The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 7/11/2017

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 7/11/2017

A classic story of war and rebellion returns to PlayStation with Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, which launches July 11 on PS4.

A ruined kingdom. A lost bloodline. A spark of rebellion. The original 2006 adventure finds new life on PS4 thanks to Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

Players will once again follow Princess Ashe and her comrades in their fight against the imperial forces occupying the Kingdom of Dalmasca. With enhanced visuals, a reorchestrated soundtrack, and a deeply refined battle system, The Zodiac Age is a new way to play the critically acclaimed PS2 original. Build a unique party with the Zodiac Job System and embark on an epic quest to liberate Ashe’s homeland.

For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation, read on. And enjoy The Drop!

The Drop

New Releases: Week of July 11, 2017
PS VR — Digital


Plunge yourself into a world of nightmares and fear, and discover just how frightening virtual reality can be.

PS4 — Digital

Black The Fall

After decades of toil, an old machinist plots his escape from the oppressive grasp of the Communist regime. Through hidden passages, shadow and grief, he struggles. Ingenuity, reflexes and deception are his tools.

PS4 — Digital

Day D Tower Rush

Defend yourself from a horde of vicious creatures by building towers and catapults, and defend the time machine at all costs! Exciting and wild worlds await you!

PS4 — Digital

Derelict Fleet

Derelict Fleet is a fast-paced space combat game. You are tasked with defending a refugee fleet as you travel the stars searching for a new colony to call home.

PS4 — Digital

Echoes of the Fey

Echoes of the Fey: The Fox’s Trail is a visual novel/adventure game that blends the magic of high fantasy and the mystery of a classic detective story. Play as Sofya Rykov, a private investigator with a secret of her own — the power to turn into a cat.

Energy Balance
PS Vita — Digital (Out 7/12)

Energy Balance

During a mission your spaceship encounters an unknown anomaly and all systems fail. You have to balance the energy in order to get them running again and to get home safely. Energy Balance is a number puzzle. You have to swap power units in such a way that their sums form correct chains both vertically and horizontally.

PS VR — Digital

Fantastic Contraption

Build and create in a Fantastic world! Fantastic Contraption is a surreal VR puzzle game where you use simple tools to assemble amazing machines to get your ball to the goal area.

PS4 — Digital, Retail

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age improves upon the PS2 classic, now more beautiful and easier to play than ever. The high-definition remaster introduces several modern advancements, including reconstructed battle design and a revamped job system. Players both returning and new to the game will experience a grand adventure that spans the world of Ivalice.

Frisky Business
PS4 — Digital (7/13)

Frisky Business

You are Mr. Falco Frisk, private detective of Frisk Investigative Solutions! Develop your relationships with your team as you take on your very first case.

PS4 — Retail

Hunting Simulator

In Hunting Simulator, discover distinct hunting areas and complete hundreds of objectives alone or with your friends. Explore varied environments, track your prey and become a better hunter.

PS4 — Digital

Iron Crypticle

The glorious Royal Treasures of Cryptonia have been stolen! Now the King’s washed-up knights must suit up and descend into the ancient palace crypts to return the golden goodies!

PS4 — Digital

Leap of Fate

Leap of Fate is a furiously-paced cyberpunk roguelite about overcoming your fears and achieving your fate. In a New York City where magic is real, you play as a technomage who must develop unspeakable powers to confront the Crucible of Fates. Can you survive the trials?

PS4 — Digital

Minecraft: Story Mode -- Season 2

Now that Jesse and the gang have vanquished the Wither Storm, saved the world, and become totally super famous heroes, life has gotten a bit more… complicated. With more responsibilities and less time for adventure, old friendships have started to fade — at least until Jesse’s hand gets stuck in a creepy gauntlet that belongs to an ancient underwater temple.

PS4 — Digital

MotoGP 17

The 2017 edition of the official MotoGP video game brings all the adrenaline and need for speed of the new world championship, including all the riders, teams, and tracks of the 2017 season.

PS Vita — Digital

Mr. Pumpkin Adventure

Immerse yourself in a game of logic and puzzle-solving that will help Mr. Pumpkin regain his memory. Make your way through an adventure-filled kingdom of plants –50 wonderful scenes that will take you through this fantastical world on our quest to help Mr. Pumpkin!

PS4 — Digital

Mr. Shifty

Shift through bullets and master lightning-fast takedowns in an all-new kind of action game from tinyBuild and Team Shifty! Mr. Shifty follows a teleportation-fueled heist to break into the world’s most secure facility.

PS4 — Digital

Serial Cleaner

Slip on your flares, grab your shades, and hop in your station wagon — it’s time to go to work… as a professional cleaner for the mob.

PS4 — Digital

Transport Giant

It is the year 1850. The world is experiencing its biggest upheaval. Witness the birth of mass production and mass transport. With a little capital and an innovative idea, you can build an empire.

