Thank You: PlayStation.Blog Turns 10 Today

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Thank You: PlayStation.Blog Turns 10 Today

Our humble blog hits a major milestone. Let's look back at some of our biggest posts ever!

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but your friendly neighborhood PlayStation.Blog officially hits the big 1-0 today. Before moving onto tomorrow’s PlayStation Live From E3 2017 programming, I wanted to write you a personal thank-you note — and take a quick stroll down memory lane.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on the Blog for seven of these past 10 years, thanks in large part to our readers, many of whom I’ve been able to meet at events like E3 and PSX. Folks, it has truly been an honor being a part of your lives.

PlayStation.Blog 10-Year Anniversary CakePlayStation.Blog 10-Year Anniversary Cake

Naturally, we got a custom PlayStation cake… it was delicious.

Hitting the 10-year milestone is a major accomplishment for any publication, particularly a blog adrift in a crowded digital sea. Over the years, PlayStation.Blog has expanded on a global scale, now encompassing 22 (?!) regional PlayStation.Blog sites across North America, Latin America and Brazil, Europe, and Asia. It’s read by literally millions of gamers each month, all around the world. (Protip: just type in your browser and it will take you to your local chapter of our site.)

The team continues to grow, too. It’s been a great honor to add the highly skilled and impeccably dressed Zac Minor to our talented editorial team, working alongside Blog veterans Justin Massongill and Ryan Clements — as well as Leah Sanchez and Richard Imperial, who help keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. The gang is busy working on exciting new ideas that will, I believe, shape the next 10 years of PlayStation.Blog and beyond.

I’ve got a lot of fond memories working on PlayStation.Blog over the years. Here’s a quick look back at 10 of our very biggest stories over the years, with a few notes from yours truly:


PS4: The Ultimate FAQ

1.7M pageviews


Editor’s note: Our biggest original story to date by far, and one of the toughest assignments I’ve ever worked on. Props to Justin for the slick-looking layout.

Editor’s note: A landmark day. I was afraid the Blog servers wouldn’t hold!

Editor’s note: We saw incredible interest in DualShock 4 before PS4 shipped — readers were dying to learn more about its capabilities.



Editor’s note: 4K gaming and HDR are new concepts that require a lot of explanation, so I was glad we could publish this so quickly after the PS4 Pro’s reveal in NYC.

Editor’s note: One of the more creative designs I’ve seen for a limited edition console. Still a head turner!

Editor’s note: If I recall correctly, the Blog’s servers briefly melted down when we announced this bad boy during our very first PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas!

Editor’s note: Hard to believe it’s been more than three years since we unveiled what would come to be known as PlayStation VR.

Editor’s note: Vivid memories of this event!

Editor’s note: These Ultimate FAQs take approximately a full month and the work of dozens of employees to build. But they’re worth the fuss!

Editor’s note: Ah, memories :-)

After all these years, I like to think that we’ve stayed true to the guiding principles outlined in our inaugural post. We want PlayStation.Blog to be about you; we will continue covering the biggest news in gaming, and finding ways to get you even closer to the creative minds that inspire us every day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading PlayStation.Blog as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. We’ve shared some of our favorite Blog memories… what are yours?

Enough reminiscing. See you tomorrow when PlayStation Live From E3 kicks off at 5:00pm Pacific Time!

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5 Author Replies

  • My best moment is literally every week since last two years we all have to say happily

    “Nothing for me this week”

    Due to the awful sales.

    Happy 20th!

    • Okay I have to admit. This one did make me laugh a little. All jokes aside though I have to say Happy Birthday to the blog and thanks to the team for all the updates. I did have one question though for you Sid and I wasn’t sure if you could say anything, but a while back I submitted an application for a job as part of the social media team on LinkedIn. Aside from the immediate email response back I haven’t heard a single thing. Will we ever be notified when the position is filled?

    • Outch!!!!!! Anyways happy BDay. Hope we have a great flash and weekly sale soon! Enjoy

    • Congrats to Sid and company. I’ve been checking the blog daily for years and it’s become a staple of my routine. I appreciate the work u guys do and i look forward to the future. Now, let’s get ready for an epic E3!

    • This is the interwebz… This is a place where people will see the top 10 highest rated PS4 games get a 75% off super sale and then say…

      “Nothing for me this week”

      and then there will be a flash sale with the best indie and niche games the system offers and someone would say….

      “Nothing for me this week”

  • Happy Birthday PlayStation Blog. Everyone at the PS Blog deserves more than a Birthday cake even though it is an amazing cake.. You guys continuously bring us awesome content week after week and I am sure many PlayStation Gamers would agree with me when I say that you guys rock.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it. We’re going to be pushing harder to bring even more content this year, we want to ramp up posting frequency in a big way. Thanks for the kind birthday wishes ^_^

  • Yeah, thanks for nothing.

  • Anytime a new PlayStation All-Stars post came on. Always loved seeing the blog getting in depth on the game.

    Thanks for all the great work these past few years, can’t wait for the next 10 years of the blog.

