Days of Play Sale: Save on Games, Plus Membership & More

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Days of Play Sale: Save on Games, Plus Membership & More

Save on PS Plus memberships and top games at PlayStation Store, or enjoy a Free Multiplayer Week today through June 16.

Earlier this week we announced PlayStation Days of Play, where we unveiled a beautiful new limited-edition gold PS4 for $249.99 USD, along with discounts on DualShock 4, PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset, and major PS4-exclusive games at retailers across the country.

Today, Days of Play officially kicks off — and PlayStation Store is in on the fun with deals on big games, PlayStation Plus memberships, and much more.

On sale for the first time ever at PS Store, pick up Nioh, MLB The Show 17 and Horizon Zero Dawn for just $39.59 each. What’s more, you can save up to 50% on games such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Watch Dogs 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Check out the full lineup:

Platform Title Sale Price Original Price
PS4 BATTLEFIELD 1 $29.99 $59.99
PS4 FINAL FANTASY XV $34.99 $49.99
PS4 HORIZON $39.59 $59.99
PS4 MLB THE SHOW 17 $39.59 $59.99
PS4 NIOH – DIGITAL DELUXE $52.79 $79.99
PS4 NIOH LIVE $39.59 $59.99
PS4 PREY $39.59 $59.99
PS4 THE LAST GUARDIAN $26.39 $39.99
PS4 UNCHARTED 4: A THIEF’S END $19.99 $39.99
PS4 WATCH DOGS 2 $25.19 $59.99
PS4 WATCH DOGS 2 – GOLD EDITION $49.99 $99.99
PS4 YAKUZA 0 $47.99 $59.99
PS4 YOOKA-LAYLEE $29.99 $39.99

Scooping up any multiplayer titles this week? Access the online multiplayer modes in any PS4 game you own without a PS Plus subscription, today through June 16. That’s right: Days of Play’s Free Multiplayer Week starts right now!

But we’re just getting started. Throughout our Days of Play campaign, save on a full year of Plus membership — with free monthly games, exclusive discounts, online game saves and more. Whether you’re signing up for the first time or joining us for another year, you’ll get $10 off a 12-month subscription at PS Store now.

If you’re already a PS Plus member and your subscription is up for renewal during the promotion window, be sure to turn off “auto-renew” in order to receive the discounted pricing.

To top it all off, from now through June 20, get a $15 credit when you spend $100 or more at PS Store using your PSN Wallet. And here’s a protip: a PS Plus membership counts towards that $100. Look out for your redemption code on or before July 5 via email or console message. Full details here.

Days of Play was designed as a thank you. So: thank you! Remember to get in on the action before June 16. Happy E3!

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  • Not PsVita/Ps3 deals? Nah
    PsPlus for 50$? That was an ok price but now your’re charging 10$ more for no reasons.

    • You say charging $10 for no reasons, but there could be deals for games in the background that you don’t see that are only capable because they had more money. There is absolutely 100% entire infrastructure changes in the back-end they have been doing. Hopefully they got the backend stuff taken care of well enough that they can allow you to change your PSN name because of all the people that beg for that, but I got no guarantees to be honest.

      They’ve been doing a major overhaul on the backend for a while now. I think the last 6 months at least. At least that’s when my insider information mentioned it. I can’t make any promises, I just know that they have been doing stuff with that money. We also have been getting a lot more full disc games, but a lot of people are like:

      NBA 2K16
      Tear Away Unfolded
      Little Big Planet 3
      Lords of the Fallen

      None of those retail games count apparently, we still get no retail games somehow even though out of the past 10 months we have 7 legit retail titles, not including games like Tales of the Borderlands which could technically count but would be disputed.

    • The last round of PS+ subscription promo was crap. Didn’t get the codes after purchase then conveniently just throw an email out without anyone knowing and the codes can’t be used as it’s already expired. Like as if people just wait everyday for that code.

    • They have to cut off PS3 at some point and Sony doesn’t view Vita as an active platform here in the west. Sad, I know, but true.

    • For the love of GOD, quit trying to justify horrible business tactics with complete and utter nonsense. Do you really want to know why they upped the price of Plus? Hmm? Because stupid people will blindly pay it. Stupid, stupid people.

