Announcing Pinball FX3: The Biggest, Most Community-Focused Pinball Game Ever

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Announcing Pinball FX3: The Biggest, Most Community-Focused Pinball Game Ever

It's time for the next step in the evolution of pinball. Pinball FX3 is the biggest, most community-driven pinball game ever.

Hello from Zen Studios! We’ve got some very big news! I am so excited to announce that Pinball FX3 will be releasing on PlayStation 4 this summer.

Pinball FX3

Zen Pinball has been serving the PlayStation community since the very early days of PSN in May of 2009 (8 years?!?!), and the time has come to go next-level and take a major step forward in the evolution of pinball. Pinball FX3 will now be the Zen-supported pinball platform on PSN – replacing Zen Pinball 2 which is currently available on PS4.

Pinball FX3 is a massive game packed full of new features designed to turn pinball into a true community experience on PS4. Built around multiplayer-matchups, user-generated tournaments and league play, Pinball FX3 is now so much more than just leaderboard rankings – the game elevates the competitive pinball spirit that has thrived since the early days of pinball more than a century ago.

Not so hot with the flippers? We have heard from so many people that they feel lost when trying to play pinball, not really understanding the game or objectives. We have thought about you along the development process and have designed deep single-player modes that will help you become a better pinball player!

Pinball FX3Pinball FX3

Now, to answer the question burning in all of your minds: can you take your Zen Pinball 2 tables to Pinball FX3? Yes, you can! Zen Studios is 100% committed to keeping the community intact and providing you with one of the best values in gaming. We are happy to announce that you will be able to import the majority of your Zen Pinball 2 purchases to Pinball FX3 for free! We’re giving you all of the new features and upgrades at no cost – and there are a ton of them, giving you reasons to never stop playing your tables. We like to think that Pinball FX3 is an endless ocean of replayability!

There are a ton of other details to share with you, and we will post more details as we lead up to launch. Keep an eye on our social media feeds or for news and updates, including confirmed table roster, info on what we have done to make your pinball tables more beautiful (yes, harnessing extra gfx power) and of course, news about brand-new content releasing with Pinball FX3. We will have new day-one content based on some amazing properties from a brand new partner!

Thank you all for many, many years of support. The game keeps going because you keep playing and supporting us. Pinball FX3 is a new beginning and we look forward to awesome days ahead!

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  • Sounds exciting. Looking forward to the launch.

  • “Not so hot with the flippers? We have heard from so many people that they feel lost when trying to play pinball, not really understanding the game or objectives.”

    Thank you for this. When I ask “how to play pinball” I usually get, “shoot where the lights blink”. So I hope this tutorial of sorts goes deep on how to play pinball in a way that you “beat” the table.

    • Yes, the goal is to help all players uncover all that a pinball table has to offer. We also have modes built in to help develop skill and help you shape your strategy for tournament play. These features are the result of community feedback, so we are confident they will be useful for all.

  • Will it still have 3D? I really like that feature.

    • We are leaving 3D behind due to the fact that many TV manufacturers are dropping support for the feature. Pinball in 3D is awesome, and we are sad to see 3D kind of fading away.

    • Many of us love the stereoscopic 3D feature.

      A lot of us have 3D HDTV’s and the PSVR is VERY capable to displaying a great looking stereoscopic 3D image.
      In fact Sony released an update to allow us to view any 3D Blu-Ray movie right on the PSVR.. I wish more 3D games would do the same thing!
      Trine, Super StarDust HD, and others would be perfect for this.

  • Had a feeling this was gonna be announced soon look forward to it and hopefully we will see some new original tables soon.

  • seriously what happened to Zen Pinball? Why bother? are the ones who have original Zen get it for free? leave it the way it is just bring us more tables.

    • If it is like the first game to the second game, your old tables will likely just transfer over to the new game. So probably true for this one.

    • Zen Pinball 2 is going to be replaced by Pinball FX3. The majority of your table purchases are going to be backward compatible and you can import them for free! We will have a confirmed table roster in the coming weeks. Rest assured, we are not scrapping your old tables!

    • Nice of the moderator to answer your question but you clearly didn’t read.

      “We are happy to announce that you will be able to import the majority of your Zen Pinball 2 purchases to Pinball FX3 for free! We’re giving you all of the new features and upgrades at no cost – and there are a ton of them, giving you reasons to never stop playing your tables. We like to think that Pinball FX3 is an endless ocean of replayability!”

      “Keep an eye on our social media feeds or for news and updates, including confirmed table roster”

      Please read the articles first.

  • Three questions.

    1. You stated: “We are happy to announce that you will be able to import the majority of your Zen Pinball 2 purchases to Pinball FX3 for free! ” What do you mean “The majority?” Which tables will be left out?

