PlayStation Live From E3 2017 Streams Monday: Watch Live, Earn Rewards

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PlayStation Live From E3 2017 Streams Monday: Watch Live, Earn Rewards

Ready for E3? Watch along with us at to earn free PS4 themes, avatar packs and more.

E3 is just days away! Because you’re smart and sophisticated, you already know that we’re livestreaming four days and 15+ hours of PlayStation game updates, new trailers, and developer interviews — and the PlayStation Media Showcase — starting next Monday, June 12 at 5:00pm Pacific Time.

Though the show will be available on,, and Facebook, I advise you to watch at Why? One word: rewards.

Completing Quests at will give viewers a chance to unlock free goodies just for watching with us — here’s a sampling of what will be on-hand for PlayStation Live From E3 2017:

  • 25% off apparel at the PlayStation Gear Store (excluding sale and pre-order items, US-only)
  • New PS4 Themes, including Symbols in the Sky, Everybody’s Golf, and a fun Donut theme we cooked up for this event
  • Dreadnought Hunter Pack (a $9.99 value)
  • Unlock “MLB The Show 17 E3 2017 Exclusive Pack” for players and items
  • Visit Supergiant’s Pyre Channel to unlock two great rewards (very limited quantities!)

PS4 ‘Symbols in the Sky’ Theme

Here’s how it’ll work (along with a few friendly tips to help you get the most out of this year’s festivities):

  • Set a reminder: Go to and click the countdown timer calendar. You won’t want to miss a minute.
  • Log In to your PSN account: This one’s important! You’ll need to be logged into your PSN account in order to redeem rewards you earn by participating in Quests.
  • Meet the Quest panel: The Quest panel is where you find all the tasks and rewards. This year we want to start quests early, so we’ve opened up the first step of the quest. Check it out now!
  • Check back often: Remember — we’ll have new goods each day! Check the calendar below for an overview, and tune in each day of E3 to earn new rewards.
  • Don’t wait: We’ve got a lot of rewards to give away this year — but supplies will be limited. So if you want to nab some, log on, tune in, and get crackin’.

Quest and rewards are valid in North America, for ages 17 and up only.

See you Monday!

PlayStation Live From E3 2017 Programming Hours

  • Monday, June 12 | PlayStation Live From E3 2017 featuring the PlayStation Media Showcase | 5:00 PM Pacific Time
  • Tuesday, June 13 | PlayStation Live From E3 2017 programming | 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time
  • Wednesday, June 14 | PlayStation Live From E3 2017 programming | 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time
  • Thursday, June 15 | PlayStation Live From E3 2017 programming | 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time

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4 Author Replies

  • So for the people going to the live E3 theater experience, should we be logged in on our phones as well to get these exclusive themes? The star theme looks really nice and I dont want to miss out on it!

    • I’m gonna do it on my phone just in case, but I went last year and they gave us a Horizon theme I remember that you could also get from the website. I imagine we’ll probably get the stars theme from the theater goodies, but there might be other stuff that you can only get from the site. With the exception of the theme from watching the showcase, I’m pretty sure the rest of the rewards up up for grabs for the whole week of E3.

    • i was thinking that exact same thing. I will just run it on my phone just in case. That theme looks great

    • If it’s like prior years you can earn the rewards through the entire period, not just during the live conference.

    • CommandingTiger

      You know what I would really enjoy to see at E3? An English Dub version of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for PS4 next year.
      The Scorpio will be priced around 499$, they can’t make it cheaper with that huge fan… their GPU is only 4 cores better than the Pro… by comparison, the PS4 had 6 more than the first Xbox One.
      I taught it was going to be the new Vega chip, NOPE, it’s the same Polaris chipset that the PS4 Pro has… except it’s extremely overclock to the point where it’ll overheat and break. The maximum capacity is 1200Mhz, and it’s at 1173Mhz….. 1 degree more and your console breaks which will happen and that’s why there’s a huge fan… Cheap Microsoft..

    • You certainly can – but you have time to redeem that, you don’t have to watch live, just stop by and complete the quest!