  • Hmm.. One question I have is if this will be a daily offer (each day different games), beacuse otherwise the EU store deals are waaay better (and wider).

    I was expecting much more content (including PS3 and Vita deals) .. The only real good discount I see is Horizon.

  • Do preorders count towards the $100, or aren’t they charged until the game is released and, thus, spent outside the promotional window?

    • Pre-orders have counted in the past, so I would like to think they count this time too. You are charged the full amount at the time of purchase. Hope that helps!

    • That does help. Thanks a bunch!

  • Another “sale” and another month I won’t be spending money on a “sale.” You guys need to go back to the drawing board.

    • Those prices are amazing… if you don’t already own the games.

    • well some of hte games (like Horizon) are 30% off. Add that 15% and that’s 45% off.

      When this ends we’re most likely getting a “Father’s Day” sale and hopefully it won’t just be a crappy sports sale. I’m hoping for a Retro Bonanza to be honest.

      If I spend $100 on my Playstation card I’ll get $10 in credit back for July, and then $15 in credit back, and probably will save 30-50% initially. So I’m looking at 25% additional savings on top of the current deal, but the math gets a bit wonky because it’d probably be some games at 30% off, some games at 50% off, so that technically raises the amount of money I’ll save but I’m too tired to be bothered with that sort of math, plus I have to see if there’s $100 worth interesting me.

      Between this sale, surprise E3 deals, surprise E3 launches, and the Father’s Day Weekend Flash Sale… I can imagine I’ll find $100 worth of stuff to charge, pay off, and really benefit from.

  • No Ghost Recon Wildlands? Dang.

  • Well, the store just crashed. I guess we DDOSed it by trying to check the sale out.

  • Meh.

  • I honestly have no idea why everyone in these comments would be complaining, aside from them being psychotic or something. This is an amazing sale. My only problem with it personally is, well, I already have most of these games, so it doesn’t do me any good that they’re so much cheaper now.

  • EssentiaL_SiLva

    When does the Days of Play begin? I can’t actually play any online games without it asking me to purchase PS+.
    It does state “Access the online multiplayer modes in any PS4 game you own without a PS Plus subscription, today through June 16. That’s right: Days of Play’s Free Multiplayer Week starts right now!”

  • EU ALWAYS gets the better deals.

  • EU 29,99 PS+ is so much better.

    Would have expected at least 39.99 USD :(

    49.99 is great for anyone having to renew the week. Going to wait for a better deal.

  • most weekly sales are better than this

  • Just a quick question, wth is Nioh Live?

  • Well I *was* planning to spend $100 in this “sale”. This is beyond disappointing. So few games and most are unimpressively discounted. Yakuza for the same price I could buy at retail since launch? Yooka-Laylee at twice the price it was just on sale for at Best Buy? No Vita games AT ALL!?

    What freaking gives? PSN normally offers better deals

  • What the hell, Sony? The UK gets discounts on Bloodborne GOTY, Uncharted Collection, Ratchet & Clank, and a ton of PS3/Vita games…while the US gets…this tiny selection of nothing. And STILL no Wipeout merch on the US Gear store, so thank for nothing. Do you guys not want our money?

  • Finally I can get ghost recon!!!…. Ohh wait….. Meh

  • lol Infinite Warfare for $45….. I just got the physical version on amazon for like $25…

  • Whelp, this is kind of an insulting “thank you”.

  • I have to say the Canadian “sale” prices are too high. $50 is a bad sale. $9.99 for Shadow of Mordor game of the year edition is a good sale.
    What happened these past few years where “sale” prices are so high?

  • Please update the PlayStation Vue app on Roku!!!

  • Man the UK have a good deal on the pro! Sony no love for US?

    • I think they have been targeting the UK. They also had a PS Plus signup promo with an extra free game.. Star Wars Battlefront. UK also has PSVR bundle $100 off. Seems like Sony have goals for the UK right now. Probably aren’t selling as well over there as they are in NA.

    • Yea, because they learned people from the uk aren’t that stupid to buy into silly deals. US gonna stay the same, they know americans will buy anything (the majority anyways).

