Fortnite Coming July 25 With PlayStation-Exclusive Heroes

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Fortnite Coming July 25 With PlayStation-Exclusive Heroes

The storm is coming. Build your team and prepare to save humanity in Fortnite.

Fortnite is coming to PlayStation on July 25. Build huge forts, craft exotic weapons, find loot, and level up your squad while leading the world’s remaining Heroes in the fight to save humanity and take back the world. You can watch our brand new gameplay trailer to get a feel for the game and even pre-order a Founder’s Pack. In addition to the Founder’s Pack, we’ll be offering PlayStation-exclusive hero cards only available to players on PlayStation 4. These special cards sport a unique color scheme designed to show off your Sony pride.

The Soul of Fortnite

Everybody loves building forts. Whether it was blankets and couch cushions, or building a fort in the woods by your house, you and your friends could spend Saturday afternoons hiding out, or repelling monstrous hordes of imaginary creatures. This idea is universal. It’s everywhere in stories and movies. It’s Harry Potter defending Hogwarts from Voldemort’s army, and Aragorn, standing against the orcs at Helm’s deep. This idea inspired the rich, colorful world of Fortnite, where you and your friends are Heroes, building forts and making a stand against hordes of monsters, and of course, blowing them up.


The Game

The world of Fortnite is expansive and uses a hybrid of procedural generation with sculpted “puzzle pieces” to create interesting play spaces to explore. Almost anything can be harvested for loot and materials, and used for for crafting. Build the equipment you need, when you need it. Knowing when to spend your hard-earned resources is part of the strategy of mastering the world of Fortnite.

Let’s talk about the rewards you get in Fornite. (Everyone likes to get stuff right?) Fortnite takes a bunch of Epic’s gunplay know-how and smashes it together with a Diablo-style RPG system. We have a solid assortment of guns: sniper rifles, rocket launchers, lasers and shotguns galore all in your favorite rarity colored flavors. We also have a pile of close-combat weapons that range from claymores to katanas and my favorite: the rocket-powered sledgehammer. Along with weapons, players are also able to collect and recruit Defenders. These are specialist NPCs that help you hold the line against the Husk hordes.

Building in Fortnite is designed to be usable before combat and in the heat of battle. Need to throw up a quick wall? It’s a tap and a trigger away. Want to build more impressive structures? The editing tool puts the power of building customization in your hands, choosing between fences, windows, stairs, ramps and doors in your fort. Fortnite buildings can also be built from three different materials with different properties: wood, stone, and metal. Building coupled with the ability to craft a whole host of deadly traps, can eliminate creatures before they can even get to your Fort’s walls! It’s up to you to decide which one to use in a pinch.


Last, but certainly not least, is classes and combat. Players collect hero cards drawn from a pool of four core classes:

  • Outlanders: Explorer class
  • Soldiers: Ranged weapon masters
  • Ninjas: Melee and mobility experts
  • Constructors: Masters of buffing forts

These classes gives players certain edges in the fight to retake the world from the monsters. A well-balanced team can nearly always save the day, but mix-and-match different specialties to find all new effective combinations. Combat is fast and chaotic in Fortnite, with a diverse groups of monsters, trying to overwhelm you with hordes of Husks, or even flinging themselves onto the roof of your fortress in an attempt to burrow from above. You’ll have to utilize all the tools in your toolbox to be successful at the top end of gameplay in Fortnite.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg of all the things Fortnite has to offer, and as an online game we will be adding new content monthly, with events, new heroes, new creatures, traps, and weapons. Fortnite is designed to continue to be built with the community, and represents a multi-year commitment from Epic Games. If the players want more Fortnite, we will keep making the world bigger, with big new features and gameplay types.


We are about to enter into a new phase of development, where PlayStation 4 players can be part of the paid Early Access. It is our intent that Fortnite will evolve into a free-to-play title during 2018. However, we wanted to give people the opportunity to gain Early Access to the game along with exclusive items and in-game events that come only with the Founder’s Early Access.

So if you want to come hang out with some cool folks, get tons of cool loot, and help make Fortnite more awesome … jump on board and help us build the community. Still not sure? That’s cool too. You decide when you want to jump onto the train. We mean it. No BS. We will be here when you are ready to build killer forts with your friends!

Questions/comments? Come hang out with the team. They’re awesome, and they love making games for you. I’m really proud of the all the people who have contributed to the world of Fortnite, (devs and the community) and I’m really looking forward to more people taking back the world and making it their own!


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  • Please update the PlayStation Vue app on Roku!!!

