Destiny 2 Open Beta Starts Early on PS4: Start Playing July 18

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Destiny 2 Open Beta Starts Early on PS4: Start Playing July 18

Destiny 2’s open beta starts early on PS4. Here’s what to expect come July 18.

Bungie isn’t messing around — today they’ve revealed first details on Destiny 2’s Open Beta, kicking off on PS4 this July 18 through July 23.

The Destiny 2 Open Beta will provide a sampling of Destiny’s different play modes. Here’s what’s scheduled for July 18 on PS4 , straight from Bungie HQ:

Destiny 2 campaign

You’ll get a chance to try the first mission in Destiny 2’s campaign. What does Dominus Ghaul want with the Traveler?

Crucible competitive play

The Destiny 2 Open Beta comes with support for two competitive modes. In the new mode Countdown, you’ll attack or defend a base on a map custom-built for this new scenario. In Control, an update on the Crucible standby, you’ll attempt to dominate zones on a map built for this objective type.


In the Inverted Spire Strike, you’ll assault a well-protected Vex stronghold with the help of two teammates. You can also use matchmaking to join up with a Guardian fireteam!

New Subclasses

Each Class’s new fighting style will be available in the Open Beta — that means Warlocks can try out the Dawnblade, Hunters the Arcstrider, and Titans the Sentinel.

How to get access

Preordering grants you early access to the Destiny 2 Open Beta on PS4 starting July 18.

The Destiny 2 Open Beta will also offer fans a chance to check out The Farm, Destiny 2’s new social space. Bungie is extending an open invitation to Open Beta players to participate in a limited technical test. Take a tour of The Farm from 10am to 11am on Sunday, July 23 to see how many players the new social space can accommodate at one time. Note: Most vendors and other services will be non-operational.

I can hear Justin hyperventilating from here. I’ll definitely be joining in on the fun come July 18 — how about you?

We’ll have lots more Destiny 2 Open Beta coverage coming to PlayStation.Blog soon. Be brave, Guardians!

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  • My new shiny Captain American, I mean Sentinel Titan can’t wait.

    • Man… That is the week I am moving… Such poor timing for me I’m heart broken. Destiny is easily my most played PS4 game, and probably most played game EVER. I have well over 700 hours into the game (I know that’s nothing compared to a lot of people) This game has been something very special to me. I guess I’m waiting until September…

    • Open beta implies that anyone on a PS4 can play, no purchase required. Closed beta would mean it is only open to people who preordered the game. Which is it here on July 18th? You can’t call it an open beta if it isn’t.

    • GiantFoodMonster

      If you have to preorder to get access to the beta, than it is not an open beta. This is the very definition of a closed beta. FAKE NEWS! SAD! MAGA!

    • @GiantFoodMonster the answer to you remark is that there will be a open beta for Destiny 2, so please before you go blaring off with your Donald Trump looking remarks with fake news and that junk, Please remember that Destiny 1 had a closed and open beta.

    • To all the people that say that it’s not a open Beta. It’s still an open beta from July 21-23. You can only play it starting on the 18th if you preorder. It’s a closed beta from the 18-21 but open beta from the 21-23

  • So no patrols? So this beta has less features than the first game’s beta, letalone First Look Alpha? Seriously bungie? This is not boding well for how I feel about this game. With wishywashy answers to how they are making loot less dynamic it feels that bungie still doesn’t understand what makes this game fun

    • The problem with the beta for Destiny 1 was it showed us too much. You could play through 1/4 the vanilla campaign in the beta. This is more about showing people the new subclasses, new PvP game mode, and testing infrastructure load.

      I think there will be plenty in the Beta, and certainly enough to pique the interest of gamers on the fence.

    • Dangisuckatgamin

      The beta was 1/4 because the game was missing about 50% of the campaign to it’s DLC.
      I have a feeling this will be a DLC hog too.

    • You dont have to pre order for the beta if you have preordered it you get to start the beta 2 days early its open to everyone after the first two days

  • I think there’s plenty in the Beta…doesn’t need to be more than this. The first game needed a little more content to show what the game actually is.

    Now…I’ve pre-ordered Destiny 2, but I’m not exactly excited for it (and I can’t put my finger on why). Hoping this trial will re-energize me.

  • July 18th is the day before my birthday! Suddenly, I know what Sid and Justin will both be doing for #PaulDay2017 :-)

  • I guess I’ll have to try it out.

  • Not quite open if we’ve got to preorder for it, now is it? All the same, looking forward to it. Hopefully servers don’t conk out on us too much.

