Titanfall 2: Operation Frontier Shield Launches Tomorrow

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Titanfall 2: Operation Frontier Shield Launches Tomorrow

Respawn keeps the Titanfall 2 content coming! Plus, a look back at some of their favorite additions to the game.

Hello PlayStation Nation!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 268 days since the release of Titanfall 2. We’ve been very busy since then, and it’s gone by quick! Prior to the release of Titanfall 2, we said we were committed to supporting the game post-launch with free DLC drops and more. Since launch, we’ve released lots of great content that have not only improved the game, but also kept a thriving, dedicated community playing.

Last week, we announced our next free DLC update, Operation Frontier Shield. Our biggest (and 7th!) free DLC update, this one is packed with content and sees the return of a fan-favorite mode from the original Titanfall, Frontier Defense. Built for 4-player co-op, you and your team must protect a Harvester from waves of coordinated enemies hellbent on taking it down. Operation Frontier Shield also introduces two new maps, Rise and Live Fire: Township, and more. Squad up and get ready for Operation Frontier Shield when it drops on July 25.

Titanfall 2: Operation Frontier Shield

As we get ready for the release of Operation Frontier Shield, I can’t help but look back on some of my favorite things we’ve done since launch:

  • Bringing back the classics: We remastered 5 fantastic maps from the original Titanfall and brought them to Titanfall 2. It’s been great to revisit Angel City, War Games, and more.
  • Featured Modes: Our Designers have been experimenting with twists on existing game modes. This has led to some really fun gameplay, er, twists like CTF Nitro, Titan Brawl, and Marked for Death.
  • Monarch: A new Vanguard class Titan that is unlike any of the Titans before it. Capable of playing support or dealing lots of damage, the Monarch evolves on the battlefield as she upgrades her core. She’s a blast to play and adds a lot to the meta of the game.
  • Prime Titans: The Art team at Respawn has created rad new versions of the existing Titans for players to purchase, giving each Titan not only a great new look but also their own executions.
  • Live Fire Mode and Maps: This Pilots only mode is like an espresso shot of adrenaline, featuring small maps and no respawns. It’s tense, fast-paced, and I love it.

That’s just a few of my favorite moments, but there are plenty more, and I’m sure our community all have a bunch as well. Thanks for all the support, and we can’t wait to see you on the Frontier when Operation Frontier Shield launches on July 25.

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  • You guys are amazing. Just know that you’re work is highly appreciated. Things would have been better if you were allotted a different launch window, in my opinion. For those wondering though, the game is very much alive and kicking with an active fan base.

  • Such a fantastic game! My son and I play TF2 on a regular basis. This is my favorite shooter on the PS4. Would love some more Titans as well. Keep up the great work and cannot wait to try out the new mode.

    • That’s awesome! Thanks for the kind words.

    • I second this comment. I’ve gotten tons of assists that shouldn’t have happened. The kill should go to the player that does the most damage. Not to the guy that just sneaks in.

      Either way, great game and great comment.

  • Jay Fresh!

  • Love this game keep it coming with the new maps. My only suggestion to the team is this to make kills in the game more fun lots of times I will take a players health down 95 percent than another player will come in and steak the kill and I get an assist this should be the opposite. Not fair for me to do all the work than another player racks up the kills thanks to me. Hopefully this issue will be addressed or answered soon.

  • This game is the GOLD standard of the gaming industry not just FPS. I have logged close to 300 hours of online play and would’ve done so without the free updates. Thank you Respawn for not nickel and diming us like other games do. Hope there will be a Titanfall 3 down the road.

  • No new trophies?

    • No new trophies but with Frontier Defense we’ll be introducing a new skill progression for Titans to grind on that will give them some awesome new enhancements to their abilities you can use in the mode.

  • I hope this mode has matchmaking. My friends don’t play anymore.

  • I would love to see a Titan you could customize the weapons on

  • I always liked the option to have different voices for the person calling in your titan in Titanfall 1. Respawn should bring that back.

  • Any chance I can bring the Smart Pistol into the time trial course? It’s the last trophy I need for the platinum and I’m terrible at it, no matter how hard I practice.

  • Would like it if you could add offline/split-screen co-op for two players for this mode.

  • How come my titanfall 2 hasn’t updated yet please tell me reaseon if there is no reason when does the update happen

  • What time does update go live?

  • Titanfall 2 is utterly brilliant, excited to see even more content. I really really hope there is a third one with more single player.

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