Destiny 2: E3 Trailer, PS Exclusives Detailed

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Destiny 2: E3 Trailer, PS Exclusives Detailed

Watch the new trailer for Destiny 2 and see some of the sweet, sweet loot PlayStation players will be able to pick up come September 6.

Greetings, PlayStation Nation! This is DeeJ, reporting from E3 where we just introduced you to the enemy you’ll face in Destiny 2.

Meet Dominus Ghaul.

This all-new adventure kicks off with a surprise attack on the City. You’re about to face the most dreaded foe we’ve ever sent against the Guardians. To mount a counter-attack and take back our home, you’ll need to venture back into the wild to master new forms of combat, collect some new loot, and reunite our forces. We know you’re up to the challenge.

To help you prepare for the final battle against the Cabal Empire, we’ll have some PlayStation exclusives to augment your experience. On PlayStation 4, you’ll find an additional competitive multiplayer map, a three-player cooperative Strike, a blue and white colored ship, specialized gear sets, and an exclusive exotic weapon. Check ‘em out:

Your chance to experience the action for yourself will be in the Destiny 2 Beta. You can be among the first to play on July 18 if you pre-order. We’re looking for every Guardian, new or returning, to join this adventure. If you’re a veteran of the Tower, or have studied our community from afar, this is a great time to join us as a protector of humanity. This new journey across the solar system and back begins on September 6.

Be brave!

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    Why was the release date moved up by 2 days to September 6th?

  • I only game on Playstation, but exclusive content for any game on any platform is super ultra mega lame.

    • they get what they did two generations in a row , so i don’t feel for them. these are very minor things anyway.

    • “they get what they did two generations in a row , so i don’t feel for them.”

      The players didn’t do anything two generations in a row, the platform-holders did. Players on all platforms get the short-end of these policies that serve nothing but the financial interests of giant corporations.

    • Pff the only thing lame here is your comment.

    • Exclusives should never be celebrated by gamers. Exclusives are for the platform owner only. Cutting content away from other gamers does not improve my gaming experience in any way.

    • To the people saying the exclusive content is “lame”. The exclusive content is a business decision and it is more than fair considering the competition did far worse.

      Anyone remember the deals to hold back Mass Effect 1 and TitanFall from ever being played on Playstation consoles?

    • It’s very simple. Microsoft started it and Sony is finishing it. I don’t like the practice but it’s business and the best place to play with or without exclsuive content is THE PS4.

    • This reeks of false righteousness. Anyone who bought a playstation knew what they were doing, this is the platform to get for exclusives, exclusive games, exclusive content, exclusive services. period. You can’t buy in and then act like you’re too good for what you bought.

    • What’s done is done. What I would really like to see is cross-platform play. One of my closest gaming buddies is only on X-Box and I’m only PlayStation, it would be fun having a game we could play together.

    • “The players didn’t do anything two generations in a row, the platform-holders did. Players on all platforms get the short-end of these policies that serve nothing but the financial interests of giant corporations.”

      do you lack reading comprehension? point where i said players… just don’t fall from your soap box.

  • Can’t wait for D2! As a PS4 only gamer I’m loving the PS4 exclusives! Keep’em coming!

  • My Destiny 2 is already pre ordered :) I like destiny lore.

  • Statement on clans a few weeks back still has me iffy and now I hear some lore will just be shelved… Not completely sold on this

  • Will more balance changes take place on the original Destiny after Destiny 2’s launch?

    I really hope that a greater focus is given to PVE by then, since I’m not really interested in the Crucible.

  • Already pre-order the Limited Edition.
    Hoping for more Mara Sov, new elements like Cyro or Radioactive, and more planets/enemy races than shown.

    Can you guys reduce the limited exclusivity to like 3 months, 1 year is messed up. This is not a good business practice and messed up to your fan on other platforms, especially the exotic being exclusive.

  • So………..don’t care about the exclusivity in the sense of accessibility, but this would mean that a player on any other console would have a less complete Grimoire…People who want to 100% everything in a game as expansive as this would be unable to do so with the fact that these are PS4 exclusive.

    • Pretty sure they said they were getting rid of Grimoire cards so not sure what your complaint is…

  • Please update the PlayStation Vue app on Roku!!!

  • Yeah that’s the deal and a thing I always liked about Destiny.These exclusives look cool.Wish these were exclusive forever though.When is the open beta starting for everybody?…

  • For what my feedback is worth, I also vote Destiny exclusivity be limited to three months. Maybe work out a deal so more of the content is exclusive to us, but for a shorter time.

  • destiny 2 is going to be cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool as ever man
    everything is going to change when destiny 2 comes out story’s powers bosses enemy’s and alot of other things as well

  • 09061955 is the day I came forth from my mother’s womb.

  • I wanna write up a review of this literally on my blog

    I’m excited! :D

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