Friday the 13th: Free Bonuses & Retro Jason Skin for All Players Tomorrow

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Friday the 13th: Free Bonuses & Retro Jason Skin for All Players Tomorrow

Players get 13k customization points and a new Jason skin (complete with new music & a unique kill) starting tomorrow.

Hey campers!

We’re a few weeks out from launch and our team wants to give an update to everyone about what we’re doing. The immediate news is that it’s time for some free content to all of you, our fans and supporters that have been with us through what was definitely not the smoothest of launches. We had a lot of good and we had some bad occur; but you guys have shown us some immense support and we’re thankful to all of you.

That being said; we are happy to announce that we’ll be doing our first content update for our fans as thanks for their patience while we’ve been improving matchmaking and stamping out exploits. We were completely blown away by the people that have been playing. We believed around 35K concurrent players would happen at launch, however we more than doubled that number and it completely shut down our game on all platforms for some time with Quick Play. That being said, you guys have been a great community from Day One of our Kickstarter and through our launch. We’ve been listening to a lot of feedback and using your emails, comments and posts to fix exploits for this patch. The understanding for these issues has been immense and we thank you all!

So, the big news: we’re happy to announce that every player is getting quite a few goodies as thanks for your support and patience. First off, everyone is getting an additional 13,000 Customization Points in their account to buy some perks and Jason kills due to the issues we’ve seen. On top of that, this weekend from June 23rd to June 25th will be a double XP weekend for all players! We’ve fixed exploit issues where users were getting into areas they shouldn’t be getting!

We’ve got one other big announcement though. We’re happy to announce that everyone is getting a new Jason for free! Retro Jason is being added to the game for all users — a nod to one of the more unique versions of Jason seen in the franchise. We’ve even included all-new music for when he makes an appearance around Camp Crystal Lake, courtesy of Mitch Murder! This Jason is available for everyone, and comes with his own unique kill as well.

Our team is working day-in and day-out to improve the experience and bring you more content, and we thank you all for your help and support as we continue to move forward with Friday the 13th: The Game! We hope this first update is enjoyable for everyone when it goes live tomorrow, June 20.


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  • Pretty lackluster update in my opinion. Please give us 60fps and I’ll be happy.

    • I think you’re a spoiled brat in my opinion. A non AAA developer recognizes their shaky start and rewards players for free for their loyalty and you still find a way to complain. Please appreciate what you have and I’ll be happy.

    • Why is everyone about graphics? Dude, enjoy the game for what it is. To be honest, when I first saw game play, I was not interested one bit. Then after release, I decided to give it a chance. It’s one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. Gamer’s should be thankful for free content. It shows that companies are not all about charging for DLC and such. My favorite game right now is Rocket League. Guess what? I don’t think I’ve ever received cars or keys for free. Be thankful man and remember everything is not about graphics. Remember this quote, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Please don’t judge a game on graphics. Judge it on its content and playability. You sir, have a blessed day and be thankful.

    • I’m not complaining about the graphics, I’m complaining about the framerate. And you wanna talk about content? What content? lol

    • The frame rate is fine for me. It feel smooth and responsive enough, so I haven’t any issues when it came to fps. Try increasing the sensitivity that helped me.

    • Im very grateful for this gesture of Thanks from Gun Media and co.
      That being said , I have two questions to ask. Did this DLC Update go live yet for PS4? And will/is this DLC going to appear in s PS Store? I don’t see any add-ons at all for this great game in the digital storefront.

      Old School Horror fan for life!!!!

      PS, I hope the Devs eventually decide to Include the copycat Jason Vorhees from Part 5 ‘A New Beginning’, namely Roy Burns! Good old Roy is definitly part of the Friday The 13th canon His Hockey mask was unique , with distinct Blue chevrons rather than Jason’s usual Red chevrons. Do it, Gun Media, I believe in you.

  • Wonderful! I can’t wait to get it! Thank you!

    • I’m not complaining about the graphics, I’m complaining about the framerate. And you wanna talk about content? What content? lol

  • This is pretty cool.. Free stuff hey i’ll take it

  • Where do we get the dlc? (I’m new, sorry)
    Do you get it from ps4 or get it at somewhere else.

    • Yes we do get it from ps4 you can get it either in the ps store (just search friday the 13th the game and go to addons) or you can go to your game and go down to where it says addons and themes. Your welcome :)

    • wait i just got the game today will i be able to get the free dlc too?

  • First off I want to say how much I love this game. It is some of the most fun I have had in a multiplayer game in a long time. It has been tainted by glitchers, team killers, and hosts rage quitting during matches. I really hope this update does fix the exploits because that’s one issue down. I swear I saw on twitter that they are going to work on the host leaving issue, that’s the biggest issue for me. The PC update upped the xp penalty for team killing but I don’t think that’s enough. I think it should take away CP already earned if they do in often enough or something more permanent.

    I really want this to be the game I turn to when I want to play online, it’s that fun. Just I am scared that others running into jerks, since being a jerk isn’t really punished, and glitchers will cause them to give up on the game… and that it will die… and I don’t want that…

  • You guys were trying to claim on Facebook that this was the first ever Friday The 13th video game, and yet here you are with a skin based on an earlier one.

    How bout that.

  • I would have preferred at least one new map to go with the updates

  • can we have jason x as a dlc also be in space just like the movie

    • It was in the original stretch goals, so they already considered it (and maybe also already put a bit of work into it?). Point is, I think we can expect “Jason X” content at some point in the game’s future :)

  • What time does it come out1

  • What time does it come out

  • Has anyone gotten the update yet? Or where to go? I can’t seem to figure it out. /8′

  • The jason retro skin whit the music is sooo awesome

  • Here is the new retro skin in action! You also get the retro murder music:

  • I don’t know about everyone else but I can’t find the dlc even searched Friday 13th and it just brings up the game with no addons.

    • It’s no DLC, it’s included in the latest update. You find “Retro Jason” by selecting Part 3 Jason and then pressing the button to switch skins (I think it’s R3, but it’s shown at the bottom of the screen as well).

  • johnsonrobert850

    I updated my PlayStation 4 system a couple of weeks ago now my DualShock black joystick does not work on the new upgrade on PlayStation 4 systems how do you fix that

    • have you tried turning the dualshock while its connected to the ps4 throgh the charge cable?
      that’s usually necessary when the system reboots due to power shortage or update

  • > This Jason is available for everyone, and comes with his own unique kill as well.

    Anyone found out what the unique kill is yet? It’s not in the purchasable kills list so I guess it’s a new environmental kill..

  • I can not find the download able content for Friday The 13th game? Can I please still get it?

  • I didn’t get any points

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