    2. Will it still support 3D? Being able to play in stereoscopic 3D is the major reason I started playing Zen Pinball way back when it came out on PS3.

    3. Will it support PSVR? I realize you have released a separate PSVR version of Zen Pinball that supports some three tracks, but the fact that I’d have to rebuy all my tracks again (I own practically all of them) is the reason I won’t be bothering with that version. As cool as the added environments seem, I really couldn’t care less about them, I just want to play the tables themselves in VR.

    • 1) We will be confirming the table roster – including NEW tables – in the coming weeks. There are a few tables that are not able to make the jump to FX3 due to licensing / business challenges.

      2) The 3D feature will not be supported in FX3. There is a serious lack of support for 3D by TV manufacturers (many have dropped support entirely) so we chose to focus our energy on different features.

      3) PFX3 is not going to feature VR at launch. VR is still very much on our radar, but to update 65+ tables with VR would take years of work, it is not a quick process. We will see how to bring PFX2 VR purchases to FX3 in the future.

    • Thanks for the response, though I’ll be honest, until VR support shows up, I probably won’t be bothering with this and stick with Zen Pinball 2.

      2. Like I said, my major draw with ZP was the 3D. I love 3D — I didn’t buy a $1,500 4K 3D television last year for nothing. I can’t imagine playing the game flat now.

      3. Or you could just ditch the environment stuff and simply treat it like 3D, sending each perspective to the appropriate eye – similar to how the. PSVR displays 3D blurays…

    • If you want 3D, get the PC version and install TriDef 3D software. TriDef converts most PC games to 3D, even if the devs are too lazy to include native 3D support. It would be nice if Sony had something like TriDef built in to the PS4 OS. I would even upgrade to a PS4 Pro if they added that. Hear that, Sony?

    • Don’t need TriDef, my nVidia card automatically converts my PC games to 3D for me. But I prefer to play on consoles over the PC. If not simply for ease of use, but also for 1. Trophies, 2. I already own practically all the tables on PSN and will not be buying them again, and 3. I would prefer to play on my large screen living room television rather than smaller PC monitor — Especially when the PC displaying 3D on a television doesn’t work like on a PC monitor. The monitor allows 1080p@60fps 3D. Th3 video card doesn’t allow that into a television, it’s either 1080@24fps or 720@60.

    • That’s disappointing to not have stereoscopic 3D support. That was one of my favorite features of Zen Pinball.

      I thought for sure Zen Studios would have added stereoscopic 3D viewing at least by way of the PSVR.
      Sony added this feature to all 3D Blu-Ray movies. So you can watch any 3D Blu-Ray in beautiful stereoscopic 3D through the PSVR display.

    • In the meantime, why not add the stereoscopic 3D viewing by way of the PSVR?
      Sony did this with 3D Blu-Ray discs.

    • BlackDiamond7120

      Just adding my voice to those who want 3D and VR support.

  • I’ve been playing Zen Pinball since the first one launched on PS3 and have really enjoyed watching the platform evolve from four tables to Street Fighter to all of the fantastic Star Wars and Marvel tables (and Archer!!!). Great job, Zen. Can’t wait to play this one!

  • I love zen pinball.
    Id love to see:

    The Simpsons
    Dc comics
    Iron Maiden
    Indiana Jones or Goonies

  • I hate being the guy who whines about the lack of support for a dead handheld, but I’ve bought every Zen Pinball 2 table and I mostly play them on Vita. The lack of a Vita version of Pinball FX 3 is not surprising, but it is disappointing.

    • Keep an eye out for more details on import / backwards compatibility. If you have a PS4…your tables still have a lot of life! And, Vita is a great system, continue enjoying your games there!

  • I take it there’s not gonna be a season two for FX2 for PSVR?

    Will FX3 support PSVR?

    • At the moment, PFX3 does not support VR. This could change in the future, and we may be able to find a way to allow PFX2 VR purchases to migrate to FX3 when / if VR support is added.

  • any plans to make our tables available across devices? I have various tables on Xbox and PS, and dont really want to rebuy them to have my library united.

    Also, any plans for a Switch release?

    • All very tricky questions! We will try to always make the best pinball life possible for all players wherever they are. If there is a way to do something like cross play / cross platform purchases, we will support it.

      Nothing to announce for Switch at the moment.

  • Can’t wait! I have all the tables for PS3, Vita, and PS4 (and a couple for psvr). Always great to get new stuff from Zen. Also looking forward to unifying the VR stuff with the main game. The separate application thing is wonky – I get why it was done, but from a user standpoint, it’s less than ideal. Keep bringing the awesome!

  • I can not wait for this one.. SOoo pumped.

