First Look at Undertale PS4 Theme, Closer Look at Physical Editions

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First Look at Undertale PS4 Theme, Closer Look at Physical Editions

Pre-order Undertale at PlayStation Store to get a lovely new PS4 Dynamic Theme, featuring a new song by creator Toby Fox.

(A small white dog emerges from a shrine’s donation box.)

見て、エブリわん!UNDERTALE が…

…Oh, I forgot. This is the English version.

(Giant angry eyebrows slide onto the dog’s face.)


(The camera zooms in up close.)


That’s right: If all goes well, Undertale is coming out for PS4 and Vita on August 15th! You’ll be able to download it on PSN.

Undertale on PS4 & PS Vita

Let’s have another round of Q&A to clear up all the questions you might have:

Q: When is the game coming out?
A: August 15th, Billy! 2017, Billy! Didn’t you just hear me?!

Q: Will the game support Cross-Buy?
A: Yes, it supports Cross-Buy, so if you have a PS4 and a Vita, you only have to buy it once!

Q: Will there be any pre-order bonuses? Such as a…new dynamic PS4 theme made by Truant Pixel with art by Merrigo and a new minute-long song by Toby Fox?
A: Yes specifically to all those things! If you pre-order Undertale on PSN, you’ll get an original dynamic PS4 theme I helped design. Check it out below!

Q: Gee, can’t I just go into a game store and buy Undertale?
A: Billy!! NO!! It’s digital! You have to download it on PSN! It won’t be in stores!!

However, Fangamer will be producing physical versions and a Collector’s Edition in September, so if you really want a physical version, you’ll be able to buy that on Actually, pre-orders are open now!

Undertale on PS4 & PS Vita

Q: Tell me… more about Fangamer’s physical version.
A: It’s like the game but on a disc, so hardcore fans will be able to have fun accidentally losing it or stepping on it.

Q: No, I mean, what’s… What’s in the Collector’s Edition?
A: Oh, right. You sound sleepy, so I’ll just tell you in simple bullet points:

  • Available in PS4 or PS Vita versions
  • Undertale Soundtrack with cover art by fan artist Cocoa Ando. Also, a couple tracks added, like the PS4 Theme background music
  • 24-page booklet featuring a re-illustration of the opening sequence by Temmie Chang! (She made those originally, you know…)
  • Reversible cover you’ll immediately regret realizing is reversible
  • Music Box Locket that was a pain to make because the previous factory kept making it off tempo
  • Undertale sheet music booklet featuring six songs with annotations by me that reveal their blatantly obvious inspirations
  • Pre-orders available now on!

Undertale on PS4 & PS VitaUndertale on PS4 & PS Vita

Q: Zzzzz….
A: Billy? Billy. Wake up, Billy.

Q: I’m sorry, listening to all those bullet points made me fall asleep. When is the game coming out again?
A: The game came out 7 years ago, Billy.

Q: …
A: You’ve been sleeping for 7 years, Billy.

Q: Wh… What? Oh my god… Where… Where am I? Where is everyone?
A: Pre-order Undertale on PSN today!

Q: How do I get out of here?!
A: Pre-order Undertale on PSN today!

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