Your Winners: PlayStation.Blog E3 2017 Awards

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Your Winners: PlayStation.Blog E3 2017 Awards

The votes are in! Here are your reader-voted picks for Best Trailer, Most Anticipated PS4 Game, and Most Anticipated PS VR Game from E3 2017.

With the chaos of E3 behind us, it’s time to tally the votes and declare the winners of the show, as voted by you! As a reminder, the three categories you voted in were “Best Trailer,” “Most Anticipated PS4 Game,” and “Most Anticipated PS VR Game.” Competition was fierce in all three fields, but each saw a clear winner… and one game in particular won the day in two of the three available categories.

Without further ado… the winners!

Best Trailer
God of War
Best Trailer - Platinum
God of War

The God of War returns! It’s been a year since we first got a glimpse of Kratos’ newly bearded visage, and at this year’s Showcase we finally got a better idea of how exactly this story will play out as the team at Santa Monica Studio drops the iconic warrior into a new mythology.

Best Trailer - Gold

Marvel’s Spider-Man
Best Trailer - Silver

Monster Hunter: World
Best Trailer - Bronze

Days Gone

Most Anticipated PS4 Game
God of War
Most Anticipated PS4 Game - Platinum
God of War

Well, I can’t say I’m too surprised here. As it turns out, the final vote tallies for “Best Trailer” and “Most Anticipated PS4 Game” ended up being awfully similar! If there’s one thing we can say about you, our readers, it’s that you’re consistent.

Most Anticipated PS4 Game - Gold

Marvel’s Spider-Man
Most Anticipated PS4 Game - Silver

Monster Hunter: World
Most Anticipated PS4 Game - Bronze

Days Gone

Most Anticipated PS VR Game
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
Most Anticipated PS VR Game - Platinum
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

The opportunity to explore Tamriel inside PlayStation VR is alluring indeed — so much so that this was the biggest landslide of all three polls we ran here. Skyrim VR very nearly pulled in as many votes as all three runners-up combined.

Most Anticipated PS VR Game - Gold

Superhot VR
Most Anticipated PS VR Game - Silver

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV
Most Anticipated PS VR Game - Bronze

The Inpatient

Editor’s Choice

2017 PS Blog E3 Awards: Editior's Choice Photo

I hope you were able to tune in to PlayStation Live From E3 2017 while we were all in Los Angeles! If not, you missed out on some enlightening developer interviews and live gameplay sessions (including an incredibly tense Detroit demo driven by yours truly). As we wrapped up the festivites, each of the hosts on the show took a moment to nominate a single game as their “Editor’s Choice” pick for E3 2017. Here’s what we picked.

Detroit: Become Human
Editor's Choice
Detroit: Become Human
Chosen by: Sid Shuman

Days Gone
Editor's Choice
Days Gone
Chosen by: Meredith Molinari

Monster Hunter World
Editor's Choice
Monster Hunter: World
Chosen by: Malik Forte

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
Editor's Choice
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
Chosen by: Ryan Clements

Editor's Choice
Marvel’s Spider-Man
Chosen by: Justin Massongill

God of War for PS4
Editor's Choice
God of War
Chosen by: Zac Minor

Bonus! If you’d like to watch us deliberate our picks live (well, it was live) from the E3 show floor, click that enticing little “play” button below.

Your Winners: PlayStation.Blog E3 2017 Awards

Whew, that about does it for this year’s Best of E3 Awards. Thank you for voting!

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1 Author Reply

  • I’m surprised even a single person voted for Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV lol.

    • Lol it have more vote than The Inpatient

    • I totally voted for it. I voted for Monster Hunter in the other categories, but that was the closest I could get in the VR category.

    • Looks…. well, doesn’t look to be for me. I wish they center staged Superhot VR and Hidden Agenda, though.

    • Actually FFXV Monster of the Deep was said to be very good critics who played it.

      Skyrim VR is the biggest VR game of all-time.

      Moss deserved some attention for VR.

    • I would have had the Inpatient second after Skyrim. I’d take a AAA VR game and a interesting experience VR game over an indie in VR and bad VR fishing any day.

    • Good choices all-around, the games just keep on coming!

  • That’s a lot of awards for a bunch of games that aren’t even out yet. Are you honestly for real.