    • 1. Your comment has nothing to do with this post
      2. This is just the PlayStation Blog, not some forums for making requests

      On Topic:

      I played the beta of this and it’s pretty solid, but of course you’ll want friends to enjoy it fully. My friends will not pay for this so I guess I’ll wait for it to return to free to play before I get to play on PS4

    • 1. I know it has nothing to do with this post.
      2. Sony is bad at fixing little things. So this is more trying to make a statement to get them to fix something simple.
      3. Get over yourself.

    • Kindly stop posting this request everywhere.

  • Is it playable yet? Because it’s purchasable in the store (doesn’t say preorder)

    • yah kinda pist about that, was looking for a new game and it says it was released on 6/08 so i purchased it to play, come to find out it doesnt even come out for another month. No pre-order tag on it whatsoever, only found out once I paid for it that I couldnt download it.

  • Playstation-exclusive content is kind of a turn-off for me. I want to share and discuss a communal experience with other players, regardless of the platforms between us. I would honestly be more interested in this game if it didn’t include exclusive content.

    • Pfff.Unbelievable.

    • Playstation exclusives is what sells the console. If there weren’t exclusives people would be complaining about that.

    • This would be like Nintendo switch owners complaining about Mario and Zelda games being exclusive to their platform. I’m sure those people would love to “share and discuss a communal experience” whatever that means lol.

  • I’m so excited for this game!!

  • Will there be any account wipes from the point early access starts?

    Will there be a platinum trophy?

    • Hi. From what the devs have said there will be a wipe before Early Access (right before the four-day head start on July 21st), so probably on or before July 20th. They have said there will be no more wipes after Early Access starts. Hope this helps. :)

  • Any chance this will have split screen?

  • Hi
    You say it’s released on July 25 with early access to July 21, okay?
    I’m confused when it’s released on July 25 on ps4 will it be free to play or will it be paid?

    • Early Access starts July 25th, but pre-orders grant a four-day head start beginning July 21st.

      Early Access is paid early access on all the platforms. You need to buy a Founders Pack to play during Early Access (and pre-orders of Founders Packs are what gives the four-day head start) or wait until open beta sometime in 2018 for free to play. Hope that helps. :)

  • Hey, Darren. Not sure if you or anyone else in the team sees this, but just in case I’ll ask anyway.

    The PlayStation exclusive hero cards with the Sony theme colors. How will that work for cross progression? Will they show up when playing it on the PS4 and be locked/invisible when playing on the pc/mac? Just asking since I might be playing on both ps4 and mac (psn and epic games accounts are linked). Would be nice to know how the ps4 exclusive would work in regards to a cross progression game. Take care and I’m psyched for your game. Can’t wait to start playing it. Thanks.

  • There were so many great looking games at E3; a LOT to be excited about; but for me Fortnite just looked REALLY fun! I bought the Limited Edition ($200 yikes!) and I’m hoping to get a lot of fun out of this tile for a long time! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • So, if the games comes out in 2018 officially, what’s in store for someone who gets access to it now, other than playing it early?
    I’m interested in it, but I’m afraid of not being able to find many people playing it until its release date.

    • You’ll get 6+ months head start over those waiting for free to play and I imagine (though I don’t actually know, so take this with lots of salt) that they might do some events before 2018 like Halloween or Christmas and no wiping after Early Access begins means that if you get any special event skins or weapons you won’t lose them and can show them off when free to play starts.

      There will be some people playing during Early Access on PS4, so there will be people to play with. There are multiple ps4 communities dedicated to Fortnite as well, so if you join any of them, f.ex; “Fortnite PlayStation Community”, you’ll find other ps4 players to team up with. Also, if you have an Epic Games account and link your psn to it you’ll be able to play on both ps4 and pc, so lots of people to play with. Founders Packs also come with different bonus content if you’re into that. Some even come with bonus copy/invite for a friend so one of your friends can play the game with you.

  • Will there be additional skins for the character classes? Seasonal skins like Overwatch?

  • Is this going to be Split Screen Couch Co-Op? Hope so. Looks like it has a lot of potential for Splitscreen.

  • So are the PS-exclusive hero cards exclusive to pre-orders? And what do they do?

  • If I but one founders pack, can I upgrade to a higher one later (with the price difference?)

  • Will PS+ be require to play Fortnite online?

  • Hi. Serious question here, if I pre-order the Limited edition on PS4, how will I gift the 2 extra copies to two of my friends?

    Will I just get download codes via email? IPerhaps I’m just not up-to-date with the playstation store but last I checked there wasn’t a “gift to friend” option on say something like steam.

    A response as soon as possible would be highly appreciated so I can decide which edition to pre-order. Thanks in advance!.

    • @savagewraith. if you don’t have others to play with you can send me one of the codes. If you do have takers for the game codes add me on PSN and we will play when It comes out!

  • Will this game be shareable between accounts, users in the ps4?

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