Inside Gran Turismo Sport: A Studio Driven to Perfection

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Inside Gran Turismo Sport: A Studio Driven to Perfection

Take a guided tour of the world-renowned Polyphony Digital with Founder Kazunori Yamauchi.

Earlier this year, our team had the great pleasure and honor of touring the offices of Polyphony Digital as the developers continued their tireless work on Gran Turismo Sport. Guided by Studio Founder and Gran Turismo Creator Kazunori Yamauchi, we enjoyed a rare look inside their studio, sampling their passion, expertise, and commitment to the world’s premier racing series.

See it all for yourself, from the well-earned wall of accolades to prototype furniture designed to house a steering wheel and pedals. Yamauchi shares his feelings leading into the finalization and launch of Gran Turismo Sport, and — much to our surprise — treated us to an impromptu piano performance that left the entire team speechless.

We hope you enjoy this insight into the Polyphony Digital team, recorded on location in Tokyo, Japan and debuted live at E3 2017 last week.

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  • Great video, would have loved to see, even more, the PlayStation.Blog team was very fortunate to have this opportunity. I’ve had Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition on preorder since 05.23.16; I can’t wait to finally play it this fall.

  • I love behind the scenes looks like this, especially when they are this well-produced. Yamauchi was a good sport (no pun intended) for playing the theme live, and sounded quite good!

  • It is going to be so nice to have a great playing, and accurate driving sim on PS4. I have been pushing through with Project Cars and Assetto Corsa, but they fall so short. Looking forward to the PSVR content more than anything. Driveclub VR and Dirt Rally VR are the best two racing games I have ever played thanks to the massive leap in quality and Immersion VR adds. Hope GTS can set the course for the future of VR racing.

  • I’m playing the BETA for, what? 2 months already? Anyway, it’s been an amazing experience.
    Really looking forward to the game, even with the lack of damage, Gran Turismo STILL has something absolutely elegant and… I don’t know. It’s different. And as a photographer myself, I just ADORE the photomode in the game.
    Hurry Kaz! We’re all waiting :)

  • It’s nice to see the enviroment and how everything is being done here… I can’t wait to play this new GT and enjoy the longue, relaxing music that this game has

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