Sports Pack Add-on for PlayStation Vue: NFL RedZone & 13 Additional Sports Channels for $10/month

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Sports Pack Add-on for PlayStation Vue: NFL RedZone & 13 Additional Sports Channels for $10/month

Get NFL Redzone and 13 Additional Sports Channels For Just $10 More Per Month. Game On.

Hey sports fans, we’re getting ready for some football with a new Sports Pack that gives you access to NFL RedZone and 13 more top sports channels. With NFL pre-season just around the corner, this is a great way to get your game on.

For a $10/month add-on to your monthly Core, Elite, or Ultra plan, the new PlayStation Vue Sports Pack includes the following channels available nationwide:

  • NFL RedZone (Sept – Dec)
  • MLB Strike Zone (During regular MLB season)
  • ESPN Bases Loaded (During NCAA college baseball championship)
  • ESPN Classic (On Demand)
  • ESPN Goal Line (During regular college football season)
  • Longhorn Network
  • Outside TV
  • NESN National (regional sports network national feed)
  • NBCUniversal regional sports networks (national feeds):
    • CSN Chicago
    • CSN Mid-Atlantic
    • CSN New England
    • CSN Northwest
    • CSN Philadelphia
    • NBC Sports Bay Area
    • NBC Sports CA

With PlayStation Vue, we strive to deliver the best TV experience, and have made numerous upgrades since launching our service two years ago. For avid sports fans and those new to the PS Vue service, we’ve put together a recap of some of the top features and enhancements that make the sports viewing experience even better.

Multi-view on PlayStation 4

One of our most popular features, multi-view, allows users to stream up to three live shows – all on one screen. Just press and hold X on any live TV program from the Guide or Live TV row of the home screen to open up the selection screen for multi-view. Through the pop up menu, choose either two or three multi-view screens. Select any other live programing from the Live TV strand and start viewing multiple programs at once. To switch programs within the multi-view screen, press Square on your DualShock 4. To move a program to the main screen, just highlight the smaller screen and press Square.

Live Scores on PS4, PS3, Android, Amazon Fire TV and PC/Mac Web Browsers

Real-time sports scores let you keep up with your favorite games at a glance. You can turn the feature on or off in the Settings menu depending on your preference.

Simultaneous Streaming for Multiple Devices

PlayStation Vue provides the most simultaneous streams at no extra charge. This makes it easy for sports fans to watch several programs at the same time on multiple PS Vue-supported devices.

PlayStation Vue is supported on PS4, PS3, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Android TV, iOS and Android mobile devices, and on the web through PC and Mac desktop browsers. Google Chromecast is also supported via compatible Android and iOS devices.

Powerful Cloud DVR with No Scheduling Conflicts

If you’re unable to catch the games live, you can save programs to My Shows and PS Vue’s powerful cloud DVR will record the games available from that league. For example, if you add NFL to My Shows, PS Vue will record live NFL games available in your area.

Additionally, you can watch select recorded games outside of the home with our recently enhanced out of home DVR feature.

League Pages on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and PC/Mac Web Browsers

You can see upcoming events for a specific league, sorted by schedule order of what’s coming up next. Leagues include: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, Premier League and more.

Other User Interface Enhancements

We’ve made some additional enhancements to the UI to make it easier for you to see the games that are on TV.

  • Sports section on the home screen gets you to all the top sports programming at a glance.
  • Team vs. team logos let you quickly see the teams that are playing on the program titles.

Sports App Authentication

You can access programming from dozens of mobile apps or websites, simply by logging in with your PlayStation Network ID. The mobile apps and websites are developed by network programmers and are a separate offering from PlayStation Vue, but can be used at no additional cost. Some popular apps and websites for sports fans include Watch ESPN, Fox Sports, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBC Sports Network, NFL Network, NFL Redzone, and more.

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  • To someone like me who doesn’t know all this channels. They will show the actual sports games or just those shows talking about sports?

    • Hi, the Sports Pack Add-on features multiple channels with live games. However, for the national feeds of the regional sports networks, you’ll get the sports programming available, but it does not include live games.

    • Hi, the best way I can explain this is I got this add-on for NFL Redzone and MLB Strike Zone. Redzone during NFL Season shows all games with no commercials, so its 7 hours of non-stop football. Showing every touchdown from every game, and everything is live. You never miss action. Strike Zone is like the same for MLB. Great deals for the price of this compared to a TV Add-on for Redzone.

    • I’m going to quit play station vue because they still don’t get pac 12 networks. I’ve been waiting for over a year and I have to switch to Comcast Cable TV or Sling tv to get pac12networks. I can’t go another season without the Oregon ducks and Oregon state Beavers. I thought psvue would have there act together by now. Sorry to leave but I have no choice.

  • I already have Longhorn Network as one of my channels. Are you removing it, then having me pay $5 more to get it back? I sure hope not.

