Cryptark Launches June 27 on PS4

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Cryptark Launches June 27 on PS4

Alientrap Games celebrates the upcoming launch of their space-faring scrap hunt.

Update: Cryptark is now launching June 27 on PS4.

After a long but exciting development period, we at AlienTrap Games are very proud to announce the release date for Cryptark on PS4: Tuesday, June 20 June 27!

In Cryptark, making money by scrapping spacecraft is the name of the game! You and your motley crew of mercenary privateers will have to blast into heavily defended alien derelicts, survive waves of cyber-skeleton attack drones, and surgically pick apart security systems with strategy and absurdly weaponized mech-suits (all while staying within budget, of course)!


Along the road to finishing the game we’ve added a lot of awesome content and no small amount of spit and polish. Needless to say, we’re very happy with the final product and excited to get it out to you guys! Unlock and pilot different mechs like the teleporting Weevil, time-distorting PDX-40, and fiery Salamander. Outfit yourself with weapons like the galvanic Lightning Spindle, reusable Thermal Javelin, and lovable Boomslang Drones.


Make and execute a boarding plan to neutralize devious Nuclear Destruct systems, swarms of deadly Viper packs, and looming Juggernaut sentinels to destroy to the central Cortex Core and turn a tidy profit!


To see all that cool stuff and more in action, look for Cryptark at PlayStation Store on June 20 June 27!

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