  • Do a poll to see how many people want BC!

    • Put me down for no thanks. I would prefer name changes and absolutely prefer cross platform play. But BC… I don’t have time to play new games. Why go back to old unremastered ones?

    • Way too many NEW games and awesome remasters/remakes to play old unremastered games… that i’ve already played. No thanks, after 4yrs into a generation BC is almost meaningless. Keep your BC, i still need to play Nier, The Surge, Nioh, Wipeout, AZ Sunshine, Farpoint Cryo Pack, and Crash. New > old unremastered games.

    • Having BC available would not prevent anyone from playing new games or somehow affect name changes, cross platform play or any other features. Having one feature available doesnt mean there wont be other features lol.

  • God of War looks fantastic. Mr. Barlog will deliver this time, where GOW II fell woefully short.

  • So many good games coming out <3

  • What, no Ni No Kuni 2? That is crazy talk!

  • My surprise of show was Anthem. That games looks amazing. Known game of show was God of War. It really is looking incredible and they seem to be keeping all the important things that make Kratos the GoW. I loved GoW I-III but after 3, I just felt spent. I am glad they are not trying to out rage (get it… outrage. out rage?? Is this thing on??) the original trilogy. I kinda forgot why I was still so angry.

    • Really?…you got surprised with that fake gameplay?…then you’ll be even more surprised when they show the real game lol.

  • In 12 months….Sid: “Guys, I discovered this great new game called Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.”
    Ryan: *facepalm*

  • If only the DBZ trailer was a psn trailer officially even though we know it’s multiplatform. DBZ is my game of the year. That game is absolutely stunning. God of war is a close second

  • I’m glad Monster Hunter scored silvers, and Clements voted for Dissidia NT as his Editor’s Choice. Good stuff! Can’t wait ’til those two are out.

  • no love for Kingdom Hearts III

    • Well technically it wasn’t at E3 at all. It just had a trailer debut at an event happening right before the week of E3.

  • Shadow of the Colossus was my most hyped regardless if it’s just a remake or not.

  • I am over joyed to see Monster Hunter getting the recognition it always desired.

  • Yeah GoW had the best trailer by far and most anticipated for me is Spidey.Now ha baffled by people excited with skyrim VR…its unbelievable ha.

    PS:Can’t believe Malik is working on the Blog…damn he sure went up after that glorious UC2 GOTY music video.When I saw him on the Day’s Gone interview I was like “what?”…lol nice.

    • Well a lot of people that don’t have PSVR or even plan to get PSVR got to vote, so they would vote for a game they know and love over some upcoming games they don’t understand.

      I voted for The Inpatient which is from developers of Until Dawn. These developers did great with Until Dawn, and also did great with the PSVR Until Dawn Rush of Blood game. I am also excited for Skyrim on PSVR, but I am more interested in the new game over the game I have already played a great many hours.

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 ? Elex ? Skull and Bones ? … GOW4 has the best trailer but Skull & Bones , Red Dead Redemption 2 and Elex are more anticipated than Amazing Spiderman or so i think .

    • Except none of those games were showcased “BY” Sony at E3. This is the Playstation.Blog, not “CurrentGames.Blog”. This vote was just for games that were on Sony’s stage at E3, essentially. People could have written those games into the wildcard option, but obviously none of them got enough votes to be in the top four spots.

  • I’ll see you peeps while im hunting them monsters!
    Truly a great time.
    Run away from dinosaurs like my life depends on it!

  • No you’re not. You’re a spam bot.

  • Days Gone easily won it for me (by a long shot). Open world realistic zombie game? Sold! God of war looked great and so did Detroit, and Spiderman was beyond insane. Monster hunter looked really really average to me, no idea how that got any votes.

  • Were is COD WW2?

  • Yes, I love e3 games !

  • Some of the best games I’ve played sense I was young​….Got to have..


  • The New Game ( God Of War ) Style Most Likely – Resident Evil 4 With 3Rd Person Above Shoulder
    *i See It Better than Old Games

  • Spider-Man

  • Welp. That all she wrote that everyone was interested in their games (and not me). So, #NOTMYPLAYSTATIONE3 or #NOTMYSONYE3.

  • i have to say i love it all


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