Uncharted: The Lost Legacy New Gameplay Video, Hands-on Details

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy New Gameplay Video, Hands-on Details

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy plots a bold new course for the time-tested Uncharted formula. Last week I went hands-on with a sequence set in India’s Western Ghats region. The freewheeling, open-ended structure may represent the series’ biggest gameplay evolution since the introduction of multiplayer way back in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Zac and I played the game last week; listen in below to hear our full hands-on impressions.

Though you’ll surely hear comparisons to Uncharted 4’s wide-open Madagascar sequence, The Lost Legacy’s wide open spaces are far more interesting to explore, whether by 4X4 or on foot.

It’s more than just a larger scope. It’s the attention to detail, the sense of place and the feeling of three-dimensionality. Jutting rock formations and bridges crisscross the lush landscape, begging to be reached and explored. Shrines and fortresses dot the region, each offering combat challenges and narrative moments that further the relationship between unlikely partners Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for PS4

Combat sequences feel more varied, too, building on the improvements introduced in Uncharted 4. Stick to the tall grass and focus on stealth, or swing in guns blazing? The choice is yours.

Other interesting details abound. Instead of dropping intrusive on-screen waypoints to help players navigate the large environments, Naughty Dog opted to include a (digital) map ala Far Cry 2 that you can pull out with a tap of DualShock 4’s touchpad. It might seem like a minor detail, but it was easy to use and helped ground me in the game’s universe.

As Chloe, you’ll also be able to pick the locks of various supply crates scattered throughout the game – you might find a grenade launcher, a silenced pistol, or other gear to help even the odds against Asav’s men. This addition helps mix up your arsenal, and keeps the combat feeling fresh.

All the changes add up to an Uncharted game that feels looser, more playful, and if I may be so bold, more interesting to play. Case in point: a navigation puzzle where I used the grappling hook to swing from tower to tower, triggering pressure plates before time ran out.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for PS4

The new locale — India’s lush Western Ghats region — also opens up some of the most beautiful vistas seen in the entire series. Running on PS4 Pro and a 4K TV, the increased resolution and HDR effects made an impression.

The chemistry between Chloe and Nadine is also shaping up nicely. Nadine chides Chloe on everything from her impulsive combat tactics to her wardrobe (“Red in a jungle scenario? Seriously!?”).

And though I won’t spoil anything here, series fans should know that they’ll learn far more about both Chloe and Nadine — their backstories, their motivations, and how they relate to the world. The game’s open design also impacts the way in which the narrative unfolds, but it’s better if you experience it for yourself.

Luckily, we don’t have long to wait: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy hits PS4 on August 22. It’s a standalone title, so you won’t need to own Uncharted 4.

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2 Author Replies

  • This looks Sooooo gooood!

    • I was truly impressed. The open environment makes a big, big difference. Feels like a new direction, and I liked it.

  • Looks like fun!

  • This was supposed to be included in the preorder bundle version of Uncharted 4 right?

  • Loving the change of environments by bringing some red flowers to spice up the jungle green. Also, nice to see that the silenced pistol is back in action since I heard during PSX that it’s “first ever silenced weapon” when it was used in Uncharted 3. Question related to season pass, are we gonna be able to pre-load?

  • You guys sure like to spoil showing so much stuff.Anyway can’t wait to play this baby…pre-ordered and ready to go,I hope it ain’t so big in terms of GBs and also I hope for a good pre-load.

  • The game is looking amazing! I’m going to pick this up for sure

  • Okay I guess. I know I’m in the minority here so don’t kill me….But I’m just not very interested in single player games anymore. I mean, play through them once for 6-8 hours and then they’re done. For me, it’s the multiplayer aspects of U2, U3 & U4 that keep me coming back time and time again so kind of bummed there is no multiplayer with this game except for access to U4 MP that most already have.

    I’d be more interested in this if it offered the ability to play coop either offline or online like a big Coop Adventure game similar to what Uncharted 3 had.

    I’m hoping that ND at least pushes out some new U4 MP content with the release of this game since they are adding access to that MP with this game.

    I am glad that they are venturing off to these side stories though in an effort to continue the franchise. These are fantastic games.

    • You’re not in the minority…you just like a different type of game. I LOVE single player adventures. I hate the fact that you lose great stories, and whitty writing that so often comes along with games geared towards multiplayer. Let’s hope that new EA prison coop game shows how it can be done. Moral of the story…to each his own, right?

    • But this is an addon to create a side story with the same gameplay and graphics as uncharted 4. Just a different story and characters. It would probably be the same as uncharted 4 if they did make multi-player for this.. This is basically a huge expansion with most of the same aspects. I might just not quite get what you understand. Please reply to me and help me with trying to understand if my statements are wrong or irrelevant.

    • If my statements are wrong, irrelevant, and/or you are aware of, please reply to help me understand your point.

  • I can’t wait. I sincerely hope ND keep the franchise alive even without Drake. I know some will disagree, but this franchise is magical and has characters to spread around with lots of personality and identity.

  • very cool but i think drake was still a better main character

  • I am very excited for Uncharted The Lost Legacy.
    But please Sony, please remaster/remake Uncharted Golden Abyss for the PS4 as well.
    It’d be nice to actually have the Uncharted series in its entirety on disc for the PS4.

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