  • So can I just keep Zen and still keep my 3D?

    • Yes, if you have the game now it is not going anywhere. You can still play in 3D. New content for FX3 is not going to support 3D.

  • Looking forward to it! Thanx for the designed single player mode to help us get better with the flippers ( I’m one of them not so good/borderline clueless with the flippers).

    Waiting for Zen studios to take Pinball Fx to the Next level by letting us create our own pinball tables with lots of parts/ gadgets and themes and perhaps even share them. You could sell more parts/themes via DLC. Would love to create a killzone, Crash Bandicoot or Uncharted pinball tables! Hint hint, nod nod ;)

    Thank you

  • Really excited about the return of multiplayer, something I greatly missed with Zen 2. I’ve purchased every table since day 1 on PS3 and always look forward to the new additions. Still hoping I’ll see a Daredevil themed table someday. Keep up the great work guys!

    • Thanks so much for supporting us for so long! We HAD to bring multiplayer back, but in a very meaningfully way. Our team thinks we have the right formula to keep competition exciting and fun. Can’t wait to get it to you.

  • I love your games!t I’m a visually impaired gamer sometimes I lose track of the ball because of its color compared to everything else in the environment. Is there any way you’d be able to add a way to change the color of the ball.? Maybe even making bright like a laser pointer beam. Anything to set it apart a bit more from everything around it.. That would be awesome

    • Thank you for your feedback! I will share your comment with the team and see if this is something we can implement.

  • yay! you guys are by far one fav brands on the platform! why? I have no idea! I just get a vibe. I like always having new content from you and occasionally I go and buy a new table or set because I like what you what you did with it or I want to to support your team! I have also purchased a few on mobile on as well, hopefull to hear more unification on that end as well. also guess who got a PS4 pro?! excited for some amped visual upgrades! always want more of that ! MORE!

    • Awesome! We try to be very Zen, maybe this could be the vibe you are getting?

      Thank you for your support!

  • I have to admit I play this mostly on my Vita and have bought each table on launch day. I guess I am officially done buying new tables. Sorry. Unless Sony gives us a new handheld or it comes to the Switch….LOL

  • A few years ago, you dropped online multiplayer support. I was quite deceived by this decision. It was fun to compete with my friends online. Any plan to get this feature back ? What are your thoughts on this ?

    • Multiplayer + tournaments are a huge focus for FX3. There will be multiplayer-matchups, and also user-generated tournaments along with league play, so really, there is going to be competition going 24/7. Hopefully that competitive pinball itch is satisfied!

  • Why’d you guys give that clown thing brown skin and monkey ears? Looks kinda racist.

  • If you all wouldn’t mind please add me to the cacophony of those crying out for 3D. I just got a LG C6 and I’m literally watching your trailer thinking “HOLY TOLEDO IF THAT WAS IN 3D” and then a sensation, as if millions of voices were suddenly silenced.. ;)

    Not sure if you guys know, but there’s a petition for LG to bring back 3D, based on how amazing it is on OLED displays. I play the Trine series (and tonight I whooped up on Portal pinball) in 3D and just sit there slackjawed. It’s AMAZA-ZING as Ryan might say.

    New tables? How about Ratchet & Clank? Persona? HORIZON.

    Thanks for any consideration!! Love the tables! Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for your feedback regarding 3D, it’s actually amazing to hear from so many people how much they enjoy pinball in 3D. This feedback certainly has our attention. We love it to!

      Ratchet & Clank would be amazing to build pinball around, as would Horizon.


  • So are you confirming that psvr is now dead along side 3d? I’m so glad I wasted my money on FX2 for the vr. Makes one feel really great at the end of the day…!

    • No! This announcement has nothing to do with PFX2 VR, and the game is not dead. We have had to focus on PFX3, and then we can figure out next steps for PFX2 VR and how this will work with PFX3.

  • I’m excited, but also concerned. A week ago I broke down and bought over a hundred dollars in tables (all Star Wars, all Marvel, Bethesda, South Park, and others I can’t think of atm).

    While I understand the desire to create excitement by spreading out the release of information, it has made me feel regretful and concerned that I could’ve spent my money better. Hopefully some of these newer tables were licensed knowing full well that FX3 was underway and would need contract considerations for migrating them to FX3.

    • Thank you for supporting Zen Studios in such a huge way! I can assure you, your investment will bring you a lot of fun and many hours of great pinball action.

      The majority of your tables will come to Pinball FX3 for FREE. There are a handful of tables we need to leave behind due to licensing / business challenges. However, these tables will always be playable if you have purchased them! You are not losing anything.

      Thanks again for your support.

  • Any plans for a retail physical release of Pinball FX3?

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