  • Dear PlayStation, I am still waiting for the 3 HORIZON ZERO DAWN Avatars I was promised when you had the HORIZON ZERO DAWN Quest.
    I had it say that I unlocked all 3 of the avatars, but I still have not received them.
    I am hoping I will receive this theme after I complete its quest.

  • Are these offers available for Euro psn members ?

  • Woohoo! Thank you for including Canada in this for a change! :)

  • Looking forward to completing these quests and getting these goodies. I’m hoping this year’s E3 is one to remember, for every gamer involved. PS4, XB1, and the Switch.

  • What about those who intend to watch the conference in VR?

  • I got my lovely avatar from this last year so I’ll definitely be tuning in again. I just hope there’s no required Facebook or Twitter stuff to get these themes. I would definitely use that Symbols in the Sky theme.

  • Think we get all or most of the goodies in our swag bag/digital voucher at the Theater Experience, but yeah i’ll probably be logged in on my phone as well just incase. :)
    I’ll be at the San Francisco Theater with a few friends. Woot woOt! Hope to see a few or a ton of you there.
    Peace,Love and Overgrow!

  • Will i be able to stream this in 4K ? I heard the youtube one will be 4K and want to enjoy it since i just got a new TV :)

  • Awesome, some freebies this year as well.


  • New handheld please and bc on ps4

  • This gives everyone a chance to speak their mind.hopefully,give honest ideas to some of the video game creators.God bless you all.

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    E3 this year is going to be great ^-^

  • I like that you guys are giving away rewards for people checking out your E3 content. However, I just wish you would do this through the PS4 console instead of making people go to a separate website that we never use otherwise. This is where I would like it if Sony took a cue from Microsoft. They do a really good job of making all their content easily available through your console.

    I am really excited for the E3 Theater Experience and this is something awesome only Playstation has for it’s fans. Yet, it does make it odd for me to try and log in to a website to stream the press conference while I’m at a movie theater to watch it. This is a nice alternative for fans who can’t attend the theater experience to get some cool rewards, and I do appreciate the attempt to find new ways to get Playstation gamers excited for all the E3 announcements.

  • Pretty pathetic that we can’t watch PS Events on our PS3/4s. Every other console has a built in event viewer. PS fails again!!!!!!

  • YSPR_specops_047

    Can the supplies earned be shipped to other places? ( I don’t know like Puerto Rico or something?)

  • Thanks Playstation for the EU ppl, we can’t earn rewards.

    So, if i want this theme could you explain me how ?

  • It’s great!!!!!

  • And once again it’s only open to US players. . .

  • CommandingTiger

    I think I got hacked, I had to change my PSN Password for no reason, I didn’t asked for it to be changed…
    It’s very inconvenient.

  • i can’t wait for the new series of Assassin Creed…..
    it’s been while i’m not play the story since Assassin Creed Unity , I had played Assasin Creed from Altair until Arno and I had played the Multiplayer too ,Brotherhood , III , Black Flag and Unity
    most of last years during play story and multiplayer that give me many experience , meeting new friends from around the world and learn from them how to play…..

    I’m only play Assassin creed which is match with my nick and i hope eventough were a little hope that there will be multiplayer cooperative nor competitive

    last thing that i wanna tell if maybe Ubisoft can read this comment too and visit my channel by type my nick on Youtube

  • chris_the_batman

    Has anyone’s 25% off code for apparel on the Playstation Gear Store work for anybody? My code isn’t working and I’m trying to get a t shirt. I got my code for doing the Days of Play quest on the Playstation Live website.

  • Please update the PlayStation Vue app on Roku!!!

  • Will be watching we getting any new coming Features coming to the PS4 or hints that 5.0 firmware will be revealed ?

  • Hey! Will we be able to watch live through “Live from Playstation” on the PS4?


    There are multiple rewards to get but only first reward is obtainable. Does that mean, in order to get all rewards we need to do quests each day of E3?
    Also last reward requires to visit Supergiant’s Pyre Channel to unlock two great rewards. Where to vistit the page? Is it their Youtube page? When and how exactly?

