Time Only Moves When You Move in SUPERHOT, Coming to PS4 & PS VR

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Time Only Moves When You Move in SUPERHOT, Coming to PS4 & PS VR

Experience the first-person smash hit Superhot, coming in just a few weeks to PlayStation 4 with a specially-tuned VR version in tow.

Alright everyone! We’ve been keeping this under wraps for quite a while now. I pretty much assumed Szymon (our community manhandler) will just up and burst with anticipation at some point. We have been looking at a literally constant stream of messages, tweets and emails from you guys. And they were all basically asking the same single question – PS4 WHEN?

Well, I’m excited out of mind to finally be able to tell you. Superhot and Superhot VR are releasing for PlayStation globally in just a few short weeks!

They’ll be available across all continents, fully adapted for the platform, meticulously tweaked for PlayStation controllers and fancifully bundled as one big package of Superhot goodness — or as separate digital downloads if you’d rather take this mind-bending and time-twisting experience one angry red crystal figure at a time.


Oh, and if you’re not fully certain what in the world am I even talking about —

Superhot is the FPS where time moves only when you do. We started building it over three years ago and with lots of outstanding support from Kickstarter and the gaming community, we rolled it out for PC last year to raving reviews and critical acclaim. It was immediately picked up and touted as the most disrupting thing in the genre, proving that there was still more to be discovered in the 25 year old art of FPS game design. Superhot proved that you can make players feel like the most badass of action heroes and cranked it all the way up to eleven.

The game started winning awards and working its way into game-of-the-year lists all over the world while we doubled down, started to work on the PS4 version of Superhot and on some serious trailblazing with Superhot VR.


What we found out at the very beginning of our VR works (way back in the wild west VR days of 2014/2015) was that just plopping a non-VR game into VR is the worst design compromise ever. The gameplay needs to be designed from scratch, the level architecture needs to be built specifically for VR… even the menus and basic interactions in the game are just stupidly clunky unless you figure them out with VR and VR alone in mind.

So we scrapped pretty much the entirety of Superhot and started building Superhot VR from scratch. A year of intense, hard work later and the team was finally ready to release. And damn was the game good. The guys really outdid themselves. They pushed the envelope of the genre even further this time.

Superhot VR immediately became one of the fastest-selling VR PC games ever and started hauling wheelbarrows of recognition and good will from industry gurus and our awesome community.


And now, after a few more months of porting, optimizing for the platform and tweaking the game for some sweet sweet PSVR and PS Move controller action, we’re officially ready to release! We’re just putting a few final cherries on top of everything.

This is really exciting. It’ll be amazing to release the games to you guys in just a few short weeks. I’m starting to hold my breath now.


Thank you for being amazing,

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