Cover-Based FPS Bravo Team Announced for PS VR, From Supermassive Games

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Cover-Based FPS Bravo Team Announced for PS VR, From Supermassive Games

First details on Supermassive's new cover-based FPS, featuring support for the PS VR Aim Controller and online co-op play.

Hi everyone, my name is Keith Linares and I’m a lead designer at Supermassive Games.

Bravo Team is a first person PlayStation VR cover shooter set in a fictional, modern day city in Eastern Europe. When an escort mission goes wrong it’s up to you and a teammate to survive as the city is thrown into turmoil. You’ll need to think on your feet, work together and battle through an intense journey of close calls and chaotic firefights.

Teamwork is vital to survive and Bravo Team has been developed for both single player and online two player co-op with an active PS Plus membership. Our levels and enemy situations are designed to test your ability to work as a team. Calling targets, covering fire and constant communication are the difference between success and failure.


With Bravo Team, we’ve gone to tremendous lengths to put you inside the battle. At any one time there may be just a shred of cover between you and certain death, RPGs fly overhead and bullets impact just inches from your face – putting you right in the middle of a warzone. Our arsenal of lethal weaponry gives you the tools you need to tackle these threats with a variety of powerful, tactile firearms.

Playing Bravo Team with the PS VR Aim Controller offers an even more enhanced experience. The super sharp accuracy and intuitive controls will make you feel as though you are actually holding the weapons in the game. As you play, you interact with your environment intuitively.

To get around cover simply lean left or right. To aim your weapon, just raise the controller and line up the iron sights. Pinned down by enemy fire? Lift the controller above your head and blind fire away.


This sense of ‘being there’ is an enormous focus for us. Not only is the feel of battle key, we believe the sense of place and presence that comes from a seamless in-game experience is incredibly important. From beginning to end, you will fight through the streets and buildings without any loading or level select screens interrupting your immersive PS VR experience. Bravo Team will thrust you into the chaos of an action movie firefight.

Armed with the PS VR Aim Controller in your hands and with a trusted teammate watching your back, you’ll make split-second decisions in a fight for survival that spans the length and breadth of a city in turmoil.

I hope you’re just as excited to play it as we are to show it to you. We can’t wait.

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  • This is my game of the show. After playing Farpoint Co-op with the Aim, I am sold on VR FPS games. This is real next gen gaming IMO. I love 4K, HDR, and such, but 3D, Head Tracking, Motion controls, and 110 degree field of view is unlike anything else I have ever expereinced.

    Between this Until Dawn Blood Rush, and The Inpatient, you guys are quickly becoming one of my favorite dvelopment teams.

  • So is there no free movement? You cant run and gun? Only shooting from cover, I assume.

    • I would assume that you could try to run and gun. I just would imagine it would not end well.

      Ever play paintball? Ever try to run and gun? You get a lot of paint on you. Just saying.

      I want to play it and I want to see more on this game.

    • I suspect that amount of dynamic movement may lead to unease in VR as well, so perhaps there are control options for both?

    • I suspect you will have a ‘teleport to different cover’ option or something like it. and be in cover most of the time. I just hope the add a sniping level in where you are prone and have to take out targets scope only.

    • Based on the support of the AIM Controller, I would suspect that, yes, there is free movement. That was the entire point of the AIM Controller. It works amazingly well in Farpoint. I expect it will work well in Bravo Team, also.

    • Im thinking for AIM supprt the sticks are used to choose if you want to vault over cover, or to pick where to move to cover. And then it automatically moves you to that cover, with no real control during that period. Anyways this is just assumptions on my part based on the trailer, and no mention of free movement yet by the devs.

  • Thanks for the new socom Sony!

    oh wait…

  • Please update the PlayStation Vue app on Roku!!!

  • Just tell me where to send my money already!!

  • Does this game support full local motion with smooth turning?

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