UNDERTALE is Coming to PlayStation!

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UNDERTALE is Coming to PlayStation!

The indie hit makes its console debut! Creator Toby Fox talks localization and... other things.

(A dog appeared from the shadows…)

Hi, this is Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale.

Undertale is a role-playing game where no one has to get hurt. It’s a humorous game that I created to evoke the same feelings that many classic Japanese role-playing games had given me. Happiness, sadness, fear, courage, friendship, hope, love, justice…

Amazingly, I think, among Western audiences, I was able to achieve this goal. I received a lot of feedback from players that felt the “love,” “hope,” and “justice” resonating within the soul of the game.

(The dog put its strangely human fingers together and gave a strangely human smile.)

However, after a year had passed, I realized the “goal” hadn’t been absolutely completed. The games that had inspired me came from Japan, but Japanese audiences were not able to play the game easily…


To solve this, I would have to overcome two obstacles. First most obviously, the game is not in Japanese. Second most obviously, which is actually least obviously in a list of two objects, the Japanese PC game market is surprisingly small. Even if the game was released on PC in Japanese, many would not play it. So, I had to bring the game to consoles.

Anyway, since I had that realization, I’ve been working with 8-4 to translate and localize the game into Japanese. You may not have heard of 8-4, but they’re the hard-working boys and women who translated Petz Hamsterz Bunch into English. (They also localized some lesser known titles, such as NieR: Automata, Metal Gear Rising, etc.) Along the way that transformed into having them develop and publish the PlayStation versions, too.

Fangamer is working on the physical aspects of the release, like the Collector’s Edition. You know, they do most of my merchandise, so if you’ve seen that, you know it’s in good hands. (By the way, Fangamer is made up of my old friends I met because we all loved JRPGs, so I really trust them.)


Keep an eye here, and on Undertale.com, for more info as we get close to wrapping things up!

Now, to answer any questions you may have:

Q: I don’t have any questions. Please don’t release the game.
A: “UNDERTALE” will appear on PS4 and Vita in Summer 2017. We’ll have more info to share in July. Please look forward to it.

Q: Hey Kids! When and where can I get those Collector’s Editions!
A: You’ll be able to get them from Fangamer in Summer 2017.


Q: Do the PS4 and Vita versions have any new content?
A: The tutorial frog NPC that talks about pressing F4 to go full-screen has slightly different dialogue now. I apologize to die-hard fans of the tutorial frog.

Q: Did you include Trophies? I love Trophies.
A: I’m sorry.

Q: You didn’t include Trophies?
A: No… I… I did. That’s why I’m apologizing.

Q: Will the game support Cross-Buy?
A: (Staring blankly.)
(Staring blankly.)
(The teleprompter updates.)
Yes! The download version will support Cross-Buy.

Q: No!!! You fool!!! I told you not to release it! Come back here!
A: Please look forward to it.

Q: Wh-What?! Where am I…? A hall of mirrors?! Wh…Which dog is the real one?!
A: Please look forward to it.

A: Please look forward to it.

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  • Hi Toby, so glad to see Undertale make its way to PS4. I played this on PC and absolutely loved it!!

  • I will not look forward to it! You’re not my supervisor!

  • What about cross-save between Vita and PS4?

  • Toby: I’m glad to hear that bringing UnderTale to PlayStation fit your goals so well. For me, it’s like hearing that my two best friends just met each other, then became best friends themselves.

    This blog post fills me with DETERMINATION!

  • I’m so glad you’re releasing the game on PS4, and Vita! Please don’t release the game.

  • OH YES. Much appreciated for the work put into this, both for the original release and for the PS4/Vita release. Thanks for the world you’ve brought to life, and here’s hoping this new chapter will help many others enjoy this tale.

  • Toby you have no idea how happy I am right now about this!!! When I saw the trailer I yelled out loud in the theater!

    I’ve always wanted to play Undertale but could never play the PC

  • Been tweeting this, happy it’s coming true.

    Already own it on steam, but will get it again for the PS4’s colletors edition.

    Can’t wait >^-^<

  • Heya Toby.
    UT is my favorite game and my room is full of it❤
    I just have 1 question:
    -Will the Collector’s Edittion only be capable of buy in the Fan Gamer page? Or is it going to be in a game shop where we buy games?

  • Thank you Very Much Tobyfox. This one of the few games I wished it came on the Vita.

    I thought you said you had to rework the engine from the ground up to just port it to console/Vita.

    Will the game come with a Platinum Trophy :), two separate lists or a shared list for PS4/Vita?

    Will out saves be deleted like in the Steam version, anyway you can block PS+ exploit :)

    Going to pre-order the Vita collector Box.

  • Thank you to both you and Fangamer for bringing not only the game, but physical copies to the Vita.Such an underappreciated little console. As a die-hard Vita fan I couldn’t be happier to add this to my collection. The collector’s edition will be a day one buy! Thank you!!!!

  • Wow, thanks for the PS Vita version. In the west most gamers prefer the PS4 but I assure you the game will sell much faster on the PS Vita, specially if we’re talking about Japan. Congratulations!

  • (Stares Blankley)

  • I’m glad physical copies are coming and hopefully they will be easy to buy and not be a limited release.

