Announcing Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds

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Announcing Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds

Get a glimpse at the newest territories of Guerilla’s sprawling adventure title.

Today I’m thrilled to announce The Frozen Wilds, an expansion of Horizon Zero Dawn set in the icy territories of the north. To pique your curiosity, we’ve prepared a teaser trailer for you.

Expanding the vibrant, post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Zero Dawn and continuing the journey of young machine hunter Aloy, The Frozen Wilds adds a brand new area with its own compelling storyline, adventures and side activities.

Pre-order Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds from PlayStation Store and receive an exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn Avatar. We’ll reveal more about The Frozen Wilds in the coming months; in the meantime keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog and on Guerrilla’s Twitter and Facebook pages for the latest updates on Horizon Zero Dawn.

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  • Is this a download only expansion or will it come out on disc as a standalone thing?

    • My question, exactly. I have a feeling it’s digital only. It’s retail price is only $20 on the PlayStation Store.

      Also, PS+ members, preorder it for only $14.99!

    • This is an expansion, not a stand alone release. You will need the base game to be able to enjoy Aloy’s new adventure.

    • so no retail/physical version of the dlc.. only digital? TIA for the answer

    • So no retail release? Infamous had a retail release to?

    • I have the Collectors Edition already the game is great. Bedankt voor de game.

    • I’m so excited Hermen!!! When I finished doing everything I could in Horizon I was actually sad as I wanted to keep playing and do more, so I am overjoyed that your team is making an expansion for the game. Thank you!

  • Although its a beast of a game (would have been GOTY if it werent for Breath of the Wild), Remeber what Eric Cartman Said about Preordering Games!!!!

  • Take my money!

  • Looks great guys. I hope you add more trophies to the game as well.

  • And this is why I didn’t buy any of the games in the current sale. Waiting for the GOTY editions of Horizon and Nioh.

    • You could wait and pay $60 later, but Horizon is $40 and The Frozen Wilds is on sale for $15 to pre-order, so you can save on that package and start playing it sooner.

    • Really man?…Horizon is worth any price,it’s simply one of the best games ever made for tons of motives.This is the kind of game that is a rarity nowadays and only Sony is capable to convey…not only it’s a new IP but does something that it was never done before(the machines) which is very original,game had irrelevant pre-order bonuses,no season pass,no DLC announced before launch which means you get the full game,game has a lot of content,no bugs and it’s a technical marvel.

      If that ain’t worth any price I don’t know what is…you talk as if this was the typical multiplat game we see with tons of DLC before launch and that we know we’ll get half the game at launch and half behind a paywall so better wait for GOTY but I think they didn’t know Horizon would be such success and started working on Frozen Wilds later maybe.So buying this DLC is the least we could do to support such wonderful devs.

      Just saying.

  • How long does the ps plus discount last? Until release?

  • Very psyched; looking forward to learning if there is core plot stuff or “just” side quests but either way, I’m sold

  • Please update the PlayStation Vue app on Roku!!!

  • Oh man I’m in a love/hate relationship with Frozen Wilds cuz I like the plat to be ma last earned trophy on games and was kinda hoping for no reveal of DLC but at the same time I want more Horizon and can’t freakin wait for Frozen Wilds already lol…pre-ordered,I wanted those european avatars really bad so nice pre-order bonuses too.

    PS:Thought we were going to Ban-Ur but looks like we ain’t…also damn even the Thunderjaw reacted to that roar,can’t wait.

    Guerrilla I always loved you guys since KZ2 but with Horizon you guys went beyond the stratosphere.

  • One of the best games created ever

  • Too bad the Australian PlayStation store doesn’t have it listed.. Are Aussies going to miss out on the reduce price for this game?

    • The PS Plus discount should be global.
      We are waiting for the European PlayStation Store to update. This will hopefully happen in the next days.

    • WOW, Australian PSN is $27 to buy the DLC…. what a rip.. $14 USD v $27 AUD

  • Random question, I purchased the physical copy of Horizon in Australia, if I purchase the DLC from the US store, will it work?

    • Most likely not. I occasionally buy EU versions of games I really like, so I can replay and get achievements again. I can’t purchase DLC for them. It’s the same for Japanese-released games like DOA X3. DLC can’t be purchased from US store.

    • DLC isn’t region free, so you would need to get your hands on the Australian version of the DLC.

  • HZD is such a game done right. No season pass nonsense, and a very complete game that was continually finetuned and enhanced. Normally I laugh at pre-order folk, but I will gladly be a hypocrite for HZD.

    The only thing disappointing is the avatar for pre-orders. Is that the best that could be done after us gamers made HZD (hopefully) a big financial success for the parties involved. A dynamic theme would have been better. An exclusive avatar ranks lower in freebies than a junk toy in a box of Cracker Jacks.

  • Too early to ask if Horizon will get a goty / complete disk edition?

  • Pre-ordered it, when will I get the Avatar?

  • Will the price be $14.99 for PSplus members after release? If the price wont be the same, how long will the $14.99 price stand?

  • How long does the PS plus discount last? ’till release date o sooner? Thank you!

    OMG! I’m sooo hyped!

  • Greatest news ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m so excited Hermen!!! When I finished doing everything I could in Horizon I was actually sad as I wanted to keep playing and do more, so I am overjoyed that your team is making an expansion for the game. Thank you!

  • Even for today it’s still not available on Indonesian psn store :(

  • So where can I buy the collectors edition for a new statue?

  • this is THE first game that I actually TRIED to get platinum (highest trophy) cuz I REALLY loved the story, the characters, the idea of making future us ancient, and all of that is just GREAT. I love this, I love everything about it and I will buy all the DLC cuz it deserves respect. developers, I hope you continue the story as far as you can cuz this is LEGEND. I don’t care what others say, I LOVED IT. please continue the story ( horizon zero dawn 2 I mean) as far as you can cuz this idea of a game like this is just, GENIUS. wish you all luck, you deserve it. love y’all :D

  • kristianabrante

    Anyone who knows when the release date is “frozen wilds”

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