Shadow of the Colossus Announced for PS4

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Shadow of the Colossus Announced for PS4

Developed by Bluepoint Games and JAPAN Studio, Shadow of the Colossus looks to be lovingly rebuilt for PS4, making one of the most artistic, emotional, and celebrated games ever made available for a new audience.

The unexpected reveal of Shadow of the Colossus during PlayStation’s E3 2017 Media Showcase was a rare moment of true surprise and delight. Developed by Bluepoint Games and JAPAN Studio, Shadow of the Colossus looks to be lovingly rebuilt for PS4, making one of the most artistic, emotional, and celebrated games ever made available for a new audience.

Though specifics are scarce at present, we did get a first look at some impressive in-game footage from the announce trailer. Watch it at the top of this post.

The fact that Shadow of the Colossus remains so entrenched in the modern gaming discourse is a lasting monument to the game’s singular vision. If this reintroduction can introduce that wonder to a new generation of gamers, it’s a win for the medium as a whole.

What did you think? I’m hoping we’ll have more details on Shadow of the Colossus in the months ahead. Stay tuned!

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  • Would love to see ICO get this treatment as well

    • Hopefully this is a big commercial success for them and then they can green light ICO for similar treatment.

  • I think it looked AMAZING! As soon as I saw those iconic broken bridges from the first shot I cheered. Can’t wait to dive back in to one of my favorite games of all-time if it’s going to look this good :-D

    • Just like me – that was when I knew!

    • Same here! As soon as I saw that tower with the bridge extending from it, my God, I could have fainted! Probably my favorite game of all time given the update it deserves!

  • Looks amazing! I would hope there is a lot of extra content. Director’s interviews, concept art, etc.

  • Okay so hold up it’s a remaster? ‘Cause it looked like a ground-up remake.

    • Remake. Not a remaster.

    • They already did the HD port on PS3. This looks and feels like a ground up remake.

    • If it’s a remake I hope for more surprises with additional content and things to discover around the lonely open world. Also, the controls really could use a revamp to be more predicable and responsive.

    • For people coming in late, I asked this question because the article originally referred to it as a remaster. That verbiage has now been removed, so, remake woo!

  • It looks so amazing, best surprise of the show for me.

  • I’m really hoping there’s some new content in this ‘remake’. I remember there being a whole bunch of hidden/incomplete areas as well as a bunch of colossi that never made release. Here’s hoping everything that was planned gets included in this remake~!

  • Day one :)

    Blupoint games should remaster god of war collection next, using gow 3 ps4 engine to all games.

    • They NEED to remake GoW or at least re-release them with PRO support and 4K as they are on PS3.
      Also Resistance trilogy, Killzone trilogy, Infamous 1-2 and 4 main proper games of Ratched and Clank

  • Starting to feel more and more like Hollywood in the game industry. Reboot or remake and forget original ideas.

    So far E3 is a bust for me with Sony. Nothing new and exciting, or at least that got me excited. I mean, quick-time events in spider-man…???? What are you thinking. Monster Hunter may be ok but I never played any of the others so do not know much about it.

    Best announcement was a DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn as long as they use their brains and don’t over price it like most all dlc packs out there (no dlc should ever be the same or more than what the original game is selling for at that time).

    Disappointed there was no Mass Effect Andromeda DLC announcement :(

    • Reboots and remakes have always been a part of gaming. So it’s nothing new or a problem the way to are making it out to be. There are tons of new games and new ideas. Horizon Zero Dawn released this year as well as Nioh so I hope you bought both since you are complaining. People complain about wanting to play old games and then complain about remakes and remasters. There was plenty new at E3 even if you were not excited.

      The games that have already been announced look great, especially Spider-man so that is all that matters. They can not announce a bunch of new games every year when they still have many unreleased games.

      Speaking of Spider-man, the Spider-man games had quick time years ago and this looks like the best Spidey game ever, which is not saying much since the old Spidey games sucked. So why are you complaining?

      quick time is not a bad thing and certain situations need it like the way Spidey had to stop that crane from falling on the city. How do you propose they do that set piece? Insomiac knows more about created great game play for Spider-man then you do so sit back relax and enjoy the game when it releases.

  • a remake of a remaster

    who asked for this again? Like 4 people?

    • I’m pretty sure that’s it is more than 4 people. Believe it or not, there are gamers who like remasters/remakes.

    • Yeah a lot of them like recycled games too and paying double for games they already own which is a shame.This Shadow ain’t one of those though.

    • Heck no. There are so many people out there that LOVE this game. And by love, I mean that this is one of their favorite, if not their complete favorite, game of all time. Don’t be one of “those” people simply because you don’t care about the game. I don’t care much about Yoshi, but I sure as heck was happy for those who are getting a great looking Yoshi game on the Switch.

  • I hope there is an epic collector’s edition and special Shadow of the Colossus merchandise in the PlayStation Gear shop.

  • I was still kind of hoping more for a sequel to the game, but, with that said, I’ll take what I can get. I loved Shadow of the Colossus so much even back when it was a PS2 game, played the remaster and continued to love it so. With this looking like it’s rebuilt ground up for the PS4, totally on board with it.

  • Will the controls make sense this time? Lawlz.

