Controller-Focused RTS Tooth and Tail Hits PS4 September 12, Watch the New Trailer

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Controller-Focused RTS Tooth and Tail Hits PS4 September 12, Watch the New Trailer

Watch the new trailer for Pocketwatch Games' new controller-focused RTS.

After a long wait, the War for Meat has nearly begun. Tooth and Tail, the Real-Time-Strategy game designed specifically for controllers, is coming to PS4 on September 12th, with pre-orders available starting July 18th.

I’m Andy Schatz — Creative Director of Pocketwatch Games — and along with the new trailer for Tooth and Tail, I want to show you some never-before-seen shots of the extensive single-player Story Mode.

Tooth and Tail on PS4
Tooth and Tail |

“A Modern Animal eats his meat”, as they say in Vyeshal. Ever since the Blight, animals have taken to feeding upon each other through a ritual called the Harvest, when the Civilized choose members of the populace to be cooked and served at the feasting table.

Set in an era of industrial revolution, and filled with characters like the acorn-brewing Distillery Brothers and the thuggish chameleons of the Trench Gang, a story of political revolution and personal vengeance unravels.

Tooth and Tail on PS4

Explore the Warrens as the flagbearers of the four factions: the Longcoats, the Commonfolk, the KSR, and the Civilized. Each character’s campaign contains unique rules, settings, and strategies. And with procedurally generated maps, the Story Mode is endlessly replayable.

Tooth and Tail on PS4

After you’ve gotten your feet wet in Story Mode (or sunk many hours into all four characters’ arcs), maybe you’ll have an appetite for multiplayer. Tooth and Tail’s multiplayer has been tested with a three-year long private alpha, which has spawned a fan-run tournament scene, called Clash of Comrades. We patch the game frequently with balance changes and new features, and we plan to do so after launch as well.

The competitive mode in Tooth and Tail is called the Arena. Here, players can compete versus players of similar rank to vie for their place in the standings. In the Arena, every game matters.

Tooth and Tail on PS4

Since matches only last 5 to 12 minutes, players feel more at ease experimenting with new strategies, or trying crazy stuff to catch their opponents off guard. As with single-player, all maps are procedurally generated, and players can customize their hidden army before the start of the match, so no two games are exactly alike!

Of course, if online competitive play is too intimidating, you can always play Split Screen with up to four players. Or if you’ve got a buddy that you like to play couch-co-op games with, you can play mixed Split Screen and Online in 2v2 matches as well.

Tooth and Tail on PS4

Tooth and Tail will be available for pre-order on July 18th, with an extra 10% off for PS+ subscribers. See you on the battlefield September 12th!

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  • This looks awesome! I can’t wait to get this. Looks like a dark version of the Redwall series which I love. I love that the matches are short and that there is a very fleshed out story mode. Can’t wait!

    • Redwall is in fact one of the primary inspirations! All the painted art in Tooth and Tail is done by Jerome Jacinto, who we found based on his Redwall fan art. Google him!

    • Redwall is in fact one of the primary inspirations! All the painted art in Tooth and Tail is done by Jerome Jacinto, who we found based on his Redwall fan art. Google him!

  • The game looks beautiful and glad it’s controller focused! Also love the name…can’t wait to try it out!

    • Plays super well on the controller too! It’s not an RTS where the controls feel like a bad console port… it feels 100% natural to play with just a few buttons and the analog sticks.

  • This game looks great and split screen has me sold as long as the game plays well

  • Ha! Just posted with my developer account AND my personal one. Ah well, FRIEND INVITES INCOMING!

  • Always up for more strategy games on consoles. Split screen just makes it better since I can play with my brothers. They like Mouse Guard so I think they’ll be up to play this with me. Will there be a demo?

  • Looks interesting.

  • We’re going live on our twitch channel to talk about upcoming launch and show gameplay for anyone who wants to stop by!

  • I feel this has a lil inspiration from mouse guard, If so… I LOVE IT! I will be preordering ASAP. Will the PvP maps be small? Cause I feel this type game would work well with big maps on the 2v2 component

    • Matches are definitely designed to be short, although the 2v2 maps are significantly bigger. And some of the single player maps are pretty massive!

  • I love the look of the artwork so much here. I love the idea of war game with some vague hints at real world ideologies but with animals instead of people. Did you guys draw any artistic inspiration from the Blacksad comic series?

  • Absolutely hyped !
    I love the looks of this game and will buy it as soon as it’s possible !
    p.s: nice trailer btw.

  • Awesome work Andy n PW, been following the game for a while, hellbas soon as I heard TnT was coming to ps4 started a community. Check us out we will grow. Anyone is welcomed to join just search “Tooth and Tail – Community” see you all on the field.

  • At last it is here.

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