  • Open beta implies that anyone on a PS4 can play, no purchase required. Closed beta would mean it is only open to people who preordered the game. Which is it here on July 18th? You can’t call it an open beta if it isn’t.

    • You’ve got your terms wrong.
      Closed Beta is by invite-only, or by PURCHASING a founder’s pack, and the second option is generally only seen in F2P games.
      Open Beta means anyone can get in as long as they have the platform the Beta is on.
      The Open Beta runs July 21st-23rd, even though they don’t explicitly state that here. If you pre-order the game, which costs literally nothing, you get “Early Access” to the Open Beta.
      Why does it cost nothing? Cause anyone who has an Amazon account can pre-order the game and then cancel their pre-order as soon as they get the beta code. Anyone with $5 in their wallet can walk into most stores, pre-order the game and get the code on their receipt, redeem the code, then cancel their pre-order and get their $5 back. No PURCHASE is required to get early access. If you choose to pre-order through PSN simply to get early access, that’s on you. There are plenty of ways to do it without committing.

  • So is the REALLY and OPEN BETA or NOT?

    Open Beta means free to everyone without any purchase.

    Closed Beta means we have to pre order the game to get in.

    WHICH IS IT?????

  • July 21st.

    For those who don’t preorder will have access on July 21st (it’s written on the website in a very hidden faq).

  • Very excite. Many nervous. My palms are sweaty and my heart beats faster every time I see the days creeping towards the beta day. Open, closed, whatever it is, I am honored to be a part of Destiny 2’s next chapter. The story of losing your powers and weapons(mostly cayde’s) and getting them back is a great follow up for a new beginning in a game world we all love. The guns look so sadistic, the subclasses look too legendary and the armor looks exotic. I almost have to refrain from watching the trailers as I dislike spoilers… But it looks so damn good and I’m sure bungie has more up their sleeve. For the spicy ramen shop!!!!!!!!!

  • I was explaining the new Titan subclass to mom, and it occurred to me that its like Captain America lol.

  • GiantFoodMonster

    If you have to preorder to get access to the beta, than it is not an open beta. This is the very definition of a closed beta. FAKE NEWS! SAD!

  • That’s some fake advertising right there lol…it ain’t no open beta if you need to pre-order to get access to it ha.

    Anyway I ain’t excited for Destiny 2 and won’t be getting it so soon but I played the hell out of Destiny 1 and I created a bond with it so I’m lookin forward to try out the beta of 2 when its really OPEN…lookin forward to try that Dawnblade.

    PS:Watch out fellow Destiny playas…august 1st is the last Iron Banner on Destiny 1.

  • You do not have to pre-order the game to get access to the beta. Early access, yes, but the open beta is a couple of days later:

  • I preordered the game on PSN I didn’t get a code and it takes me 1 day to download anything due to terrible internet, even if I some how get a code to play my preorder beta early I won’t be able to play it til the open beta starts. Unless you do like COD did for the infinite warfare game and start downloading the day before the release and just unlock it on the release time. Is this an option for destiny or no? Well even with Call of Duty it had to do an update after all that and everyone had been playing for like 2 hours before I did. So sad destiny was always a more fun game to play than call of duty even if Activision helped with the multiplayer part. Destiny always felt like a post COD world + aliens. I hope it doesn’t loose that feel. Also PLEASE bring back sparrow racing it was my favorite part. I remember beta for PS3 destiny 1 me and a few friends would race in our sparrows around the cosmidrome and see who could jump the plane first. Please bring back that fun aspect in destiny 2.

  • I’m looking forward to the beta,but honestly don’t understand what was special about preordering the game to play the beta when everyone will get it anyways. We don’t even get anything special for preordering,so anyone tell me what was so special! And to only be able to play a few days only,really bungie. I guess bungie is hurting for money.

  • I’ll Be giving away a copy of Destiny 2 on my stream on twitch!! Make sure you tune in next week Twitch.TV/MLGFreshLive

  • open beta for anyone starts July 21 .. pre orders get early beta access on the 18th for PS, 19th for XBox

  • DruelingTroll197

    I remember when Destiny one first came out it was very rough I had to spend almost a month-and-a-half without any sound at all I hope that Destiny 2 comes out better but at the same time still keep the feel of it all that’s why I liked it it was a free first person shooting with multiple missions and secrets and I love the Easter eggs I just hope it’s not like no man’s sky and you guys rushed it way too early

  • Will the beta require plus to play?

  • Ready To Get Into This!! So Excited!!

  • I need help. I pre ordered the collectors edition, and i never got a code. I didn’t even get a reciept

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