Samurai Melee Action Game Reborn: A Samurai Awakens Coming to PSVR

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Samurai Melee Action Game Reborn: A Samurai Awakens Coming to PSVR

Wield laser katanas and psychic powers in this frenetic first-person VR experience.

Hi everyone, this is Eric from Winking Entertainment. I’m excited to announce we’re bringing a new game to PlayStation VR!

Reborn: A Samurai Awakens is a title that has already won many industry and gamer accolades, and together with developer Geronimo Interactive we’re finally ready to unveil this fast-paced, first-person action game to PlayStation fans. A Samurai Awakens will be released at the end of 2017 for PS VR.

Reborn: A Samurai Awakens

Set in the year 2480, A Samurai Awakens is filled with armor-clad sword-swinging alien machines and laser-shooting flying eyes. And evil samurai. And ninjas.
Did I mention that we have robotic mechanized cyborg dual-wielding gun-slinging laser blade psychic power slice-n-dice sumo wrestler boss fighting pandemonium action in spades?

Players take the role of Yukimura Sanada, the famous samurai warrior of Feudal Japan, resurrected to fight against extraterrestrial invaders of earth. Yukimura is armed with dual laser katanas, pistols and psychic powers at his disposal. Each hand can also wield a different weapon, so players can choose between a sword-and-gun stance, sword plus psychic power, or just go all-out with dual katanas or dual guns.

Players will be able to briefly stun enemies by counter-attacking at the right moment – “Hack Time” allows players to interrupt the waves of attacking enemies and retaliate with double damage as time slows down.

In each stage, there will be a multitude of enemies engaging the player, often you’ll find yourself deflecting laser fire while counter-attacking enemy sword swings from all directions. With the PlayStation VR headset and 2 Move controllers, the satisfaction of chopping futuristic automatons into neat little pieces is something to experience for yourself.

In Reborn: A Samurai Awakens, it’s Yukimura against a whole army of alien machines — but the Boss enemies are the real main attraction. During Boss fights, anything goes – Bosses may throw huge objects or just go full berserk. Special QTE motions can be used to combat these seemingly hopeless moments — that block motion or dodge to the side may just save your life.

Check out one of the many Boss enemies that will appear in the game:

Reborn: A Samurai Awakens

Reborn: A Samurai Awakens is slated for release at the end of 2017, and while that’s still quite a few months away, check out the trailer that we’ve prepared at the top of this post.

Geronimo Interactive has developed a fantastic futuristic cyborg samurai VR experience — and Winking Entertainment is proud to publish this game as part of our Winking VR brand.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you’re as hyped for Reborn: A Samurai Awakens as I am!

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5 Author Replies

  • The game looks great!
    Will there be a free movement control using the PSMove or just teportation?

    • Hi El-Saint8, no teleportation here! it will be free movement, but in a way that doesn’t make the player feel any discomfort.

      And thanks for your interest in the game!

  • If not teleportation, how do you move around using Move™ controllers? Either way.. take my money!

    • Hi SirRealDeal

      We’ll have more on that next time. ;)
      I can say though, that it only took me a minute to adjust to moving,
      and I was able to explore even the corners of the stage.

  • Looks very cool! Hope you folk consider a demo as I (and I think a lot of VR users agree) am leery about the movement factor and “anti-motion” sickness… If I can play it, i totally will… it seems right up my alley!

    • Hi GunnerFCm

      Will certainly relay back to the team, as a gamer myself I understand the importance of a demo.

      In the meantime, anyone can register to try out the demo on the WinkingVR website at Gamescom!

  • Looks great! I agree the frantic action, while exciting, may give some folks pause – so a demo or timed trial is a great idea.

  • This is the exact style of game I wanted for the Wii. This is the exact type of game I bought a VR to enjoy. When I would play Sports Champions in that arena mode, it was far too easy for me but oh man was it fun. I wouldn’t use the shield. I would essentially use my hammer like a samurai sword. I kinda hope that we get a 1 handed gameplay, because I don’t like swinging around wildly like in the gameplay. I look for an opening, then position to parry, and then I guess the phrase would be riposte after that.

    The way I use a Move controller as a Samurai controller is that I use my right arm to brace and hold tightly. My left hand then holds the bottom of the controller and i use it to push and pull the controller and my hand for extra speed, impact, and precision. As a result fights were typically over fairly quickly because i could do many hits fast and accurate. Though since there is no sharp edge, I might just fight with a flowing punching like technique.

    I might have to just make youtube videos on how to play games like this effectively. If only I had the internet bandwidth to stream.

    • Hi MakaiOokami

      I’ll forward the one-handed gameplay suggestion to the team.
      We do have the option to wield different weapons in each hand, so right-hand sword, left hand pistol/psionic power is an option too.

      Thanks for the interest in the game!

  • We had an arcade game in my town. It had a foam sword that you would use within an RFID barrier to do attacks with. I got to the point to where I could get past multiple levels off of one play, and I would just get further and further, honing my technique one week at a time until the arcade went belly up. I didn’t play it a lot because it was $1 a play, but this is why I wanted experiences like this at home.

    I will gladly look forward to it. Please release a polished experience worth the money. Though granted I will probably just spend money from my Playstation credit card rewards to get it, but a PSN card is a PSN card, no matter what legitimate methods I got it from right?

  • Will there be a story mode and other characters?

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