LawBreakers Open Beta Lifts Off on PS4 This Weekend

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LawBreakers Open Beta Lifts Off on PS4 This Weekend

Download LawBreakers from PS Store and help test the game's servers this weekend, ahead of the full game's launch on August 8.

PlayStation peeps,

Lordy, we’re nearly there. Our LawBreakers launch on August 8 is coming up soon… um, in less than two weeks. TWO WEEKS.


Really quick, I want to drop some tips and tricks on you PS4 players to put to use in our open beta this weekend.

That’s right, I said it! OPEN BETA!

Everyone, come in and try the game and help us test our servers one last time before we ship it. It’s important, especially since we want to make sure servers are in order for launch. We’ve only done one closed beta on PS4 previously, so the playing field is relatively untapped – time to get an edge, right?



A few pointers:

  • We do have some aim assist on PS4 but it’s pretty minimal, so you’re going to have to, uh, aim and earn those kills and cap those objectives
  • Enforcer’s “run” isn’t just a run, it’s a DISTORTION FIELD BUBBLE that speeds up everything in it, including your shots and teammates
  • Assassin’s grapple has some “wiggle room” to adjust as you zip through the maps
  • The Titan may seem slow but if you blindfire (d-pad) you can fly through low-gravity maps like you’re Mary Poppins, y’all
  • Gunslinger’s “warp” is omni-directional — so look anywhere, hit it, and you GO THERE
  • Juggernaut’s run ability also doubles as a butt stomp when you’re in mid-air – and yes, you can get kills this way
  • Our Battle Medics are surprisingly powerful on offense, so make sure to shell, shell away
  • Vanguards can create a giant zero-G bubble for their ultimate – make sure to use it for extra air time
  • Wraith can triple jump and wall jump, making this role pretty much “the floor is lava” all the darned time

So there you have it, a few key tips that’ll help you play better. Please, get the hell off the ground for godsakes. =)

The team and I will be watching and playing this weekend, so go to PlayStation Store, download LawBreakers now and play it this weekend! If you like what you play, you can support us before August 8 — pre-order the game now to snag some exclusive skins. We’re happy to give ya something special for doing so.

See you online,

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  • Sweet! Very excited to check out this game, was planning on buying it sight unseen because of the pedigree behind it. It’s nice to hear that you have minimal aim assist, nothing worse than too much in a shooter.

    • Damn, all the talent are jumping off to Sony and PlayStation. Epic Games, Bungee. Microsoft has no talented studios left, just empty shell franchises.

  • Frankly there’s no way I’d buy this because I’m too damn old to play competitive shooters any more, so I’m really thankful for the open beta which I’ll play just to check out the movement, which seems pretty intriguing to me. Apologies in advance to anyone who winds up with me on their team, acting like a boat anchor!

  • Link for the beta? How do I get the beta on PSN it doesn’t show up?

  • I pre-ordered this after watching a friend play the PC beta. This 100+ day countdown till it was available for download on the pre-order had me worried that it got delayed, so glad to see it is still Aug 8th for live. Got the beta downloaded yesterday too and was just waiting till it went up to play on it.

    Also, very nice making beta downloadable early for people with slower connections to give them time to ensure it would be able to be completed before the beta went live on today.

  • Thanks for the open beta! I will most definitely be playing this weekend. Have to TEAR myself away from Fortnite but that shouldn’t be a problem. Is there going to be a preload available? I don’t see the beta download on the PS Store. Thanks again!

    • Found it on the PS Store. I just did a search and waited for it to find Lawbreakers and there it is at the bottom. Thanks!

  • What kind of nonsense? Why can not I download a beta on PS4? Simply there is no download button, in its place there is nothing at all, only buttons “Game page” and “like”. So it is necessary or is it my problemma?

  • You’re crazy B. I’m downloading.

  • I have been having the most random hype for this game I/m probably gonna buy it day one hopefully this beta does disappoint!!!

  • TO DOWNLOAD; just search law breakers and beta will come up. ( kinda dumb that there isnt an easier way, like a featured beta page or something.) Good luck! See ya guys on.

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  • Wow… Just now seeing this. You guys need that Destiny money so that the fact theres a beta couldve been shoved in our face every second. This wasnt mentioned on any gaming site I visit, I dont just randomly browse the ps store and come to the blog every now and then. Shame, I wouldn’t of mind a late night trying this out, drinking and listening to music. Oh well guess Ill give it a shot while its up.


  • Well, I really enjoyed this. For someone who wasnt fond of overwatch and didnt like bf1 practices, I finally got a shooter I can play when I’m not feeling an exploration rpgish game. Will buy. I have 40 sitting in my wallet unused anyway.

  • Whelp I tried to play it but its not letting me play saying i can’t connect to the server

  • I can’t find the beta, even in the link that other people post it :/

  • I have downloaded the open beta, but when I tried to play it would not go past the main menu screen. It tells me that there was an error on the server. I would like to try this game out so can you please help me out. Thank you.

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