Marvel’s Spider-Man: Insomniac Details the E3 Trailer

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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Insomniac Details the E3 Trailer

Insomniac breaks down everything we saw in the new gameplay demo for their high-flying, web-slinging collaboration with Marvel.

Hey everyone!

My name is Bryan Intihar and I’m the Creative Director at Insomniac Games working on Spider-Man. It’s been a while since we last showed the game, but today at the PlayStation Media Showcase we unveiled our first gameplay demo, and revealed that the game will arrive on PlayStation 4 consoles in 2018.

Working with Marvel has been a lifelong dream come true for me. You may remember this story from my blog last year, about the time when I first heard we had the opportunity to make this game, and I rushed into Insomniac CEO Ted Price’s office and told him “we have to do this!” It’s been an amazing ride ever since, working with our longtime partners at Sony Interactive Entertainment and our new collaborators at Marvel.

What we’ve created is our own new contribution to the Spider-Man universe that mixes the familiar with the unexpected. We are super passionate about creating a compelling, completely original Spider-Man that fans have never experienced before. This isn’t a retelling of his origin story; our Spider-Man features a 23-year-old Peter Parker who has become a masterful Spider-Man. While he may be more experienced, Peter and Spider-Man’s worlds continue to collide as he tries to juggle them.

In the real-time gameplay demo we released (and will be playing live in a theater in the PlayStation Booth at E3), Spider-Man has arrived at a construction site owned by Wilson Fisk (a.k.a. the Kingpin). Fisk’s men are under assault by a gang known as the Inner Demons, and Spider-Man has to stop the bloodshed. In the process, he learns that Martin Li, one of the city’s most prominent philanthropists, secretly leads the Inner Demons via his alter-ego, Mr. Negative. Martin Li runs the F.E.A.S.T. shelters all across town which only further complicates things for Peter Parker’s personal life, as his beloved Aunt May works at F.E.A.S.T.


During the demo, you’ll see a sampling of Spider-Man’s more powerful improvisational and acrobatic combat style. He’s honed his skills and he’s stronger and more confident in combat. Dodging, using webs, and aerial combat are all second nature. You may also notice the usage of Web Trip Wire and impact webs. After spending eight years fighting crime in the city, Parker’s genius in the lab and workshop has led to the creation of many new gadgets and devices that he can use as Spider-Man during the course of the game.


We’ve taken great care when developing a beautiful Manhattan for players to explore. Getting the web swinging right was absolutely imperative to us, and we’ve spent a lot of time on that (yes, webs do attach to buildings). But you’ll also notice Spider-Man has a whole other suite of traversal moves, including using parkour-style moves to overcome any part of the environment with effortless skill.


Our Spider-Man is also about those BIG moments that punctuate the story, and you’ll see one of those in the demo as Spider-Man tackles the challenge of chasing Mr. Negative while also protecting the citizens of New York.

We couldn’t be more excited to be bringing Spider-Man to life on PlayStation 4 in 2018. To keep up with all the latest, be sure to follow Insomniac Games on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Or join the conversation on our sub-Reddit or Discord channels!

– Bryan


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  • Easily my most anticipated game of 2018, or any year for that matter. Insomniac’s pedigree has me at ease, please do it, right team. PS: the trailer/gameplay looked Amazing; pun intended.

    • The game is amazing and I can’t wait to play it.

      One thing tough I’ve noticed. When Spiderman ask the criminal Willie who is the boss of the demons. He replies, you’ll see, check the rooftop.
      How exactly does Willie know that the boss of the demons is on the rooftops right now when he’s in jail? He can’t.
      Unless he’s watching it live on TV with a camera crew helicopter filming it live there’s no way for him to know that.

      Other than that, great job and keep up the good work.

    • His men could have easily told him, after all he is communicating with them.

    • @CommandingTiger
      He’s using a phone in jail… and you’re asking how he knows that someone is on the roof of where Spider-Man is? You’re joking right?

  • Miles Playable! Confirm or deny?

    • Confirmed

    • Since Sony has the rights to the Spiderman Movies and the new one Homecoming has Ironman in it. Also Thor DLC.

      Can you work your magic like you did last time and get Iron Man as a playable character? That’d be totally awesome and a win-win for Marvel and Sony for making more money.

      Also add Spiderman’s crew, like Desmond Miles Spiderman, Gwen Spiderman, other’s like White Tiger, Powerman, Agent Venom, Iron Spider. Villains like Rhino. Doc Oct. Vulture.

    • Denied via an article Kotaku just posted. They only used Miles as an easter egg to indicate that this game occurs in the ultimate universe.

  • Can’t wait, maybe I will finally get to finish a Spiderman game :).

  • Is it open world?

    • I had a bit of doubt about that too but…”We’ve taken great care when developing a beautiful Manhattan for players to explore.”….sounds pretty open-world to me.

  • Was expecting this gameplay to be honest E3 was all about seeing this gameplay and boy am I glad you guys delivered,the gameplay was insane.It’s unbelievable how incredible it looks…can’t wait,looks like we’ll finally have a good Spidey game after the PS1 ones.Insomniac you have ma respect again…fantastic job!!


  • Amazing, in every sense of the word. What a close to the show!

  • Really hope this takes the Arkham Asylum route where there are a bunch of momentos/references to Spidey’s rogues gallery with bios and images of their multiple incarnations throughout history, even if they aren’t in the game themselves. Have some kind of physical presence of the characters in the world. Revel in the lore!

  • Looks great. As long as it feels like Spider-Man and not like the Batman games it should be good!

  • Please update the PlayStation Vue app on Roku!!!

  • You guys lost a LOT or respect when you left PlayStation and jumped into Microsoft’s lap.
    I hope Sunset Overdrive was worth it.
    You could have stayed with Sony and your loyal first party fanbase and be enjoying the current gen 2-1 in Sony’s favor and market share.

    That and you killed Resistance, one of my favorite franchises EVER.

    Just not that into you anymore…..

  • This game seems to borrow elements from a handful of games we all love and mashes them all together into one. I’m drooling all over this!

    Have you guys thought of a Collector’s Edition?

  • Easily one of my most anticipated exclusives for 2018. The demo that was shown was absolutely amazing and was an amazing close to Sony’s conference. Hope to see more of the game soon.

  • Looks phenomenal. Ultimate Spiderman was a blast and it looks like Insomniac has the web slinging down and on top of that the combat looks incredible as well. No doubt this is going to be a instant Classic and perhaps the best ever Spiderman game. Disappointed, 2018, but w/ Destiny 2 coming, still, I CAN NOT WAIT!!

  • Can this be out for pre-order cause I would buy the second it goes up

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