  • It’s finally E3 everyone! What I am most excited for is gameplay, a title reveal, and possibly a release date/window for Spider-Man PS4! That’s really all I want :). I’m also looking forward to the special Crash Bandicoot reveal, something on the DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, a release date for Gran Turismo Sport, anything from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, anything on Housemarque’s Matterfall (there has been nothing since 2015), and anything on thatgamecompany’s next title (it’s coming out this year). It’s a long shot, but could ICO and Shadow of the Colossus be ported over to the PS4? I never got the chance to play those games.

  • I did the Days of Play Quest but I dont know where to use the code for. Plz help..

  • No link for the pyre stuff? Gotta say I love me some pyre played it at pax and fell hard.

  • I haven’t comment on the PlayStation Blog in so many years or so. XD Hope you guys have something super awesome doing the E3 then PS VR and its games. I’m hoping to see new IP’s and what PS5 will do in hardware performance.


    New PS Vita handheld like PS Switch that will use PS Vita game cards still. ^^

  • So Europe doesn’t exist. Come on Sony you’re a global company. Pretty poor effort

  • why are the people from uk left out from this???? is there another way for us brits to be included in this????

  • good!

  • Hi Guys, would you be so kind to tell me where I can redeem the code I obtained from Day of Play quest??

  • E3 this year is going to be epic! Can’t wait!

  • The rewards should be available internationally. We are a global human family n’est-ce-pas?

  • Are you guys gonna have a link to supergiants pyre channel.. I have no idea where to watch it.. let me kno thanks

  • Don’t know why anyone would want to sit around for 6 hours and watch content that won’t even appear in the final game. I would have actually made the effort though and stayed up til 1AM to watch for the free theme, but it’s only for NA as us UK users just get cast aside as if Sony don’t think we’re also going to be buying these over-hyped pieces of trash.

  • I will be totally heart broken if I miss out on the Pyre stuff :( you said to check their channel, but none of their pages are live? Is there a specific date? Any more information about that at all? :(

  • Hi. I completed both quests and “claimed” the rewards, but I have yet to receive the “symbols in the sky” theme. Do I need to wait for E3 to be over first?

  • I got my code but accidentally clocked off that screen when it displayed my reward code. How do I show my reward code again? I cannot seem to find it anywhere I have not yet redeemed it :(

    • Follow up for any1 that has this prob – I found my code again by going to my account screen from I was able to view my reward code from there, not the other reward tab.

  • Hoping for info on how to get the Donut and Golf themes?

  • Forgive my ignorance, but I have earned the rewards from the conference but, don’t know how to redeem the codes. I took screen shots of the numbers but don’t know where to use them in the PS4 menus. I see them on my web browser.
    By the way, great job and keep up the good work.

    • I had to go to my account settings on the sony network and redeem the codes there. Going through the playstation store, they wouldn’t come up.

  • I’m very disappointed that no announcement was made when the rest of the quests went live, especially since the Pyre ones were limited to the first 500 to complete them.

  • not cool that the link was broken on the Pyre trivia quest!
    had to open up a new browser, & Supergiant’s webpage for the answer.
    super bummed since I went to PSX16 and played the demo I was hyped for the challenge to win a full copy.
    did the link break after the first 500?
    did everyone have issues?
    regardless, I’m going to buy Pyre and love it with my deepest bones.
    just sour that I couldn’t win it!

  • I’m a bit upset about this. I did all the quests so far. The Pyre ones and Dreadnought one didn’t say that the rewards were all claimed till I already did everything. If I would have known, I wouldn’t have wasted my time. I also agree with another post about an announcement of when they went live beforehand would have been nice. Playstation is supposed to be about the games but it’s hard to play any when we are sitting on a site and refreshing like crazy. -.- Also, who would be crazy enough to sit on there for multiple days, waiting for updates. lol

  • I watched like an hour of yesterday’s event and the quest for the theme says I watched 0 minutes, how do I get the theme?

  • Hmmm, I completed everything for “Donut Miss a Thing”, but the first and last requirements aren’t working. I visited in the specified time today and checked out all of the channels under “Games”.

    • I got the last one to trigger now visiting today.. however the first one with Game tab hasn’t triggered.. i’ve gone to each game tab.. watched each video and nothing ?

  • IS there a trick to get the Donut Games tab to trigger? i’ve visited the games tab, seen each video and just hasn’t triggered it’s the last thing for the donut theme

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