  • Be sure to send some cake to Jeff Rubenstien.

  • My favorite moments of the blog are watching cry baby trolls whine and complain about everything from PlayStation Plus games to something as worthless as the store update blog

  • Oh wow, happy birthday! Didn’t realize the blog is 10 years old, congrats on the milestone!

    One of my favorite memories has to be the post about the Playstation Meeting back in 2011 when the the NGP (later PS Vita) was first revealed. I think it was also probably the first time I checked out the PS Blog, and I’ve been happily following it ever since!

    Honorable Mention: The inaugural episode of the Playstation Blogcast (I believe also that same year?)

  • Happy 10th! Been lurking here since 2010. That cake looks delicious!

    Sido I think you forgot to include Ryan’s Stormblood Article and every FFXIV post from Justin among your favorites.

  • Sid, don’t listen to those that put you guys down in the comments. You guys do a great job on the PlayStation Blog. When I first learned about this site years ago, I bookmarked it, and have frequently used it ever since. I always come here to stay updated on all the PlayStation news. Happy 10th, and I look forward to seeing your E3 coverage. By the way, that’s a really cool cake.

  • Dat cake! I need it!
    Oh and congratulations on surviving a whole ten years! Here’s for ten more annuals of awesome PS news and articles!

    Sid, go easy on that cake! You know why! ;)

  • haha u just made realized how old i am
    happy 10yrs

  • This has been the best place for PlayStation news since its inception. Love the cake, and shout out to Jeff Rubenstein too. Can’t wait to see the articles roll in for E3!

  • No, I want to thank all you guys and girls, who do such a great job at running this amazing blog, thank you PlayStation team.

    Ps, I do want that cake though.

  • I remember going for a few thousand posts on the Marvel vs Capcom 3 announcement (any time that guy had a contest, he broke the blog)

  • That is one righteous cake, I gotta say.

  • Wow huge CONGRATS! As you know I love the Blog, I think you guys do an AWESOME job, and I hope for another 10 great years! :-D


    P.S. That cake looks delectable too :-)

  • Ah, but which one was the very first post ever? I came in late.

    • Have to say, I enjoyed reading Primal articles when ti was being ported to PS3 and PS4. When’s the sequel, Sid Shuman? :)

  • I’ve only been a part of the PS community since the PS4 launch (a transition point for many I’m sure), however destinations like this blog (and the Blogcast of course) are really what allowed me to feel like I belonged to part of an awesome community. Cheers and Happy 10th!

  • Happy birthday guys! The blog is awesome, day in and day out. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Wow, I can’t believe it has been 10 years! It’s been a great ride, with some awesome contributors like Jeff Rubinstein, Rey Gutierrez, and of course Sid, Clements, and everyone else! You made it extremely to get info about my favourite consoles right from the source with no fluff! Meeting some of you many many years ago when you went on the road and stopped by Toronto with some new games was incredible too!

    Thanks for doing what you all do — and here’s to 10 more great years!

  • Congratulations. Looking forward to the E3 coverage and hoping for more info on the new Spider-man game. My favorite part of the blog was the weekly store update post. Whatever happened to them and can we get them back?

  • Congratulations on a decade of decadence! My favorite memories are of the inception of the Blogcast through the PS4 generation transition – reveling in TLOU and GTAV even before getting our hands on something that would ultimately run UC4 or Horizon! As of June 11 8:50 PM EDT I haven’t seen a game yet whose hands-on gameplay supersedes what Horizon has done on the regular PS4, so perhaps a new favorite memory is just around the corner!

    My saddest blog memory was after watching an episode of “Pulse”, it seemed to end as usual – but I got a vibe from it that it would be the very last episode. I posted in the blog comments about this, and was roasted in the following comments that I was wrong. How I wish I was though – it was indeed the last episode.

  • congrats you guys. my happiest moments here was when some dev or publisher answered my questions.props to jeff rubenstein for keeping this blog as long he was here. my saddest time here have been when i have been “moderated”.but its all cool,happy birthday and hope for a good presser tomorrow.

  • Happy Bday Playstation Blog ! Cool looking cake. Keep up the good work.

  • Have enjoyed the blog over the years but lately I have noticed a huge decline in developers asking the questions we ask on the posts they add on the blog. How come it’s been like this lately?

  • Man I’ve wished I had a cake alot like this for my Bday, but still pretty nice design to it!

  • Thanks peeps! This is one of my places I like to go when doing the daily bathroom pit stops. Best place to find out about the odd ball games I like to play.

  • My fondest memory of the PS Blog was actually in person oddly enough. Many years ago during my first year of college the PS Blog visited FIEA, not too far from my University. I lost track of time that night and ended up arriving very late. I had missed most everything as they were mostly packing up already. I was still able to play LBP (and absolutely loved it) and see Wipeout HD first hand though. As everyone was leaving I ended up taking with some people about what all I missed, only to find out they were handing out beta codes at the beginning. I was disappointed, but had only said so much as a damn it, but that didn’t stop one of you guys from overhearing and understanding the conversation some how. One of you, though sadly I’m not sure which, ended up rather abruptly dropping all the boxes he was carrying and proceeded to shuffle through one of the larger ones. He walked right over and politely handed me a small pice of paper, a beta code. He then walked back off to juggle all the boxes he was carrying and balance it all back to his car.