  • Do the sales change daily? Like if I don’t pick up Battlefield 1 today will it be gone tomorrow?

  • Would really like clarification about this. While we get the same advertising as in Europe (9 DAYS OF EPIC DEALS) and Jim Ryan said that it was new deals each day, it is not clear at all if this is the case for us in the USA.

    Will there be new deals daily added to the overall roster? I know a few of the sales end before 6/16 (according to the PS Store).

    • I wouldn’t like it if the store items change daily: offers would expire way too soon (not even Flash Sales are that brief!), and I’d have to make decisions on how to spend my money each day.

      I prefer having everything disclosed at start time and then purchase at my own leisurely pace.

    • steeler192 I don’t think you have to worry about that. New deals every day (like in Europe) just means we get MORE new deals revealed each day.

      Some of the games aren’t even on sale until 6/16. Check the PS Store to see when the sale price on each game ends.

    • @xenorevlis: that makes much more sense than what I just said. Thank you for setting me straight!

  • Great sale! Thanks guys! Keep up the great work!

  • Holy Cow! Just checked the EU Blog and the UK Store and I have to say their Days Of Play sale kicks NA’s butt so hard I wish I was european! Not only do they have a wider PS4 selection, they also have deeply discounted PS3 and Vita titles for sale too. Add in a 25% discount on a 12-month Plus subscription, and the NA PSN sale is lying on the mat knocked out.

    Is there a time when EU PSN users are envious of NA’s promotions? Yeesh!

    • Couldn’t agree more. Not to mention the UK Days of Play sales event goes through June 21st versus June 18th for us. Seriously?!? A Pro bundle deal, longer sale period, cheaper 12-month sub and a less tacky silver ps4 (Versus a hideously ostentatious gold Sony PimpStation 4).

    • ROFLMAO!!!

      “Pimpstation” is right on the money (pun absolutely intended)

  • Meh sale at best, being in Canada it’s even worse, when your cheapest game is 30 bucks in a sale something is wrong with the sale.

    Also as an aside can you fix the games filter on the psn website since I’m in canada I can’t trust the prices on here and when I load the site to look for deals the games filter takes out half the games so I have to scroll through all the avatars and themes and add ons I don’t care about…

  • Uh no Vita/Ps3 games? Plus this list is such a nothing thing. Europe got such a better sale it isn’t even in the same league as the U.S. one.


    I didn’t get it. When does the discount for one year of PSN Plus end?

  • I don’t have any of these games. I am new to PlayStation. Are Mass Effect 4, Nioh and Final Fantasy XV worth the buy at these prices?

    • I would skip mass effect 4, you’ll be able to get it much cheaper later on. Final Fantasy XV, Nioh, and Horizon are fantastic games to pick up now. All of them are well worth full price so getting them for $40 is definitely a great deal, plus you’ll get the $15 back in july!

      PS4 is great, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with yours!

  • Does the 15 dollar credit apply if some of the 100 spent went towards preorders through PSN during the time window?

  • Amazing Sale!!!

    For us Vita owners trying to save money.

  • bad deals.

    • Depends if you have the games.. problem with AAA sales is you might have em all haha. I hit up Battlefield 1 Ultimate, Nioh Deluxe, and Uncharted 4. I saved about $100 buck on them, and also if you consider that you get $15 free credit when you buy $100 worth of games, that makes the deals even better than the number value you see in this list. Still does you no good if there aren’t $100 worth of games you want. Hopefully more games get added that you want.

    • digital = NO RESELL.

  • I love digital SALES that are the same price I can buy a non-sale physical version. I mean, I love paying the same amount or more for an inferior product with less flexibility.

    If this sale is a thank you, no thank you.

    • I will give you less flexibility as far as letting people barrow games and being able to sell the game, but digital is way more convenient overall. Never have to worry about games getting damaged, lost or stolen. Don’t have to switch games to start playing. If I go stay at a friends I can even remote to my PS4, deactivate as primary, activate theirs, and download any of my games (if I’m staying there long enough). Don’t even have to plan ahead to bring games. I agree that Digital prices are too high considering it has to be cheaper to produce than physical copies that are made and then distributed. The only reason the games sell digitally is because digital offers so much more value than physical.