  • Could you PLEASE work on getting beIN Sports back? You had it for quite a while, dumped it earlier this month, for some reason, and now don’t even offer it in your sports package. I want to see all the non-Premier league soccer. For goodness sake, Messi & Ronaldo aren’t going to be around forever. If beIN is back, I’d purchase the package. I’m not for just RedZone and a bunch of ESPN properties. The CSN channels are intriguing (for NBA/NHL).

  • So does this mean I’m losing my CSN chicago/CSN Plus? and Now I’ll have to pay an extra $10 to get those 2 back? Also, No NHL network still , whats up with that.

    • You are not losing CSN Chicago (or any other RSN) if you are already in the area. This pack adds the option of the national (i.e. pro games blacked out) feed of that channel for those out of the market.

    • Thanks for the feedback. If you’re already subscribed through the Core plan and above, you’ll still keep the regional sports networks available in your area. The Sports Pack add-on will provide a national programming feed for the regional sports networks, in addition to the other sports channels available in the Sports Pack.

  • Still waiting for MSG and SNY.

  • Not seeing much value in this pack other then RedZone and as an Access subscriber I find it ridiculous that I have to pay more for a higher tier in order to have the privilege to add a separate channel package. Would love to see any of the following channels in the sports pack to make it worth my while:

    Fox Soccer Plus ($15 for one channel is not feasible)
    BeIn Sports (Sling TV has this)
    GolTV (Fubo TV has this)
    CBS Sports Network (Hulu has this)

    • Hey Guys and Gals (if applicable), I know, not politically correct, my wife is biggest sports fan I know, so….Here is some straight no hype talk for ya. Can you say FUBO tv? For $34.99…Regional Fox and NBC Sports Networks, FOX SOCCER PLUS, Big 10 Network, FS1, FS2, NBA tv, Fox College Sports, NBCSN, CBSSN, Golf Channel, 9 Bein Sports Channels, Univision, UniMaS, Eleven Sports, and much more…(tired of typing). Check it Out you wont be disappointed. I am a EX-Vue subscriber.

  • If you live in New England like me, this is amazing. GOODBYE TIME WARNER!

  • > Last year: Removed Comedy Central
    > Last month: Price Hike
    > Today: NFL Network is no longer included… $10 upcharge

    Are you guys trying to ruin this?

    • you’re not losing NFL network, they are adding RED Zone as an optional channel, which is how it works with red zone and most cable subscribers. Some make you pay for only RED zone, atleast it comes in a package here.

    • Whoops, typo. Shoulda typed RedZone.
      (I had RedZone included last year, this year I have to pay $10 extra for it and a bunch of channels I don’t want)

    • Nobody removed NFL Network. They are offering a NEW feature for $10. Please don’t panic. Besides how did you figure they are removing NFL Network? It is not even on the list of items they are adding, they are actually offering following options for $10 more:

      PlayStation Vue Sports Pack includes the following channels available NATIONWIDE:
      NFL RedZone (Sept – Dec)
      MLB Strike Zone (During regular MLB season)
      ESPN Bases Loaded (During NCAA college baseball championship)
      ESPN Classic (On Demand)
      ESPN Goal Line (During regular college football season)
      Longhorn Network
      Outside TV
      NESN National (regional sports network national feed)
      NBCUniversal regional sports networks (national feeds):
      CSN Chicago
      CSN Mid-Atlantic
      CSN New England
      CSN Northwest
      CSN Philadelphia
      NBC Sports Bay Area
      NBC Sports CA

  • I live in MN. Would I get all of these out of market channels?

    • Yep – the Sports Pack add-on is available nationwide, and you’ll get all the channels available. For the regional sports networks included, you’ll get the national feed of the sports program, but it does not include live games outside of your market.

  • My question is will games be blacked out? I could take watch games on NFL Network last year because of some stupid Twitter stream. I upgraded my plan so I. Oils get the games on NFL Network but most of them were blacked out.

  • Still going to leave when the price hike hits. Now that sling has a DVR and I can stream from anywhere not just home, I’m gone. Their blue package gives me my RSN and Viacom channels with DVR for $30 vs $45 I’d be paying with Vue. The unlimited DVR was worth the extra $5 and location restrictions. But it’s not worth $15 more. Git good again Vue and we’ll see.

    • Same here, though I might go to Hulu Live. A $10 price hike is absurd when so many competitors are entering the marketplace, and the Vue DVR has been acting wonky for me lately.. Some shows say they’ve recorded but don’t, fast forwarding is kind of dicey.

      I feel like the service is increasing in cost and decreasing in quality.

    • Before the price hike Vue gave me for my money over Sling (Core vs. Orange + Blue w/DVR). Now it is even money. Vue also had a leg up when it came to authenticating to networks’ apps on streaming boxes (ESPN, the broadcast networks, etc.). That gap is closing, but it seems like they are converging on price points for subscription levels.

      Nice thing about this new way of content delivery is switching costs for the consumer are virtually nonexistent. There are no contracts, and it’s all Bring Your Own Equipment.

  • I live in New Jersey, when will I be able to get SNY for the New York Mets?