  • A re-re-release of a 12 year old game that should have been on PC from day one. Please tell me this at least manages to hit 60 FPS. Otherwise I’ll stick to my emulator.

  • This is the PERFECT opportunity to add in some of the cut Colossi!! It would give fans and players a new experience with the game, like with Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age.

  • Stole the show for me. My biggest question is, what are they going to do to one of the greatest soundtracks ever created?

  • A bit confused on this article. You use phrases like ‘looks to be’ and ‘hoping to have more details’. Is this not the official Sony blog? How do you not know the answers to if this is a remake or just the existing version with prettier graphics? Surely Sony knows these kind of details on what games are being developed for it’s system. Do developers just show up with a near completed game out of the blue and say ‘Hey Sony look at this, do you want to release it on your platform’?

    As to including hidden areas and extra collosi, I doubt it. This studio is the studio that did the port of the PS2 version to PS3. It’s not the original developer who actually came up with the actual content for the game. So them adding in their own new stuff kind of goes against the original developer.

    • You seem to be under the impression that every single bit of info is shared with the blog team. It is very easily (and likely) the case that the article is worded that way because they legitimately do not know more.

    • Its clearly the existing version with prettier graphics…just look at it,if you played the original you know it ain’t a remake from the ground up.

    • Its FULL remake with all new assets, will run in 4K on PS4PRO and support both classical control scheme and new modern
      Thats what Shu said in interview
      Watch this 1:! comparison, in full screen:
      Watch 4K trailer in Native resolution:

  • Most overrated game ever!


    That’s right! Come at me bro!

  • How about bringing the original to Vita in the meantime?

  • Blueprint is the best company at ports/remaster and remakes. I can’t wait to play this again.

  • Please update the PlayStation Vue app on Roku!!!

  • I’m a huge Shadow fan but I’m disappointed at this,I get it its a true remaster so kudos to Sony for that but its unnecessary.Like I would like to see that done to some PS1 game a la Crash.I guess Shadow is ok cuz its from the PS2 era but still doesn’t strike me as a must-buy and I wasn’t even excited when I saw it…I mean I’d rather go play the original in HD on PS3.Plus it doesn’t look 100% PS4…this ain’t built from the ground up for PS4 just like Last Guardian.

    And y’all always give the new generation of gamers as excuse but a good gamer will introduce the young bloods to such classics one way or another I think this is our duty.I introduced Shadow to ma young brother when he was still a child and today he’s as much fan of Shadow as I am.

    • None otehr games are as Bombastic as this, watch the 4K trailer and now imagine playing it on PS4PRo in 4K with HDR, all the giant bosses on big 4K TV?! Thats major fanboy points, put a good ad with gameplay in wallmart tv/games section on Sony 65inch OLED TV all day and people will be stop to look and than some will buy PS4PRO and OLED or just one or the otehr.

  • Literally I threw money at the screen when the trailer appeared.
    Ps2 version: Bought and played
    Ps3 version: Bought and played
    Ps4 version: Waiting for the Pre-order
    Ps5 version: I will buy it and play again

  • I hope they add some hidden colossus in this game

  • I want them to do this with the 5 main GOW games, and make them like if it was 1 huge adventure, without menus and other crap between each.

    You play COO then BAM! it continues with GOW1 then Ghost of Sparta then GOW2 and GOW3 XD

  • As MAXIMO273 said, it would be cool to have ICO as remake for PS4 as well as Dark Cloud with new cool and realistic graphics.

  • How about god of war 1 and 2? Also lets not forget fahrenheit. And the one and only Siren…

  • Looks great. Can’t wait to play. This is just what I wanted since I never got to play the original even though I had the PS3 port. I just never got around to playing it and I am glad I didn’t Great work Sony. The PS4 has been the best PlayStation yet.

  • As soon as I saw that bridge…I knew. It looks beautiful.

  • This was the best thing at Sony’s E3 presser. Trouble is, it had been spoiled by a couple gaming sites before the show.

    Now about the game. It’s going to look, control and play great, but can’t we do more? More I hear you ask? Yes, more!

    How about getting Fumito Ueda and some of the original team to flesh out and refine some of the cut Colossi and areas and add them into this version?

    Also add ICO for another amazing double-pack adventure!

  • I REALLY hope that they do this right and give the game the same Stereoscopic 3D treatment that the PS3 version got only with smooth framerate, and at least 1080p resolution when 3D is activated. If they do this, then it’s a day one purchase for me, and I look forward to ICO getting the same treatment. However, if this game has the 3D tossed out the door like was done with Unchatered Collection, then It’s a no buy for me. Uncharted 3 on the PS3 in 3D looks so much better than the PS4 remaster without 3D it’s not even funny, so lets hope that they listed to their fanbase ad leave the 3D in the game, and just remaster the graphics and give it perhaps one hidden boss that we all felt the first one was missing in the garden somewhere :)

  • If it doesn’t have 3D, I’ll pass on this and stick with the PS3 remaster.

  • Super hyped for this. It’s currently my 4th most anticipated game.

  • If its anything like The Last Guardian, it’ll be coming out in 2026 for the PS5. I don’t trust this company to deliver games on any kind of decent time frame.

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