    • Well let me just say, I can do everything you mentioned with a physical disc. Blu-rays don’t scratch and your whole account can be stolen also. If I go to a friends, I don’t have to remote play or deactivate anything. I don’t have to download anything, I just bring the game. It is faster loading off a disk, we can play more games because of that and no downloading. If he wants to keep the game he can borrow it and I can still have access to all my games at my house and he can play that game as much as he wants. Plus I can sell my game because I actually own something unlike you that owns digital 1’s and 0’s.

      The ONLY advantage you have is not changing a disc. I’m sorry, but losing true ownership of something you buy is not worth that convenience.

      These companies are loving all digital, but not for the same reasons you think you enjoy it now. It is really funny that you think digital carries more value than physical because I can re-sell my purchase and you can’t. Your value rests on your opinion, my value actually has monetary value that I can utilize if I choose.

    • “…digital offers so much more value than physical.”

      I’m sorry KLEEBANKLIBAN. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: digital only benefits Sony and it should reflect on greatly reduced prices given the lopsided advantage.

      Advantages for me, the gamer:
      * Can buy and download any game, anywhere, at any time.

      Advantages for Sony:
      * Zero cost of duplication
      * Cost of storage (hard drives on a server) much less than physical warehouse space
      * Delivery cost (via network) much less than physically ship discs all over the world
      * Direct effect of the previous points: completely cut out all middlemen in the chain
      * Cannot be lent or resold, which completely kills all secondhand market
      * Licenses can be revoked at any time for any reason turning all your investment to nothing, like violation of terms of service or… let’s say suits deciding a console (let’s say PS3) is so old that costs of maintaining infrastructure outweigh the benefits, and turn off the store.

      Does it still look like the better deal?

    • Digital is good for me, as
      1. I am outside US, so discounts are very late on physical or digital.
      2. Some region don’t have wide variety for games
      3. DLC is region locked
      4. US store has better discount (for most case, considering the higher value for GBP and similar prices in pound)
      5. Convenient: You don’t have to change disc so no issue of damage or noise. You have to download updates for both so no download is not strictly true.
      6. Almost non-existent second-hand market except for AAA games.

  • If I buy a 49.99$ ps plus subscription + 39.99$ Game + 9.99$ game = 99.97$ … I still get the 15$?

  • Are we supposed to expect new or added deals each of the 9 days? Or are you just giving me 9 days to get my crap together and buy games and accessories? I can’t find anything anywhere for “day 2 sales” or any other retailer participating in this sale, other than Amazon.

  • Wow, so, 25 discounts total is supposed to be what, impressive? And it’s all PS4 only? Yeah, you’re really showing what you think of your customers these days alright. Dollar signs.

  • Does preorders count towards the $100 promotion? also you say “spend 100 or more using psn wallet” ; if i have credit inside the wallet but still need a couple of bucks charged to my added credit card, does it counts?

  • Yeah this sale does nothing for me. Decent if you always need to play newer games, although with the exception of a couple similar sales have come up or are currently for physical. Personally I only play a few hours a week and didn’t have and ps3 so I’m happy buying remaster or older games on sale for 10 bucks. Since I have a few games on backlog and many I haven’t played I generally won’t spend more than 30 bucks on a game. Id love to play Horizon but i can wait. I’ve been tempted go buy bloodborne, but want dlc ad well so I have been hoping for a nice sale for goty edition.

  • I thought it was every day new sales? You guys need to word it better.

  • The free PS Plus for the week is not working for me, it just brings me to the extend PS Plus page. Is there anything I could do? Oh and btw I do not have PS Plus atm.

  • That ps4 is the ugliest thing since Bruce went she…!

  • I hope that playstation have better deals in the future

  • I was looking for more deals on PS3, PS vita, PSP and PS1. There are many good games on these platforms, and not only PS4.

    • Yea same here. Im trying to make a UK account so i can hop on the awesome UK sales haha. But sadly i cant.

  • Eiyuu senki sale please :/!!
    is so expensive!

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