  • (You’re carrying too many dogs.)

    Curious to see the trophies. I have a feeling it’ll be a list I won’t complete.

    • Probably going to have some ones like “Only Kill Toriel/Papyrus/Undyne/Mettaton” Or hard ones like “Kill or Mercy Toriel/Papyrus/Sans/Undyne/Mettaton Without getting hit” Or “Without dying”

  • WarriorGaming110

    Will the collector’s edition be sold at gamestop

  • This is going straight to my Vita! Day one!

  • Please look forward to it.

  • Thanks for being the only person at E3 willing to announce a game for Vita.

    • @generic123 To be fair Limited Run Games announced a bunch of Vita upcoming releases

    • AFAIK, none of LRG’s announcements were new games. Just their physical releases were new.

    • Amen!!! It is nice to hear the words “also coming for Playstation Vita” from that trailer. It is nice to know western developers are still making games for the Vita.

  • hi tobi Sama ..
    Please Add other languages ​​to the game
    Like Arabic, you have arab fans also like to play it ❤
    oh .. lookind forward to the game in os4 & vita

  • Is there no way to get a Vita download code in the box with the collector’s edition?

    Please don’t do that.

  • Please update the PlayStation Vue app on Roku!!!

  • Really excited to play this again on Vita! Thanks for making it happen.

  • I don’t mind at all if Undertale comes out on the PS4. I can’t wait for the game to have another potential boom in popularity, this is the kind of game that deserves it!


    • Unlikely. I think, as would many people in the fandom, think it would ruin the game with even more endings. DLCs for a game like this are just probably not going to happen

    • How would the parts in the Genocide act happen? How would Chara shake the window when taking your soul? Would Chara still shake it? Is it possible for the game to force close on PS4 and PSVita?

    • Dids-03 I Think When You Lose at flowey, The game will have an error and crash. Also when Chara takes your soul, the thing that will mostly happen is that your Dualshock 4 will vibrate. Not sure about the vita though…

  • Do We Have A Price Set On This Already?!?! I need to know!!

  • Thank you for this! Will be getting the physical Vita version myself. Also, huge thanks for NOT doing the physical copies through Limited Run Games. Their business model is anti-consumer in my book.

  • Thank you Mr. Toby Fox for porting this game to Playstation. I’ve seen gameplays of this wonderful game on YouTube and I’ve been dying to play it one day (I’m not a PC gamer). I can’t wait for a release day. It will be a day one buy for me.

  • Best Q&A ever Award goes to Toby Fox!


  • That’s great their adding undertale to playstation

  • gaster(misteryman) is paid dlc right?


  • I’m curious as to how the…technical moments of the game are going to work on different hardware. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  • This is going to be awesome. I’ve waited so long for Undertale to be for something else other than PC. Time to be burning in HELL.

  • When is the digital release available for Pre-Order?

  • And they say Vita is dead! Nice to see cool stuff still coming out for it.

  • Hello now i especially am excited for this you see i have a crappy labtop that bearly could run umdertale and i also had to.use my friends steam just to play it so yes im happy to see it come to my turf that beong said… THANK YOU SO MUCH TOBY FOX FOR BRING UNDERTALE TO PS4!!!!!!

  • Finally, thanks for bringing this to ps4, already have it on my pc but I like to play it on my ps4 more. I’ll double dip then :)

    Any info on collector edition price? Is it on disc or digital? I hope it’s digital code since I want to cross-play it with my psvita.

  • Wait… will this have a digital release as well or is getting the physical copy the only way of playing the game ?

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh i cant Waite for it to come to PlayStation 4 i really love watching people play it cause i never had a computer so i cant Waite to play it

  • Kites_Twinblades

    “You may not have heard of 8-4, but they’re the hard-working boys and women who translated Petz Hamsterz Bunch into English. (They also localized some lesser known titles, such as NieR: Automata, Metal Gear Rising, etc.)”

    Get this amazingly smug dog with human features out of the Q&A. He’s the only one you could get…?

    You win this time, Toby.

  • I cannot express how happy I am to see this coming to Vita! Thank you, thank you, thank you…

  • When is the exact date of release for the game

  • Toby Fox, I am so buying this game

  • When my Brother showed me the trailer, I was never expecting this to happen. I really wanted a console version since it’s release, especially because I couldn’t support you because the computer broke down. You fixed the problem with one bang of a hammer on the console, and the Heavens above blessed the console with the DogSong. Ok, joking aside, I’ve really wanted to play it on PlayStation, and I just got the PS4 a month ago, so when I found this out, I had to cover my mouth from my screaming of excitement. I’m really looking forward to it, and hope I can manage to somehow get the pre-order version for my Birthday. You are an inspiration to all of us Toby, never change. Now, have a biscuit. *Throws dog biscuit at Dog Toby* Happy Game Making!

  • Thanks for the Vita love. Much appreciated!

  • Awesome now just got to wait for the fnaf series

  • Hey Toby, what’s the exact release date? I know it’s in the summer, but is there a month to expect it in? It would also help to know the day of that month too.

  • Will there be PSN avatars of the Undertale crew?

  • Is there a release date yet?

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