    I was never sure who that was but little gestures like that stick to the mind like glue. It wasn’t convinient for him, nor was he obligated. I’ve always really appreciated it.

  • Wow 10 years?…damn,didn’t know Blog was this old.I’m here since early 2011 and ever since I discovered the Blog I never left it…it’s still ma top place for gaming news.I really like this Blog and hope for another 10 years.BTW that cake!!!…I wouldn’t have the courage to slice it lol…it’s too damn cool.

    Can’t think about a favorite memory,maybe E3 2013 with all those PS4 games being shown.

    PS:Found fishy that most of the top 10 bigger posts are PS4-related…but I’ll leave it at that,don’t wanna ruin this great moment.

    Congratulations PSBlog!!

  • Congratulations for 10 years of great content! Thank-you so much for everything you’ve done, folk. :)

  • Happy Birthday!! It’s a milestone year for both of us – I’m not a trophy hunter (previously, the only game I’d gotten 100% of the trophies for didn’t even have a Platinum one – Faery: Legends of Avalon), but I finally got my first Platinum after all these years with Cosmic Star Heroine!!

    Hope things continue to go great for all of us!

    • Congratulations! I love trophy hunting, occasionally. I just wish trophies would unlock as avatars.

    • @saintaqua Thanks!! I think your idea of trophies unlocking avatars is an excellent one!! Hey, Sony Blog People (sounds like a zombie cult!! ), pay attention to this idea!!

  • Happy Birthday and congratulations! Wishing you for many more years and a big thank you.

  • Yes, for 10 years we have enjoyed the STORE UPDATE post … The single most informative and useful post on this blog. Now after 10 years it gets replaced with a useless cheap phoned-in version.

    Sorry blog team, but you made this place worse by getting rid of the STORE UPDATE post. Thanks for cutting the main reason for coming after all these years. You guys know how to make a good thing irrelevant with a quickness.

  • Happy Birthday!

  • I’ve been her since the beginning! It has truly been a pleasure reading your articles everyday. Thank you all and keep up the great work!

  • All I can say is happy birthday and I hope we get many more awesome sales!

  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! The day you announced the debut of the PS BLOG, I know I was excited! Not only because we’ll get 1st hand news of what’s going on and coming in the PlayStation Universe. But when I read that it was also a place us fans can come and dive deeper into gaming news, interviews with the Best & Brightest in the business, be it Publisher’s, Director’s, game designers etc., countless monumental announcements, like PS HOME, another BETA I was happily invited in & won the 1st ever Halloween Costume Contest) the VITA, PSTV, PS VUE, PS4-PS4 PRO! MAYBE during Sony’s E3 PC they go nuts w/ mind blowing games, announcements, like a PS5 for $449.99!
    CONGRATULATIONS on all your accomplishments, tireless dedication, hard work & most of all for allowing us into he world of PlayStation as no one else could. The 1st 10 years were great, may the next 10+ years be even greater!
    Thank you,
    Eddie H….aka Haskell420
    -PS Underground Member and GAP member since the PS2, over 60 PS2-PS3-PS4 BETAS-Private, Closed, Invite Only, ALPHA Beta for Destiny & put in over 3k+ hrs in it, yet sad I DIDN’T get Destiny 2 ALPHA invite for the PS4

  • Wow, 10 years already, seems like just yesterday. Pretty sure I was here on day 1, and I’m also pretty sure I never wrote “first” on the rare occasion that I was. Happy Birthday, PlayStation.Blog.

  • Happy Birthday! I have visited this site nearly every day since I found it about 9 years ago. It’s seriously the best site for citizens of the Playstation Nation. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Thank you for this amazing site. Thank you for your daily updates. And thank you for being epic.

    Happy Birthday, PS Blog!

  • I’ve been here since the beginning! I don’t post as much as I used to back during the PS3 hey-days, but I’m glad you are still here. So many new faces in the comments section. My first avatar was a “snow flake” (how times have changed on that symbol…lol) and then I switched to Sackboy for the special avatars sent out to select members and finally this Poseidon one.

  • Happy Birthday PSB. Here’s to another ten years of blogging. Hopefully some vlogs from the posters themselves.

  • Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! Blog PlayStation, regards from Colombia

  • Please update the PlayStation Vue app on Roku!!!

  • Happy belated Birthday!

  • Congrats and Happy Birthday PS Blog :)

  • I’m checking the blog for the past 7 years since I bought my PS3 in 2010, and have to say: The amount of information posted here was huge in the earlier days of my stay., now it’s a little bit scars still I can find information for my needs.

    Now more weekly store updates since last year of I remember correctly, the re-design also emerged last year or it was 2015? Things changed and even people from PSBlog team changed, loved to check the sales and PS+ content more often, and to see what community writes here. Now less and less.

    p.s; Happy Blog Day!

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