the map… You can hear the enemies coming and all you need to do is release the map button… So I’m guessing you’re just not very good at the game.

      All the reviews I’ve seen for this game are mostly positive, so what are you even talking about? I’m happy I pre-ordered this one

    • @Chuckbait

      Ah, the ol’ “well, they’ll patch it later” defense. You know how they can get a patch out that fast? Somebody looked at the game, saw the problem, compared the preorder numbers to the release date, and decided to gamble against people waiting for reviews. What reviews were negative, you ask? Karak@ACG and George@SuperBunnyhop were the two that mattered to me, but other Youtubers posted negative reviews, too.

      I don’t know how to respond to your map “advice” except to assume you aren’t very far into the game. The AI is relentless later, you don’t have more than a few seconds to orient yourself and plot a vague direction to head towards.

  • Crashes and frame hickups are very annoying..

  • I’m trying to decide between this and FF XII Zodiac Age. I beat FF XII but back when it was out for Ps2 (and even though trophies didn’t exist then, I had every weapon, special ability, did all the boss fights etc.). I’m wondering this trumps it besides the obvious that it is a different game and something new?

  • 1000 hours logged as a QA tester and random freezes and crashes make it to the final version? Were you even playing the same game? I’ve crashed 3 times in 6 hours. C’mon guys. I preordered this game based solely on the hand-drawn animation which is very beautiful, but I can’t admire the art because a horde of nonstop enemies chase me down.

    Maybe I’m not far enough but the lack of checkpoints/fast travel stations really makes backtracking to where I just died a complete chore. Not to mention the sheer amount of loading after death way more hurtful. If you’re going to make me wait a minute or two to load, at least give me loading screens worth viewing. There’s so much beautiful artwork in the game! Show the enemies and backgrounds up close so I can enjoy and appreciate the work that was put into them!

    I like this game and have put quite a few hours in already, but these things really make me regret my preorder.

    • Wait what … it crashes regularly … : / sigh. I can’t deal with stuff like that. I would just get annoyed.

  • I am loving the game but, damn, the load times are loooooooooong. Crashes and frame rate stutters don’t help either. Still love it though. lol

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