PS4 — Digital

Warlocks vs Shadows

Choose the most powerful Warlocks in the universe and wage a war to cleanse evil once and for all! Warlocks vs Shadows is an intense 2D action RPG/brawler featuring five terrifying dimensions.

PS4 — Digital


Play as one of the armless rejects in the YamaYama arena of joy. Your goal is to impress the flat god faces of the Underverse by FatSuiting your opponents into oblivion.

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  • Adam Ruins Everything- July 11 at 10/9c (truTV)
  • Game of Thrones- July 16 at 9/8c (HBO)

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  • Great lineup of indie games.. Excited for this weeks PSVR Games as well..

    • This is the single worst week of sales I’ve ever seen. FF12 HD filters edition is very plain looking. It’s offensive to charge 50 dollars for just a filter. Might as well pick up a ps2 emulator and just get a better visual

  • Shame The Zodiac Age isn’t on a handheld.

  • infamousgodV2_0

    Another week of nothing for me, man i never thought i say this but my backlog is almost completed and there aint a game i really want to buy till August…..

    • The same lack of title always happens as the months close in closer and closer to winter. The holiday boom will happen. Still knowing doesn’t help much. I was scratching my head on what to do until I renewed FF14 on a whim, Then Accel World vs SAO came out today.(plays like lost song, sigh…) Could be worse though.

  • Man all of these indie games will look fantastic on my Gameboy Advance lol can’t wait

    • It’s sad that you thought that was clever. Regardless that, obviously, from your idiotic joke, you clearly haven’t played a GBA..but the important thing here is that indie devs are pursuing their passion, and have customers that will enjoy their game. If you don’t like indie games so what… You aren’t that important anyways.

    • I didn’t think it was clever I thought it was a true statement and im not entirely sure why you got all butthurt over it. I have absolutely no problem with indie developers creating games and following their passion but the ps store is being flooded with subpar indie games that would play and look just as well on my Android phone. I don’t mind indie games but just not as many on a high end gaming system. you notice how 9 out of 10 top ps network sales arent indie games? Because the pure majority don’t give a crap about 90% of them. Veryhoudini11 I was prob playing games on Game Gear, Saturn, SegaCD, Genesis and Super Nintendo while you were still in your pops junk so get over yourself

    • Ahaha you will find better games on the Gameboy Advance and plus no loading times, no updates… Just put the game on the console and PLAY !

    • @BleedzOrange, Forget the GBA. I bet these indie games are enhanced for PS4 Pro lol. Seriously I’m on the same page as you. Way way way too many junk titles have been flooding the PS Store…with apparently the least amount of quality control.

      @veryhoudini11, you’re absolutely welcome to disagree. There wasn’t a need for personal attacks with tags like “idiotic joke” or your last sentence.

  • infamousgodV2_0

    Lol look up Frisky Business gameplay people man PlayStation should be ashamed to release a game like that on the system OMG

    • @infamousgodV2_0, I am not a fan of SJW nonsense, but you’re right about Frisky Business. It doesn’t belong in the PS Store. It’s a five buck title on Steam that panders to absolutely crassness. I googled a review at Giant Bomb that tore it apart. Sexy, even sleazy sexy, is one thing, but this title is beyond that. Not surprisingly, the first release from this “developer” was the relatively recent “There Poop in My Soup.”

  • Wow a ton of games next week! Definitely checking out a few of these!

  • Is it possible to have links to videos or dev pages in these posts? It’s great to know what’s coming out but such a pain to have to go look each one of them up!

  • SO basically…nothing but garbage is coming out. What a piss poor month

  • Destinys_Memory

    Ctrl + F

    “Patapon Remastered”: No results.

    Sony, don’t do this to me. Do not.

  • All these Indie games would be great on a handheld. Are they coming to the Switch?

  • Wow all those indie games, perfect in a handheld…
    time to buy the Nintendo Switch !!

    • Ups, sorry about the double post, didn’t see the other but hey, that’s mean I’m not alone with that idea, those games should be on a handheld…

  • Come on now, what we really want is FF XII (However I’d hope we’d get both the international and regular modes like FF X HD) and Crash N Sane Trilogy on the Vita.

  • Fortunately another quiet week. Hopefully FFXII sells well though, because if it does they might do a remaster of a good FF game.

    Sadly 12 is a terrible mess to begin with, so I fear it may not do as well as they’re hoping… but either way, I hope for it’s success to motivate Squenix to remaster more FF games.

    • It’s amazing how the one rule that’s plastered before posting here is so readily ignored.

    • @TJ_Solo I can’t help but feel you meant to direct that at someone else.

      I said simply that I thought the game was a mess, but that I still hope it does well since then Squenix will remaster the good final fantasty games.

      None of that is ‘being a jerk’, so either you’re directing that elsewhere, or you lack understanding of what it means to be a jerk ;)

  • Is the Zodiac Age available on July 10th as the store page says or was that an error?

  • Can’t wait to get some shots in FF12 for my page! Check it out if your a Instagram user

  • So how come Echoes of the Fey: The Fox’s Trail wasn’t released??

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