  • When is this actually launching?

  • Please figure out somehow how to get the MLB on the service and I will come to this exclusively. I had the trial and liked it but I couldnt watch my team play, so I chose sling because I can.

  • Create a package that includes MSG. This I can finally watch the New York Rangers.

  • Huge value increase over last year. Paid $39.99 for RedZone alone in 2016, now we get RedZone and a bunch of extra content for the same price in 2017. Great year over year improvement.

    Hope you guys are getting close to a deal with RootSports/ATT Sports. The lack of Root Sports North West Seattle Mariners broadcast has really hurt the ability for the service to grow in this area. Getting Kiro7 and Q13 Fox has spark a lot of interest, as we will now have access to 13 of 16 Seahawks games this year, but the lack of Mariners games still loomes over the services.

    Please double down on getting Root Sports Nowth West, and continuing to strike deals with NBC and ABC. The service is getting really close to being better than the competition in every way, and with a few more channels, I see a mountain of new subscribers heading your way.

    One last thing. It would be awesome if we could subscribe to MLB.TV, WWE Network, and Netflix via PlayStation Vue. Just something I want to put out there.

  • Can we please get the Starz Premium Channel via add-on

  • Any plans to support other regional sports networks like AT&T SportsNet Southwest?

  • As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t enough there to justify paying an extra $10 a month. Last year, I subscribed to Vue for football season only, and I survived without the Redzone Channel. I can’t see why I would want the rest of that crap. All I’ll use Vue for anyway is the games on Fox and CBS, as well as NFL Network and ESPN. Sometimes I watched games on the Big Ten Network as well, depending on what was on. My biggest problem was there was too much buffering. You guys claim to have upgraded. If you’ve solved that buffering problem, I’ll be happy.

  • So if I only want this package added for say baseball season can I cancel it after and re-add it to my subscriptions when the next season starts?

  • Goodbye bein goodbye PlayStation Vue. Period

  • Wish you could have added TVG2. The races from Churchill are a big draw.

    • And TVG, too! A serious sports package should include horse racing, and it’s the only reason I’ve stuck with dtvnow’s horrible service, and gave up on uve after the free trial.

  • But you still don’t carry either of my local Fox Sports affiliates at my house. And you wanted to up my fee $10/month. That’s why I ended my Vue subscription last weekend and signed up with Hulu Live TV, since they have a new Fire TV app now. Cost me less when not considering what I was already paying Hulu before and they have my local Fox Sports airing in my house today.

  • It would be awesome if nhl center ice was added to the package.

  • I’m sure you guys are already well aware but the biggest downside to Vue is not having the regional Fox stations outside of Fox Sports Go. It would be one thing if Fox Sports Go wasn’t a terrible app. It would be such an amazing game changer to have regional Fox Sports channels inside the actual Vue service.

  • Suddenly dropping BeIn sports was a big mistake. We miss top tier European soccer and South American qualifiers. Thumbs down PS.

  • I was hoping it to be more of a-la-carte. I would gladly pay $40 for just redzone and not get the rest of the channels.

  • Is there anyway you could try and get Fox Sports Midwest on any packages?

  • Still no Pac12 Network? Why? Sling has it, Comcast has it, Dish has it..etc

  • This doesn’t interest me and I hate the price hike that will be happening soon. Need to look into possible other options.

  • I am trying to get an understanding of how the Black outs work for NFL

    I live in Arizona, but i like to watch my Raiders play!

    Arizona Cardinals are a Fox team.

    We play in the same time slot as Arizona 6 times this year, does this mean NBC Sports Bay Area and
    NBC Sports CA witch i am guessing will be playing the Raiders games are going to be blacked out?

    Thank you for any Help!

  • We need Fox Sports for Big 12 sports!

  • Can we one time purchase the RedZone channel like we did last year? Or do we have to buy the bundle with all this other content i probably wont watch. Especially if you offer comcast chicago and i cant watch sox or blackhawks game while down here in central IL.


  • Will we be able to just add RedZone by it self?

  • last year NFL Redzone was offered for a 1 time payment of 29.99, is that no longer an option, because of the sports package that is the only thing I want out of it.

  • So living in Springfield Missouri I wold get Chicago sports network for Blackhawks and Cubs games?

  • Will we be getting NHL Network in time for this upcoming NHL season?? I would hope so.

    How about also adding some more locals to the Northeast?? Like FOX and PBS??

  • So how does one order this package?

  • Can you guys try getting NFL sunday games like a sunday ticket please.

  • I thought it was $40 for redzone last season so just add this for sept-dec then cancel and that will be $40.

  • Hi. I purchased the Sports Package but then when we went to watch the Green Bay Packers preseason game on CSN – MidAtlantic it said it was not available for streaming. I thought that was what the whole purpose of this package was for so that you could watch any game?
    Thanks for your feedback.

  • When is at&t Sportsnet coming to ps Vue … I heard rumors there were talks I really hope soon so I can subscribe

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