The Music of The Metronomicon: Crank Your PS4 up to 11 on August 29th

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The Music of The Metronomicon: Crank Your PS4 up to 11 on August 29th

The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor has an awesome title, and it features music from Perturbator, Mega Ran, Jimmy Urine of MSI, and more. What more could you want?

Hey Playstation fans, it’s Connor Bridgeman from Akupara Games here to slap you across the face and finally yell:

The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor Releases August 29th!

Wow, that felt great to say, and sorry about the slap. Besides that, what you need to know is that The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor is one-part RPG and one-part rhythm game.

What’s a rhythm game without music? Well, it’s probably not very good, which is why we have over 50 rump-thumpin’ songs from some of our favorite artists, including but not limited to: Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence, Mega Ran, Perturbator, YACHT and a track from Shiny Toy Guns that is *cough* only currently available in our game *cough*. To really push the high-energy of a, well… dance battle game, our music had to be current, upbeat, and use a mix of various melodies and progressions. Any music genre goes, so long as it gets the body poppin’.

Here are a just a few samples of the killer tracks you’ll find in the game!

Jimmy Urine – Fighting With the Melody

Mega Ran – Miss Communication

Perturbator – She is Young, She is Beautiful, She is Next

The Metronomicon: Band Poster

Gathering all these artists together was no small task. Since we are indie to the core, it took a lot of hustle and bustle to get the music we wanted. The music industry is far from predictable, so we decided to take a “long-shot” and simply cold-emailed some of our favorite artists. To our surprise, there were a ton of bands that responded enthusiastically. The developer and our CEO even met up with one of their favorite artists, Jimmy Urine, for sushi to discuss the original song they wanted for the game. We worked with several record labels such as MonsterCat, Witty Tunes, and The End Records, who opened up their libraries for us to choose from. Lastly, we contacted musicians through music subreddits and dug through Soundcloud.

Throughout this whole process, we all learned a valuable lesson. If you want something, ask really nicely, and you might be surprised of the results! Oftentimes, just gathering the courage to ask in the first place can be the most difficult step, but as indies we have to take those chances to be successful. It’s why as indie developers we get so many dates. So, Jessica from 7th grade, will you go out with me?

The Metronomicon: David, Danny and Jimmy

Danny Garfield (left) and David Logan, CEO of Akupara Games (right) with Jimmy Urine of MSI (center)

The Metronomicon is Two Full Servings of RPG and Rhythm Game

Danny Garfield, lead developer and founder of Puuba, came up with the idea while toying around with two different game ideas. Originally, the idea was to create an “Infinite Runner RPG”. High speed, constant forward momentum, less UIs, no waiting for turns, but still with the strategy and depth that we’ve all come to expect in a role-playing game.

On the other hand, he was also looking for more ways to introduce player choice and strategy into rhythm games. To find a way to allow more options and subjectivity during gameplay that went beyond just hitting the notes the player was given. Suddenly, he was struck by creative lightning and realized that music has a pulse, a forward momentum that drives action, which sounded awfully familiar to his infinite runner RPG idea…

And Thus, The Metronomicon Was Born.

We are all very excited to bring The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor to PlayStation 4! Grab a buddy and play through the entire game with couch co-op! There’s nothing quite like screaming at your teammate for a heal while you jam on a track for that last boss-slaying critical hit. Oh, and you can dig that lonely plastic guitar out of storage to play as well.

The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor will be available digitally on August 29th. Mark your calendars!

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2 Author Replies


    Day 1 for me. Looks awesome!

    Question: What are the controls? Is it up down left right plus the face buttons? Also can you remap to l2 l1 r1 r2 plus face buttons and use d-pad for track switching?

    • oh also – online play planned at all? Im really dying for an online rhythm game.
      Such a shame about Amplitude

    • Hey Axecution!

      Danny here – the game dev in the photo. :)
      The controls are fully remappable. They default to the face buttons and DPad redundantly being the four arrow directions, with the L1/R1 to shift lanes, but you can change this as you see fit.

      We also support Rock Band controllers!! <3 <3


    • Hey Axe,

      Danny answered your first question but for multiplayer it’s currently only local two-player co-op. But, you can play the ENTIRE game (like, every mode) in co-op. It’s a great team-building exercise of “who can yell the loudest”

    • yesssssssssssssss thats awesome <3 thanks guys! Need more rhythm games on ps4 really bad

  • Awesome trailer!!

    • Thanks! We worked very hard on it, lots of fake potato chips and fake soda was consumed while shooting

  • Any plans for a PS Vita release?

    • Hey Kry!

      None on the docket right now, but I’m a fan. We’re certainly willing to revisit the idea once we’re out!


  • I fell in love with this when i played it as SXSW. My wife and kids ask me often when this is coming out. Now I can finally tell them. Couch co op FTW!

    • Connor Bridgeman

      It’s been tough to hold back on the release date announcement! There’s still a few surprises up our sleeves muhahah

  • Wow! That music in the trailer is super catchy! I’ll be picking this one up!!!

  • Definitely a game I will be getting. Who doesn’t love that cool name and who in their right mind doesn’t love M.S.I.!? Anyway this is one of the best most informative blogs I’ve read on here. One question though…did you guys make any merchandise or promo items for the game? Anyway congrats on the launch and I hope it does well!

    • Hey He115eeker!

      No physical promo items I can think of.
      We’ve got some team shirts, and some pretty awesome enamel pins we’ve brought to conventions, but you’d have to meet us at a show for one of those… :)
      Postcards? Pins? That’s all I can think of.
      Oh! Do hugs count??


    • Awesome I would love a pin…but unfortunately do not live anywhere near any of the conventions

  • It looks like a very hard game: tough combos and lots things going on in the screen. The system of going back and forth thru each character and perform successful combos to activate healer, soldier, mage abilities is very original.

    Would there be a demo? I’d love to try it out now!

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